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Alice Evans | Fine Art Photographer
Alice Evans’ video pieces seek to expose the mechanisms of the filmmaking and photographic processes by leaving elements of the construction of the image within the frame. The inspiration for this technique is the filmic reveal shot. The films have fragmented narratives yet don’t offer up a fully-fledged story. The high production values suggest traditional narrative film, yet deliberately clumsy elements challenge this convention. The two films on display in this exhibition are ‘Call of the Klondike’ based on a western set during the 1849 gold rush, a film previously shown in Switzerland, and ‘Rusalka’ an operatic pub fight. Alice’s most recent photographic works are based on the Rorschach test, a psychological test used from the 1950’s onwards to detect an unconventional mind – this is the only test the artist has ever passed.
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october 2015 by asterisk2a
The FULL uncut interview with Christopher Nolan - Newsnight - YouTube
don't kill the messenger. // "pitch it in the language you think it should be made in." for the breath of the audience. "engaging audience can pay dividends." [...] don't disregard the audience. [...] playing wider. [...] ambitions about the film. [...] 'the amount of energy and time you put in you want to be passionate about otherwise it becomes a never ending slog'
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Casey Neistat's Guide to Filmmaking - YouTube
learning by doing. practical skills. semi-instant feedback. // tim ferriss and other writers; its about bleeding. putting yourself out ther naked and raw. // storytelling, relating! RELATING! Interestingness. And share it in a way that is interesting (time limit <10min, cut/edit, graphics, mobile friendly (lenght 10min, no fluff, red line from start to finish, IMMER AUF DEM ROTEN FADEN.) // &! here comes everybody // Story is Golden. << The King. Everything else serves the king. //&! EXPERIMENT, TRY, TINKER AROUND WITH THE EDIT. MARGINAL GAINS - - 5:40 - experience and good judgement does come with practice, practice and practice. And being open to mistakes and failure. They are part of practicing a craft. &! << WALK YOUR OWN PATH TO DISCOVER AND YIELD >YOUR OWN< STYLE *casey neistat - - thus become unique. average comes from taking a given path others plotted to teach; 'The Dummies Guide' to editing. storytelling. lighting. cinematography.
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Filming in a First Class Lounge - YouTube
5:30 >> Frustrating that people copy your way of story telling, while you worked so hard to be original and new and your own thing and style. i don;t encourage it. There is nothing i can do when people copy it. Thus you have to evolve and try new things. "I just keep trying to do more and better work."
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Pudovkin's 5 Editing Techniques on Vimeo
&!&!& Dissecting The Peerless Editing Of Satoshi Kon - Four years after his passing, we still haven't quite caught up to Satoshi Kon, one of the great visionaries of modern film. In just four features and one TV series, he developed a unique style of editing that distorted and warped space and time. - -
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november 2014 by asterisk2a
Balla Yana by Said Energizer on Vimeo
have idea, have a little of key frames on board - for script, film with fun, post production = 1 days of work filming cut together to 3 minutes to keep the people glued on the screen.
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