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Inequality and the Challenge of Employment - New Economic Thinking - YouTube
intrinsic motivation, fairness, social animal - social comparison (is encoded into the brain) - status anxiety // self-interest mostly wins over ethics/moral values? // trust between principle & agent // org structure and inventive - ie bonus variable attracts more selfish people and risk takers // justice and fairness is critically important - not only in orgs but also democracies //&! Natural rate theory (equilibrium) - service sector jobs (unskilled manual labour jobs) w minimum wage and not higher. and flexible wages with no minimum wage (USA) create working poor/inequality. institutional change - economists are not just analysts they also affect policy makers (think tanks). // austerity hurts equality/social mobility = economic long-run damage to potential (thus output gap and productivity loss) - lack of supply of able workforce to create added value products & services. trickle-down not helping. //&! tax code unfair, lower capital gains tax than on earned (labour) income
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Will Latest Market, Credit Woes Add Up to a 'Global Recession'? - YouTube
- downgrade in confidence, stat gov is not able to prop up economy if needed- downgrade in confidence, after gov debt ceiling debate ended with austerity shaped bill (compromise)- downgrade in confidence, after Obama could not show leadership in debate and give boundaries
- government, and other institutions (Fed, SEC, Banks, Individual) failed
- growth panic
- no leadership on both sides of the Atlantic
- slow growth below long-term average guaranteed in developed markets whose bubbles burst 
- wrong medicine currently administered 
- currently, QE, monetization does not lead into healthier moneysupply in UK, USA, EU. bc of debt overhang and deleveraging process - which will still take years.
KennethRogoff  GFC  paulkrugman  2011  greatrecession  barackobama  presidency  monetary  fiscal  policy  politics  mistake  folly  sovereign  debt  ceiling  debtceiling  crisis  August  PIIGS  Fed  ECB  economy  recovery  GDP  growth  QE  QE3  debtoverhang  inflation  deflation  deleveraging  Japan  lostdecade  history  lesson  liquidity-trap  greatdepression  austerity  unemployment  output-gap  moneysupply  monetization  BOE  UK  europe  USA 
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