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Google and blogs: “Shit.” –
Landscaped changed dramatically ~2009/10 forward for blogs/content creators. >> blogs have to be now niche, focused, regular content w engagement (due to algos/ranking), ... // "If you want traffic, Google’s arc makes clear to publishers, you’re going to have to pay for it." Include Facebook. Include Twitter (Promoted Tweets). Include Snapchat (Discover, Linkedin (Pulse). >> All gained sized, thus noise, people gaming the system, ... thus owner changes rules and system for his/her advantage and gain (profit maximization). // // even content curators (by hand) can be 1/2 noise. And the summaries are just shorter bouts of noise to scan through (, Mahalo) - its like joining the dark force. // Things come and go in waves/trends; thus the next wave/trend could be self-published long-form niche content partially free (The Information, ebooks, Pando) which are remarkable (Seth Godin) // snacking is SO western lifestyle, even for information/news - is lowering productivity/focus
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Why AOL Should Not Have Bought Huffington Post And Patch - Forbes
AOL's media business not profitable ie Huffpost and Patch not profitable. ... Q can large scale internet only media units not be profitable? - Is that a law? like gravity? Why is gawker profitable, because it doesn't have the excess, overhead and perks AOL's media unit got. << lots of execs, vp's, directors, lots of reporting that isn't really work, vertical structure - hierarchy. || Gawker Media is a Cayman Islands-incorporated online media company and blog - "In 2009, the corporation was estimated to be worth $300 million, with $60 million in advertising revenues and more than $30 million in operating profit.[3]" || >> Lesson - don't build overhead, stuff that is not doing actual work for the business to turn a operational profit. || + + + + ||
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Binge Media Culture Finds a Receptive Audience in Americans -
“With the things that get us to really crave the news, the tenor of the story tends to have a negative impact on the way we see the world more generally,” he said, referring to the controversial and scandalous subjects that draw in chronic readers and viewers. “We become more cynical.” Does he regard his own bingeing on these topics as escapist? + + “Absolutely,” he said. “You forget about your life for 30 minutes while you read about Chris Christie’s implosion.” Joshua Ferris’s forthcoming novel, “To Rise Again at a Decent Hour,” is about “the obsessive-compulsive nature of your own personality emerging through these platforms, and disliking the person who is taking advantage of them,” he said. Mr. Ferris, 39, confessed to bingeing on news, TV and YouTube videos, though he recently took a six-month purgative sabbatical.
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I miss the old blogosphere — we’ve gained a lot, but we’ve also lost something — Tech News and Analysis
ie TC with Mike Arrington, love him, loathe him, or hate him - all that happedn and the rumormill and allegations and he said she said. in the early days Marrington was a voice in the industry.
Blogging  blogosphere  blog  bloggers  blogger  techcrunch 
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Paper Dreams - A story by David Betteridge - YouTube
have to put yourself out there. Typical HR or typical application process would have never hired him. but people within the industry saw the guts he had to put his passion out for the world to see and judge, and people within the industry followed their guts and intuition to hire him, taking a shot. you have to take shoots. you you don't take shoots (like Michael Jordan talks about it) you will never win nor loose something. if you don't have something, what is stopping you to take shoots at your dreams? yourself, your fear ... to be judged, ... by basic bitches. << so many parts that connect to this story. this is a post boy story of the future and how the great things happening this way or in a similar way. << academia is way behind the curve. << the future of the world, people, economy, society, ... society first, economy will follow naturally ... to grow. ignore the basic bitches, ignore reality tv stars, ignore essex, the yellow press, glossy gossip magazines,
Passion  experts  expertise  21stcentury  21st  century  economy  blogging  blogosphere  discovery  Red  Bull  Racing  Niche  Content  Basic  Bitch  domain  knowledge  experience  knowledge  worker  knowledge  economy  Productivity  economics  Philosophy  social  science  social  society  social  status  social  study  happiness  satisfaction  josephstiglitz  complexity  Gary  Vaynerchuk  brand  Personal  branding  people  management  human  resources  academia  vanity 
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Satoshi: Why Newsweek isn’t convincing | Felix Salmon
From my perspective, then, there’s a big disconnect between what I now know about Goodman’s methodology, on the one hand, and how that methodology is generally perceived by the people talking about her story on the internet, on the other. With hindsight, I think that Goodman’s story would have elicited much less derision if she had framed it as a first-person narrative, telling the story of how she and her team found Dorian and were persuaded that he was their man. The story would surely have been more persuasive if she had gone into much more detail about the many dead ends she encountered along the way. The fateful quote would then have come at the end of the story, acting as a final datapoint confirming everything that the team had laboriously put together, rather than coming at the beginning, out of the blue. If Newsweek wanted the greatest chance of arriving at the truth, it would have conducted its investigation openly, with the help of many others. That would be the bloggy way
journalism  journalismus  investigative  journalism  Bitcoin  storytelling  blog  blogosphere  blogging  bloggers  Reddit  Newsweek 
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Feds Shame Clothier For Cheap Blog Bribes - Fashion - Gawker
Ann Taylor offered to enter bloggers in a drawing for $50 to $500 gift cards if they wrote—and submitted to the company—posts promoting the summer 2010 collection at Ann Taylor Loft, according to Ad Age. Good coverage in exchange for chance to win gift cards? Are bloggers that pathetic? Apparently not: While the Feds, like Ann Taylor, thought the promotion might produce a tidal wave of glowing coverage, it turned out "only a small number of bloggers posted content about the [collection] and several of those disclosed the gifts." A rising economic tide lifts all shills, Ann Taylor. Time to step up your game to, like, free handbags or something.
blogging  blogosphere  FTC 
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Gawker's March Editorial Review Memo: Essentially 'Stop Writing Shitty Headlines.' Also "MOAR SEX CRIMES PLZKTHX" - New York News - Runnin' Scared
The stories that hit the Big Board in the office are usually pretty
well packaged; but there are still so many that could make it and
don't because the headline is too bloggy, too insidery, too clever,
too complicated or too opaque.

