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BBC News - What UKIP victory means
Only Nigel Farage can be totally satisfied today although he knows all too well that winning a national election which he described as a "free hit" on the political establishment is much easier than winning a single seat in Westminster. A year ago few took that prospect seriously. They do now. +++
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Election results 2014: Ukip blames London election performance on difficulty appealing to the 'educated and cultured' - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
Election results prove Ukip can damage Labour as well as Tories Both parties need to rethink their campaign strategies if they are to beat back the Farage fox in the Westminster henhouse || + Ed Miliband NEED TO RAISE HIS GAME! >> What do the council results mean for the 2015 general election? It is not easy to extrapolate from local election results, but these ones could suggest Labour falling just short of a working majority ||| + London is Ukip's worst nightmare The local election results highlight how out-of-step London attitudes pose a serious dilemma for Labour and Tories ""LONDON is metropolitan elite concerned chiefly with itself."" - || +++
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