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Banner “Fraud” Doesn’t Matter | Hacker News "A Message from brand marketers to publishers [...] We use banners as little billboards now. We use them strategically as incredibly cheap repeat impressions for brand awareness. We know many people don’t see them, we know most people don’t see them. Thats okay. We use them accordingly & the cost has been adjusted down to make them a perfectly great buy even though most people dont see them. [...] It’s an indicator to us that you don’t get this by the fact you’re still always talking about clickthrough, which was kind of BS when you first sold it to us twenty years ago, and doubly the case now." [ CPM will go lower, fundamentals point in that direction, Social Media & other future forms of advertising will fill in the lower CPM rates overall. Thus pressuring business models reliant on pageviews even more 2 increase pageviews as the revenue average per pageview declines. Thus u have 2 question which consumer product (entertainment & else) business model do you choose!?
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Investors have to stop trying to justify the lies and libel of Secret | PandoDaily
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Native advertising remains an awkward — but very necessary — mess | PandoDaily "“We can buy page views… but we can’t buy time spent,” Segrist said, euphorically. The New York Times jumped “full force” into native 12 months ago, according to Tomich. “It’s been incredibly successful,” he said. “Success is limitless with this type of advertising.”" | + + + + "Facebook is no longer a social network. It’s the world’s most powerful news reader [...] I no longer go to the New York Times front page to start my day. I get there through the ‘side door.’ Facebook. [...] Facebook drives massively more referral traffic than Twitter, and publishers I’ve surveyed confide that the ratio can be as high as ten or twenty to one. [Even Pinterest comes before Twitter]" + +
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