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BBC iPlayer - WW1 Uncut - 6. A Tommy's Sex Life
With all the coverage about #WW1 in the last months due to its anniversary ... this is the first time I've come across the topic of brothels, behind the trenches, AS SIGNIFICANT FEATURE of an allied forces soldier's life. "one of the less well-known aspects of WW1. In fact the maisons tolérées were a significant feature of life behind the front line and in towns such as Le Havre there was an extensive network of efficiently run brothels that provided a welcome relief from trench warfare. Inside, the madame-run establishments where the working girls were subject to regular health checks, provided by all accounts a pleasant, frivolous atmosphere whilst outside it was not unusual to see long queues, five or six men deep, even before opening hours. Soldiers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand tended to be better paid than their British colleagues and were therefore able to afford the pick of the girls. Even more divisive was that traditional British fault-line; the class system. ...
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