It's tragic: a few minutes of thought about the headline and a bit of
maturity could save that story you just sweated over.
blogging  journalism  metrics  audience  gawker  blogosphere  writing  headline  headlines  style  guide 
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Launch: OpenSky Wants To Turn Bloggers Into Sellers Without Sacrificing Their Souls
. “Ecommerce revenue is catching up with ad revenue and is on track to exceed it this year,” reports Wohrle, who reviews cosmetics and “anti-aging” products.

The bloggers are selling the products themselves and readers can make their own judgements about whether or not they are hucksters or genuine. The hucksters will lose their audience (and their souls). The authentic ones will grow their audience and get rich telling them what to buy.

Or at least that’s the story John Caplan is selling.
blogging  blogosphere  ecommerce  affiliate  tuki  audience 
april 2010 by asterisk2a EIC Byrne Gives Sneak Preview of Upcoming C-Change Venture - WebNewser
What I'm trying to create is a content and monetization network for the business audience. It has a mother ship, which is sort of like a HuffPo for business, finance, and economics. That mother ship is surrounded by a whole bunch of owned and operated separate satellites, that are Web sites on their own that serve specific business niches, like doing business in India, doing business in China, MBA's, entrepreneurship, things like that. Then around each of the satellites is a constellation of bloggers who align with the satellites for the purpose of getting some more coverage, getting more traction than they otherwise would on their own, and getting revenue.
HuffingtonPost  blogosphere  newspapers  journalism  newspaper  newscorp 
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Learn from quarterbacks. (Scripting News)
The same said the CEO whisperer (TWiST)
--- when something goes bad, step back, let a day pass, and then take action.
newspapers  journalism  journalismus  newspaper  newscorp  blogging  blogosphere  lessons  lesson  leadership  entrepreneurship  business  management 
march 2010 by asterisk2a – WordPress Social Network Software
Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.

BuddyPress is completely free and open source. Unlike hosted services, BuddyPress allows you to stay in control of your site and create a totally customized, unique experience.

Global, personal and group activity streams with threaded commenting, direct posting, favoriting and @mentions. All with full RSS feed and email notification support.
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20+ more mind-blowing social media statistics | Blog | Econsultancy
The most recent figure of blogs being indexed by Technorati currently stands at 133 million. The same report into the Blogosphere also revealed that on average, 900,000 blog posts are created within a single 24-hour period.
blogosphere  socialmedia  statistics  facebook  blogging  twitter  internet  tuki 
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MediaShift Idea Lab . Non-Profit News Becomes the Flavor of the Month | PBS
There were a lot of interesting thoughts on things news organizations could be doing more efficiently or effectively to increase traffic, engagement, and advertising revenue. But, frankly, there wasn't much that sounded revolutionary or that would move the needle.

There are enough emerging or current non-profit experiments that over the next couple of years we should have a pretty good sense of whether or not this model is relevant and sustainable.

The problem is that if the non-profit model catches on too much, then what little money that exists to support these organizations will be stretched too thin. "One girl selling girl scout cookies is cute," Weiss said. "Two are okay. Three or more is just annoying."
journalism  business  model  blogging  blogosphere  advertisisng  payments  non-profit 
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NSFW: Trust me on the sunscreen (and the future of journalism)
And yet, I argued back, after camera phone dude helps us establish that the plane has crashed, who can we trust to tell us why it happened? While bloggers can own the first five minutes of any breaking story - a plane crash, a fire, a burglary - it’s always going to be the professional reporters who own the next five days, or five weeks. They walk the streets, work their contacts and - yes - trawl the blogosphere for eye-witness reports, and then take all of that information, analyse it, follow it up and ultimately provide an account of events that readers can trust.
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