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Elon Musk on his reasons for pessimism | MSNBC
will take +20 years to exchange gas guzzelers with electric cars. and planet is at its limit of capacity to take up carbonemission's. we are near the cliff, and when we are at the cliff - consequences are unstoppable, catastrophic. - there has to be a price on carbon emissions of any kind. >> ie petrochemical industry has to pay a 1, 2, 3% tax on their profit, incrementally increasing ... money is put in to subsidize clean tech research, product, employment.
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BBC News - UK's oil, coal and gas 'gone in five years'
"Britain has just 5.2 years of oil." Aberdeen companies (whole region) got 2 pivot 2 off-shore windfarm tech and maintenance and tidal wave technology [clean tech - clean energy technology]. PLUS there is the decommissioning business, decommissioning of oil and gas platforms. Plus the option of building/solidifying itself as knowledge and skill hub for global oil and gas business - the mobile creative / skill-based worker. Otherwise it could turn sour quiet quickly like the areas where the coal mines and other post-heavy industry locations in the UK were - them being still smudge of economic inactivity on UK's economic landscape and economic history. "Ministers are hoping that enough shale gas - extracted by fracking - will be obtained to make a difference, the BBC's environment analyst Roger Harrabin says." The gas amount from fracking in UK is negligible, not comparable to USA even if accounted 4 landmass size & energy usage/capita. +
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Report: Polluted farm runoff linked to toxic green algae slime in U.S. waters - The Washington Post
At least one drinking-water provider, Des Moines Water Works, is struggling to clean nitrates from water it supplies to a half-million customers as a result of polluted runoff from farms. a growing toxic danger that threatens human health and has claimed the life of at least one person, more than 20 pets since 2001 and a multitude of marine life.
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