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Warning: your festive meal could be more damaging than a long-haul flight | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian - A kilogramme of beef protein reared on a British hill farm can generate the equivalent of 643kg of carbon dioxide. A kilogramme of lamb protein produced in the same place can generate 749kg. One kilo of protein from either source, in other words, causes more greenhouse gas emissions than a passenger flying from London to New York. //&! // [...] I’m not suggesting that you eat no meat or other animal products. I am suggesting that we should all eat far less. Save the splurge for Christmas. And even then, choose carefully. [ Reductarian ]
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Volkswagen Congress Hearing: Emissions scandal - watch live - YouTube
VW USA subsidiary CEO Michael Horn. // 'VW the people's car.' 36:40 - I had no understanding what a defeat device is & that it could be installed to cheat emission tests. [<< Symptom of being a conglomerate! Corporate Culture & Values.] min 38:09 - Is hardware, software & even has to do something with the fuel tank. In some models (gen 2) its just software & a sensor. // 49:20 - framing of the answer with EPA (influenced?), cars on the road right now, even they are not passing emissions test, "are legal & safe to drive for the owners." // min 57 NOx, air pollution. 'compensation will be part of discussion'. 40 times than allowable limit. // 1:11:00 - according to him, @ the current state of investigations, this was out of the engine-drivetrain-engineering/software/emissions department within VW. Was not a corporate executive decision from the top. [My 2 cents: more likely decision was made within those departments due to pressure from top to make the test pass happen. << 1:51:00]
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