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The Surveillance Economy and Extreme Income Inequality: You Can't Have One Without the Other - YouTube
Uber and Airbnb is equal to informal economy (uncertainty) = staying power only for owner of marketplace (wealth accumulation & ultimate bargain power as owner of (monopoly/oligopoly form of marketplace). Silicon Valley made the informal economy cool again bc its on your smartpone (homescreen). Uber & Co are becoming, as owners of said marketplace, the new super elite (with no shared economic interest & no stakeholder in local economy). Disenfranchised & Price war. // The perfect, crazy, too good to be true, idea - will crash eventually (accumulating wealth with little to no input [see stakeholder theory/shared economic interest/long-term views and interest!]). // Start-up Lesson/Advice: "cost of choice" & paying computation with advertising = corruption (Google, Facebook &Co) paying (Wall Street, short-termism [Fast Food]) for micro-management of your life, of your choice. = U loosing free will. //
abuse  of  power  income  inequality  inequality  surveillance  state  Orwellian  democracy  Net  Neutrality  censorship  self-censorship  Gini  coefficient  Career  Politicians  USA  Five  Eyes  World  Police  World  Ian  Bremmer  book  Jaron  Lanier  21stcentury  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  Vorratsdatenspeicherung  Cryptopocalypse  history  Open  Source  transparency  accountability  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  stakeholder  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  profit  maximisation  bribery  corruption  shareholder  value  occupywallstreet  Indignados  Indignants  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Share  Economy  1099  Economy  marketplace  marketplace  efficiencies  commodity  business  commoditization  Service  Sector  Jobs  Niedriglohn  Niedriglohnsektor  Universal  Basic  Silicon  Valley  tax  free  income  capital  gains  informal  Super  Rich  1%  Uber  AirBnB  self-employment  contractor  Zero  Hour  Contract  Big  Data  analytics  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  augmented  intelligence  Failure  bailout  GFC  Google  oligopoly  oligopol  monopoly  business  model  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  cost  of  choice  advertising  economics  of  abundance  marginal  cost  business  plan  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  Zeitarbeit  The  Leih 
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BBC News - Google warns Blogger users over porn - Google bans 'explicit' adult content from Blogger blogs Summary:In an abrupt reversal of policy, Google will soon disappear blogs on its Blogger platform that don't conform to its new anti-adult policies. [...] "Google: Removing content it doesn't like" [...] [...] [opt] to move to self-hosting, which is a safer option than trusting art, writing or creative speech to any conservative company. [...] [Search as public utility, unencumbered by politics nor religion and other things.] // question, snapchat already blocked porners from receiving money via its internal payment product for snaps/paid snaps. question, will it ban nudity when it went public and the company turns into a grown up with grown-up supervision? &! &!
Tumblr  Wordpress  publishing  2.0  publishing  Blogging  TOS  Platform  Blogger  Google  sex  work  sex  worker  adault  content  Porn  pornography  content  distribution  content  discovery  Wall  Street  conservative  Snapchat  censorship  stigma  stereotype  bias  prejudice  Google  Search  free  speech  Information  wants  to  be  free  public  utility 
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The French government can now force ISPs to block websites without a court order | PandoDaily
Efforts to grant the French government the ability to control which websites are allowed inside the country accelerated after the shooting at Charlie Hebdo’s office on January 7. The government has also threatened to consider companies like Facebook and Google “accomplices” to hate-speech if they don’t remove extremist content from their properties. That’s the unfortunate irony of the Charlie Hebdo attack: an effort to silence a magazine which has since become an idol for free speech has led France and the United Kingdom to propose or introduce laws that limit speech through direct censorship and intimidation. [...] Internet content, France once again circumvents the judicial power, betraying the separation of powers in limiting what is the first freedom of all in a democracy — freedom of speech. // invites also abuse of the system. say one hacks ones business website, uploads illegal stuff, reports website, gets blocked 24hrs later, business has no website/business for 3 months.
free  speech  censorship  self-censorship  War  on  Terror  abuse  of  power  democracy  Separation  of  powers  Platform  Open  Platform  unintended  consequences  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  freedom  of  press  Information  wants  to  be  free  freespeech  free  press  France 
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BBC News - How does Google's Autocomplete censor predictions?
People in the UK and US were being offered "isis" as one of the top suggestions when typing in the words "how can I join". Google does censor some search suggestions, so why was this one allowed through, asks Justin Parkinson.
