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The Information's 411-10/23 "Blood Feuds" by The Information Podcasts | Free Listening on SoundCloud
11:30 // science is hard. stupid. and a non-consumer product. duh. //&! HYPE CYLCE - on 5 magazine covers and not even public! because she is, as female science-based founder/ceo a rarity and it sells papers >> - Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’s Five Best Cover Story Appearances, Ranked
Theranos  Hype  Cycle  Silicon  Valley  Elizabeth  Holmes  Steve  Jobs  Leadership  vision  visionary  missionary  Trope  messaging  message  PR  spin  doctor  Mark  Zuckerberg  credibility  glass  cliff  glass  ceiling  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  Venture  Capital  B2B  Box  Aaron  Levie  B2C  Google  Inc.  Google  Search  communication  TOS  EULA  consumer  product  Protection  23andme  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  journalismus  journalism  investigative  journalism  Amazon  disruption  disrupting  markets  Uber  Travis  Kalanick  Jeff  Bezos 
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Jennifer Lawrence pens essay on Hollywood sexism - BBC News
Jennifer Lawrence has written an essay expressing her anger at getting paid less than her male co-stars.
Entertainment  Industry  Hollywood  Music  Industry  gender  pay  gap  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  misogyny  Misogynie  Patriarchy  straight  white  male  male  privilege  white  male  privilege  gender  inequality  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff 
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Naomi Wolf - The groundbreaking gender theorist Dr Michael Kimmel...
The groundbreaking gender theorist Dr Michael Kimmel of Stony Brook University -- who has written the most important books about masculinity in our current national and global discussion, including his recent bestseller Guyland -- shares his not-to-be-missed TED talk about why gender equality helps us all, male and female. If everyone framed feminism in this kind of common-sense, inclusive language, it would have far fewer obstacles in front of it, and far greater clarity as a concept in the mind of the culture. ---
gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender  inequality  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff  feminism  feminist  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  male  privilege  white  male  privilege 
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Charlotte Proudman: 'No regrets' over LinkedIn row - YouTube
Lawyer Charlotte Proudman, who was branded a "feminazi" and a "manhater" for revealing a private LinkedIn message complimenting her appearance, has told Channel 4 News she has no regrets. //&! Charlotte Proudman breaks her silence on Newsnight -
everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  misogyny  Misogynie  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  feminism  feminist  context  straight  white  male  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff  Social  Media  Trolls  troll  haters  hater  Millennials  generationy  culture  society 
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Ellen Pao: ‘I Have Decided to End My Lawsuit Against Kleiner Perkins’ | Re/code
Still, Pao underscored that the deck was stacked against her in terms of resources. “I think it is wrong that employees have to pay in this situation, but I simply cannot afford the risks of more costs to fight a firm with massive PR and legal resources,” she said. “The court system is not set up to create an even playing field.” [...] To be clear, Kleiner and I have not reached any agreement to settle this matter. Settlement might have provided me with financial benefits, but only at the great cost of silence." [...] She said she would continue to speak out on issues of gender disparity, but she was spending time with her family and also returning to investing and working with entrepreneurs. &!
Ellen  Pao  KPCB  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  straight  white  male  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  Privileged  misogyny  Misogynie  HR  human  resources  corporate  culture  corporate  values  people  management  team  management  Leadership  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff  Sam  Altman  Alexis  Ohanian  CEO  Reddit 
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Amazon's Culture: Toxic or Just Tough? by The Jay & Farhad Show
Hello! This week, Farhad Manjoo (New York Times) and Jay Yarow (Business Insider) are joined by special guest Jodi Kantor (New York Times) to discuss her polarizing article about Amazon's culture. // // how technology functions in the workplace - efficiency, quantified self << the feedback tool you can always use, what ever your state of emotion, gripe, stick, bias, prejudice, ... feudal Darwinism creeps into knowledge worker, white-collar and blue-collar workers, MBA's and PhD's. [...] contributes to gender inequality (women with the back on their wall, leave or get started and forget about family & kids, life.) [...] brutal years are NOT Tour of Duty - Reid Hoffman The Alliance. // PS: Reed Hastings (Netflix) Culture document transpires that it is expected to contribute, even if it doesn't spell it out. Netflix also had to fight and overcome as much as Amazon! Proves again that internal & external environment a company finds itself affects its values & culture inevitable [Thesis].
Amazon  corporate  culture  corporate  values  HR  human  resources  ethical  machine  Silicon  Valley  quantified  self  marketplace  efficiencies  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  work  environment  chronic  stress  Office  Politics  worklife  well  being  happiness  index  crony  capitalism  capitalism  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  work  life  balance  performance  review  Jeff  Bezos  people  management  team  management  gender  inequality  book  Netflix  Reid  Hoffman  Reed  Hastings  linkedin  The  Alliance  Start-up  of  You  competitive  competition  competitiveness  Alibaba  Google  Facebook  China  Japan  culture  society  peer  pressure  sustainability  sustainable  lesson  advice  war  for  talent  benefits  perks  4-day  work  week  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff  diversity  human  capital  workforce  hiring  recruiting  recruitment  personal  values  Leadership  CEO  business  management  management 
