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Capita benefits assessor 'laughed' at disabled woman - BBC News
Capita paid the women money. Hush money. Wow. - I had a visit from my benefits assessor – and now I fear the state more than poverty
DWP  Capita  ESA  PIP  disabled  WCA  Austerity  Privatisation 
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Capita in U-turn over claimant death case - BBC News
A benefit assessment company that threatened legal action to reverse "reputational damage" after a claimant died has dropped its case.
Capita has now decided not to contest the judgement and has apologised "for any additional distress".

Her mother, Susan Kemlo, pursued legal action against the firm for maladministration and was awarded £10,000.

On Tuesday, Capita said it stood by its employee and argued it did not have a chance to defend itself, leading to "significant reputational damage".

In a U-turn, the company said on Thursday it had "considered this exceptional case on an individual basis [and] decided not to contest the original default judgement".
DWP  Capita  WCA  ESA  PIP  Disabled  NHS  Austerity  Privatisation  disability  prejudice  bigotry 
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Capita seeks to reverse 'reputational damage' after death of claimant - BBC News
Every Pip case undertaken by Unite members in Stoke-on-Trent with the specific health care professional in Victoria's case has been overturned by the social security tribunals.
Capita  PIP  disabled  disability  NHS  Austerity  rationing  ESA  mental  health  chronic  condition  sickcare 
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Shares in UK government contractor Capita plunge 40% after profit warning | Business | The Guardian
Major UK outsourcing group stuns City with profits warning, as new CEO admits the company is too complex and freezes its shareholder dividend. 10.30am: Shares down 42% at 15-year low. New CEO says company must change. Capita wants to raise £700m from shareholders. Worries over £381m pensions deficit
Carillion  Capita  Privatisation  UK  Austerity  Council  NHS  Prison  outsourcing  pension  scheme  bailout  TBTF  taxevasion  taxavoidance  CEO  pay  shareholder  dividends  working  poor  sub-contractor  contractor  Precariat  insecurity 
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(2029) Martin Wolf on the rise of populism | Opinion - YouTube
Populism - binary division of ordinary pure v elites. perceived incompetence of everybody. wearing down ppl w austerity - bailouts.
Populism  demagogue  Brexit  AfD  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Culture  immigration  working  poor  identity  white  class  war  economic  history  GFC  globalisation  secular  stagnation  recovery  Precariat  living  standard  social  mobility  income  wage  growth  GDP  capita  tax  evasion  avoidance  austerity  USA  UK 
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Budget 2017: Asset sales to thank for UK's figures? - BBC News
'we are not paying our way in the world' -- highlight the cheat the Tories are. 1 sale of national assets to lower debt. still horrible trade balance deficit now w even weaker pound. And not mentioned the recovery supported greatly by household debt bubble and mortgage party. GDP per capita, wage growth v inflation, living standard, current account deficit, underinvestment/austerity in edu and health (see imf paper), ... UK becoming a basket case.
Budget  Tories  Conservative  PFI  Assets  George  Osborne  Theresa  May  Manufacturing  underinvestment  Philip  Hammond  London  Services  nasty  party  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  household  debt  consumer  credit  card  creditcard  mortgage  housing  bubble  Productivity  output  gap  skills  STEM  education  policy  Austerity  current  account  deficit  GFC  bank  bailout  GDP  per  capita  IMF  technological  unemployment  David  Cameron  social  mobility  income  wage  growth  downward  gini  Coefficient  child  poverty 
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