Google  Search  censorship  Platform 
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Chinesischer Dissident geht mit Zuckerberg ins Gericht - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mark Zuckerberg hatte Xis Buch auf seinem Schreibtisch liegen, als bei ihm kürzlich Chinas Chefzensor zu Besuch kam. Demonstrativ, könnte man vielleicht sagen. Die staatliche Nachrichtenwebsite "The Paper" berichtete später, Zuckerberg habe erklärt: "Ich habe dieses Buch auch meinen Kollegen gekauft." Er wolle, dass diese "den Sozialismus chinesischer Art verstehen". Sowohl Schmidt als auch Zuckerberg haben für ihr Bekenntnis zu dem Buch, das Reden und Aufsätze des chinesischen Staatschefs versammelt, einige Kritik einstecken müssen. Bei Zuckerberg kam die nicht zuletzt von chinesischen Dissidenten und Regimekritikern. // // Amnesty International hatte erst im November erklärt, Chinas Internetmodell sei "eines von extremer Kontrolle und Unterdrückung".
Facebook  China  helmutschmidt  democracy  Democratic  Process  Umbrella  Revolution  Occupy  Central  Hong  Kong  censorship  Mark  Zuckerberg  free  speech  freedom  of  press 
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Chief constable warns against ‘drift towards police state’ | UK news | The Guardian
The battle against extremism could lead to a “drift towards a police state” in which officers are turned into “thought police”, one of Britain’s most senior chief constables has warned. [...] It is politicians, academics and others in civil society who have to define what counts as extremist ideas, he says. [...] He stressed he supported new counter-terrorism measures unveiled by the government last week, including bans on alleged extremist speakers from colleges. Fahy said government, academics and civil society needed to decide where the line fell between free speech and extremism. Otherwise, he warned, it would be decided by the security establishment, so-called “securocrats”, including the security services, government and senior police chiefs like Fahy. &! see Twitter & FB & GitHub now (have to comply with regional/country specific censorship et al - ie Germany got laws against the display and public use of Nazi symbols -
censorship  self-censorship  extremism  radicalism  islamic  radicalism  ISIS  ISIL  nanny  state  policestate  free  speech  free  press  Philosophy  sociology  Religion  Sharia  Law  Caliphate  War  on  Terror  terrorism  Law  society  civil  society  Platform  TOS  Orwellian  civic  society  hate  speech  LGBTQIASP  Muslim  Transphobic  transphobia  homophobic  Homophobia  hate  crime  Xenophobia 
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GitHub blocked in Russia | Hacker News
May be for western people it's hard to believe how can it be possible to support this crazy regime. I can tell you that even top managers from leading russian internet company (from my private conversation with them) dreamed about great russian firewall because in that case, they won't have competitors like Google. Furthermore even IT guys like Putin regime and don't get worry about crazy laws passed against the internet. I assure you in that because many of my colleagues really like Stalin and really like what's happening in Ukraine. Almost all people in Russia really hate western world. They don't care about currency exchange rates and inflation, they care only about imperialism. When Putin made desision about Crimea, and when people totally supported it, I stopped believe in Russia at all. Russia is a pure soviet country, with pure 100% soviet mindset, vast majority of russian people like idea of self-isolation. This is why Russia has no future as a liberal market-driven country.
Russia  Putin  vladimirputin  Soviet  Union  propaganda  demagogy  demagogue  Ukrain  Ukraine  Crimea  Crisis  NATO  Europe  European  History  sanctions  censorship  self-censorship  foreign  relations  diplomacy  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy 
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Snapchat and Spiegel’s Interesting Call on the Hong Kong Demonstrations | TechCrunch
@EvanSpiegel on why @Snapchat chose not to make an 'Our Story' for the Hong Kong protests: 'One of my pet peeves over time is how the technology industry has tried to sell counterculture. It’s tried to sell the revolution. We’ve been really resistant to doing this' || WRONG. Hypocrisy. Selling a pro-democracy movement as counterculture is wrong. it's deceitful. Snapchat and it's investors only hold open the door for China. As long as they don't upset the Chinese regime, they can operate in the future in China. Apps that went "against the China's regiem politics" were shut out of this country, +1bn potential users. It wouldn't be in line with the fiduciary responsibility (to its investors) that Evan Spiegel/Snapchat has to operate along.
Umbrella  Revolution  pro-democracy  movement  Hong  Kong  Occupy  Central  China  censorship  Snapchat  Evan  Spiegel  Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  hypocrisy  fiduciary  responsibility  double  standard  crony  capitalism  corporatism  shareholder  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation 
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Umstritten: China-Politik der Deutschen Welle | ZAPP | NDR - YouTube
Politicians and Career people/Business people ... compromise on freedom of press, meinungsfreiheit und journalistische taetigkeit, unabhaengingkeit ...
Deutsche  Welle  Germany  journalism  journalismus  content  censorship  self-censorship  business  model  China  Politics  CCTV  freedom  of  press  compromise  foreign  affairs  diplomacy  domestic  affairs 
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Lobo-Kolumne: Debatte als Waffe - Vermächtnis von Frank Schirrmacher - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Frank Schirrmachers großes Vermächtnis heißt: Die wichtigste Waffe einer demokratischen Öffentlichkeit ist die Debatte.