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Reddit's reaction to Pao, but not to Ohanian - is the community based around sexist/racist reactions than on evidence of actions? : TheoryOfReddit
Ellen Pao didn't fire Taylor. It was Ohanian. Ohanian did not make it clear he was involved. // public dishonest. It's what he didn't say ... // ex-CEO yishan made the point as well.
Alexis  Ohanian  Ellen  Pao  Reddit  glass  cliff  Sam  Altman  communication 
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Inequality and the Challenge of Employment - New Economic Thinking - YouTube
intrinsic motivation, fairness, social animal - social comparison (is encoded into the brain) - status anxiety // self-interest mostly wins over ethics/moral values? // trust between principle & agent // org structure and inventive - ie bonus variable attracts more selfish people and risk takers // justice and fairness is critically important - not only in orgs but also democracies //&! Natural rate theory (equilibrium) - service sector jobs (unskilled manual labour jobs) w minimum wage and not higher. and flexible wages with no minimum wage (USA) create working poor/inequality. institutional change - economists are not just analysts they also affect policy makers (think tanks). // austerity hurts equality/social mobility = economic long-run damage to potential (thus output gap and productivity loss) - lack of supply of able workforce to create added value products & services. trickle-down not helping. //&! tax code unfair, lower capital gains tax than on earned (labour) income
inequality  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  intrinsic  motivation  fairness  human  resources  HR  management  people  management  well  being  philosophy  Alain  de  Botton  happiness  index  Selbstfürsorge  self-awareness  self-actualization  Maslow  socioeconomic  status  status  anxiety  social  status  workplace  work  environment  beyond  workplace  drama  chronic  stress  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  shared  economic  interest  economic  damage  wage  growth  income  growth  income  gap  gender  pay  gap  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff  gender-based  discrimination  gender  inequality  trust  labour  economics  labour  market  microeconomic  policy  behavioral  economics  Organizational  behavior  organization  skill-biased  technological  change  job  market  minimum  wage  living  wage  equilibrium  sticky  wages  liberal  economic  reform  neoliberal  neoliberalism  underemployed  Workers  Union  macroeconomic  policy  unemployment  skills  gap  education  policy  vocational  education  poverty  trap  student  debt  student  loan  downward  mobility  welfare  state  Higher  income  inequality  Privileged  Middle  Class  Sozialer  Abstieg  squeezed  Public  Services  Services  child  poverty  poverty  American  Dream  output  gap  potential  output  added  value  value  creation  capital  skills  human  capital  dehumanisation  subhuman  trickle-down  economics  dogma  ideology  austerity  policy  error  policy  folly  UK  state  capital 
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Reddit Engineering Chief Bethanye Blount Quits | Re/code
via // Bethanye Blount "In an interview, Blount confirmed her departure after only two months at Reddit, having come there from Facebook. She said her move was not directly linked to Pao’s exit, but noted that she had lost confidence in the new direction of the company." [...] Blount said she left because she did not think she “could deliver on promises being made to the community.” [ supporting Mods with new tools and improving existing tools, with non-existing resources and without leadership - speak under Huffman, Ohaninan, Altman. Reddit is still sometimes struggling to keep-up with traffic demand ] [...] Blount also said she believed Pao’s exit was an indirect consequence of gender discrimination, and that Pao had been placed on a “glass cliff.” [ Ohanian's Fall "Girl" ] // - bethanye Blount Velocity NY 2014 Keynote: "Build a Better Unicorn..." - Scaling systems is hard. Scaling operations teams to manage those systems? Even harder.
Reddit  Alexis  Ohanian  Steve  Huffman  Sam  Altman  glass  cliff  Ellen  Pao  Politics  Leadership  accountability 
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How Ellen Pao lost her job but survived Reddit's swamp of trolls | Technology | The Guardian
Silicon Valley’s most controversial executive has personified the discrimination and harassment directed at women in technology and on the internet. A look back at her landmark gender lawsuit and her ouster at Reddit reveals how much – and how little – has changed // &! Reddit's Ellen Pao is latest female CEO blamed for inherited woes, experts say As Pao steps down following a petition and death threats, sociologists and other observers point to a ‘glass cliff’ for female executives [...] Barbara Annis, co-author of Work with Me: the 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business and the founding partner of Gender Intelligence Group, a New York firm specializing in gender diversity training, [...] Every mistake a female CEO makes gets attributed to her gender, and for men it’s not that way -
Ellen  Pao  Reddit  Silicon  Valley  Marissa  Mayer  gender  inequality  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender  gap  gender  bias  glass  ceiling  glass  cliff  gender  politics  gender  equality  HR  human  resources  management  male  privilege  white  male  privilege  Privileged  bias  prejudice  pattern 
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VINCENT REINHART: If There's No Debt Ceiling Deal, The Treasury Will Have To Break At Least One Of Three Laws - Business Insider
Morgan Stanley's Vincent Reinhart is on BloombergTV, talking some sense about the debt ceiling with Tom Keene.
One of his points is that the belief in 11th hour deals has become such a big cliche that markets may never react and apply the force needed to get a deal, and so that's worrisome.
But furthermore, he says that if there's no debt ceiling hike, The Treasury will have to break one of three laws:
-- It will have to break the budget law, not making payments that are guaranteed by law.
-- It will have to ignore the Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917 (which established the debt ceiling).
-- It will have to violate the current Fed law, by getting overdraft protection.
This last point is interesting, but seems the least likely. Theoretically the Fed is able to provide overdraft protection to the Treasury, but its legality would be in doubt, and the Fed probably won't do it.

