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The Information's 411-10/23 "Blood Feuds" by The Information Podcasts | Free Listening on SoundCloud
11:30 // science is hard. stupid. and a non-consumer product. duh. //&! HYPE CYLCE - on 5 magazine covers and not even public! because she is, as female science-based founder/ceo a rarity and it sells papers >> - Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’s Five Best Cover Story Appearances, Ranked
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Venture capital and the great big Silicon Valley asshole game | PandoDaily
(( via )) --- This is a complex topic with no real “right” or “wrong.” You have to consider what the job of a VC is. It’s not to give inner city kids a helping hand; it’s not to make mom-and-pop dreams a reality; it’s not to help nice guys. It’s to maximize returns and fund companies that have an outsized chance of creating billion-dollar plus outcomes in a decade or less. There is a certain personality type that frequently builds these companies—a mix of outsized arrogance, steel-eyed determination, and even some element of delusion. Rational thinkers don’t usually think they can upend whole industries. People who get impacted by social pressure will be talked out of an idea long before it comes to fruition.
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