Frank  Schirrmacher  democracy  Democratic  Process  debate  free  speech  freedom  of  press  of  Information  Act  censorship  book 
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On Google's Right to Know vs. Europe's Right to Be Forgotten | New Republic
Since Google is in the information business, any efforts to regulate it are inevitably represented as censorship—as Eric Schmidt's remark on the right to know reveals. But of course, the information in question is not eliminated in its entirely. One can still find it, albeit at a higher cost—it is just made less visible. The motto of "The Circle," the company at the center of Dave Eggers' eponymous dystopian novel about a high-tech giant with an eerie resemblance to Google, is “Secrets are lies. Caring is sharing. Privacy is theft.” Well, to those three we can now add the fourth: Regulation is censorship.
Google  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  right  to  be  forgotten  Public  Policy  complexity  unknown  unknowns  regulators  self-regulation  regulation  censorship  corporate  governance  Don't  be  evil  ethics 
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Facebook and hate speech: The company should not be in the business of censorship.
"But the idea that Facebook should be arbitrating this type of speech at all is questionable. It of course must be noted that the company -- like any company -- is well within its rights to regulate speech as it sees fit. The question is not can Facebook censor speech, rather, but should it?"
platform  discrimination  censorship  hate  speech  Facebook 
may 2013 by asterisk2a
NBCFail: Would Twitter Delete Gaga’s Account If She Linked To An Email? | TechCrunch
Backstory: Twitter & NBC are working together covering Olympics.
NBC is not meeting expectations of viewers in their coverage of the Olympics ...

NBC is not amused about posted email of exec -> Twitter suspends account.

>> _24hrs later , account got un-suspended
generalelectric  NBC  double-standard  freespeech  censorship  Twitter 
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Twitter sperrt bei Olympia 2012 Account von NBC-Kritiker - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Twitter hat den Account eines Journalisten gesperrt, der kritisch über den US-Sender NBC schrieb. NBC arbeitet bei der Olympia-Berichterstattung eng mit Twitter zusammen. Die Begründung wirft Fragen auf.
internet  platform  censorship  mediachange  Twitter 
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"Schwarzbuch WWF": Einigung zwischen WWF und Huismann steht bevor - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Frage ist delikat, die Antwort nicht einfach: Wie viel Industrienähe verträgt der Umweltschutz? Das "Schwarzbuch WWF" des Filmemachers Wilfried Huismann geht hart mit dem World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) ins Gericht: Durch Kuschelei mit den Konzernen verrate die Organisation ihre eigenen Ziele. Schon die Unterzeile des im Gütersloher Verlagshaus (Verlagsgruppe Random House) erschienenen Buches beklagt "Dunkle Geschäfte im Namen des Panda".
integrity  moral  corruption  Food  Industry  agriculture  defamation  libel  Monsanto  Wilmar  book  free  speech  censorship  capitalism  corporate  lobby  governance  NGO  corporate  governance  ethic  ethics  WWF 
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"The Global Plutocracy Is Terrified of Dissent" | ZeroHedge
Our Voices Are More Important Than We've Realized
Renner is right: the plutocracy is terrified of dissent.
Indeed, the Asch Conformity Experiment showed that even one dissenting voice can give people permission to think for themselves.
And a new study shows that when only 10% of a population have strongly-held beliefs, their belief will be adopted by the majority of the society.
USA  US  UK  censorship  freespeech  government  2011  study 
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WikiLeaks - Careful When Shooting the Messenger -
Still, there is one important parallel: A U.S. prosecution of Mr. Assange would carry significant downside risks for the United States. The issues at stake were described neatly in a recent policy paper by Google, about government efforts to disrupt the free flow of information on the Internet.
The paper does not mention WikiLeaks; it was widely seen as a broadside against China’s policy of filtering the Internet, after Google’s run-ins with the censors in Beijing. But it contained a useful summary of the different kinds of censorship practiced around the world, including this tactic: “Encouragement of self-censorship through means including surveillance and monitoring, threats of legal action and informal methods of intimidation.”
wikileaks  USA  freedom  media  2010  Google  internet  netneutrality  censorship  politics  law  power 
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Internet Freedom
Internet Freedom is about sustaining the era of permissionless innovation that has characterized the first fifteen years of the commercial Internet in this country and brought us thousands of new big profitable companies, millions of jobs, and a vast array of new services and devices that have changed our lives and made them better.
netneutrality  internet  freedom  debill  FCC  DOJ  censorship  politics 
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Streisand effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Streisand effect is an Internet phenomenon where an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information backfires, causing the information to be publicized widely and to a greater extent than would have occurred if no censorship had been attempted. Examples of such attempts include censoring a photograph, a number, a file, or a website (for example via a cease-and-desist letter). Instead of being suppressed, the information receives extensive publicity, often being widely mirrored across the Internet, or distributed on file-sharing networks.[1][2]
censorship  internet  culture  society  psychology  effect  streisand  twitter  free  speech  freespeech 
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