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The Surveillance Economy and Extreme Income Inequality: You Can't Have One Without the Other - YouTube
Uber and Airbnb is equal to informal economy (uncertainty) = staying power only for owner of marketplace (wealth accumulation & ultimate bargain power as owner of (monopoly/oligopoly form of marketplace). Silicon Valley made the informal economy cool again bc its on your smartpone (homescreen). Uber & Co are becoming, as owners of said marketplace, the new super elite (with no shared economic interest & no stakeholder in local economy). Disenfranchised & Price war. // The perfect, crazy, too good to be true, idea - will crash eventually (accumulating wealth with little to no input [see stakeholder theory/shared economic interest/long-term views and interest!]). // Start-up Lesson/Advice: "cost of choice" & paying computation with advertising = corruption (Google, Facebook &Co) paying (Wall Street, short-termism [Fast Food]) for micro-management of your life, of your choice. = U loosing free will. //
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"The Global Plutocracy Is Terrified of Dissent" | ZeroHedge
Our Voices Are More Important Than We've Realized
Renner is right: the plutocracy is terrified of dissent.
Indeed, the Asch Conformity Experiment showed that even one dissenting voice can give people permission to think for themselves.
And a new study shows that when only 10% of a population have strongly-held beliefs, their belief will be adopted by the majority of the society.
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WikiLeaks - Careful When Shooting the Messenger -
Still, there is one important parallel: A U.S. prosecution of Mr. Assange would carry significant downside risks for the United States. The issues at stake were described neatly in a recent policy paper by Google, about government efforts to disrupt the free flow of information on the Internet.
The paper does not mention WikiLeaks; it was widely seen as a broadside against China’s policy of filtering the Internet, after Google’s run-ins with the censors in Beijing. But it contained a useful summary of the different kinds of censorship practiced around the world, including this tactic: “Encouragement of self-censorship through means including surveillance and monitoring, threats of legal action and informal methods of intimidation.”
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