Politics  USA  Fiscal  Cliff  debtceiling  2013  presidency  barackobama  sovereign  debt  crisis 
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The Only Grown-Up in the Room - Businessweek
Ben S. Bernanke has succeeded Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan and on the fly has invented an original monetary-economic mix to stabilize America. This while the children of Washington were, and are, at recess.

The politicians, post-election follies, are still out in the playground. On a Cliff-ed December day, they just may freeze their tongue to the cold, cold steel flagpole.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and their caste of second-rate certitude were nowhere to be seen this Thanksgiving Tuesday. It is reported they have “gone down to their peril.”

Two thousand strong, from Glenn Hubbard to Paul Volcker, from John Lipsky to Peter Orszag and from Alan Blinder to Martin Feldstein, showed up to listen to, and salute, the only grown-up in the room. Discuss.
fiscal  policy  USA  Politics  Cliff  economic  history  Fed  monetary  theory  2012  GFC  greatrecession  monetary  policy  benbernake 
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Everything You Need to Know About the Fiscal Cliff - YouTube
Last August, President Obama and Congress put the U.S. economy on course to go over a "fiscal cliff." WSJ's David Wessel tells you everything you need to know about the "cliff" but were afraid to ask.

> If USA goes over the Cliff, markets and sentiment would dive, probably. But what is worst, even if things get patched up - that the trust of the market, overseas investors have, how fiscally responsible the USA - especially with problems at hat - that trust and confidence would be severely damaged.
> Still, the Dollar is THE Reserve Currency of the World.
fiat  money  Dollar  confidence  trustagent  trust  Politics  election2012  budget  deficit  deficit  fiscal  policy  barackobama  presidency  USA  Cliff 
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The fiscal cliff explained (with help from Hollywood) - YouTube
You've heard warnings about the economic disaster that could happen if Congress fails to avoid a fiscal cliff. But what is the fiscal cliff anyway? Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch enlists the support of his friends Thelma and Louise in this three-minute explanation.
2013  2012  USA  Fiscal  Cliff 
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Richard Koo Explains It's Not The Fed, Stupid; It's The Fiscal Cliff! | ZeroHedge
US is beginning to look more like Japan. The Japanese experience made it clear that when the private sector is minimizing debt (deleveraging) with very low interest rates, there is little that monetary policy can do. The government cannot tell the private sector 'don't repay your balance sheets'
because private sector must repair its balance sheets. In Koo's words: "the only thing the government can do is to spend the money that the private sector has saved and put that back into the income stream" - which (rightly or wrongly) places the US economy in the hands of the US Congress (and makes the Fed irrelevant).

Deleveraging even with ZIRP & QE123 & OpTwist & Language shows how sick balance sheet of private sector is. + Lack of Confidence + Structural Impairments of Domestic & Global Economy !

Koo advocating continued fiscal stimulus.

Fed engaged more aggressive w QE3/OpTwist & ZIRP ext. because nobody would bet on Congress to avoid Fiscal Cliff 2012/13.
globalisation  global-economy  faultlines  global  imbalances  structural  imbalance  OpertationTwist  trust  confidence  lostdecade  lost  barackobama  presidency  election2012  Japan  academics  academia  economics  supply-demand  stimulus  QE2  MBS  QE  deleveraging  fiscal  stimulus  fiscal  policy  2012  Cliff  monetary  theory  ZIRP  monetary  policy  property  bubble  benbernake  Fed  debt  bubble  balance  sheet  recession  debtoverhang  QE3  USA  Richardkoo 
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