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Lab-grown kidneys work in animals - BBC News
Scientists say they are a step closer to growing fully functioning replacement kidneys, after promising results in animals. // shared economic interest (public good) = investing in research when it seems possible/likely/plausible is not good enough for moonshot projects (time when only investment by for-profit ventures come into play), thus need private-public partnerships like uni(s) + gov grants + joint venture = shared risk. // investing in science has ROI. even if it does not and will not produce a gadget after the first peer reviews paper.
3D  printing  biotechnology  biotechnologie  Organ  Donation  human  tissue  medical  advances  medical  profession  medical  research  STEM  R&D  University  shared  economic  interest  underinvestment  business  investment  Venture  Capital  public  investment  productive  investment  ROI 
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Group of 20 Financial Leaders Agree to Act to Bolster Growth - The New York Times
Ms. Lagarde was even more explicit, making it clear that governments had for too long relied on the supply of cheap cash from central banks that have been running ultra-loose monetary policy. “Monetary policy alone will not cut it,” she said. “It is necessary, it is recommended from our perspective, particularly in Europe and in Japan still, but it will not cut it on its own. “Clearly in the fiscal sphere as well as in the structural reforms sphere, more needs to be done, and it needs to accompany and eventually take the baton from the central bank governors.”
Europe  IMF  UK  USA  western  world  Richard  Koo  recovery  fiscal  policy  fiscal  stimulus  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  underinvestment  productive  investment  infrastructure  investment  industrial  policy  STEM  R&D  austerity  George  Osborne  ChristineLagarde  OECD  GFC  economic  history  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  liberal  economic  reform  Research  competitiveness  differentiate  differentiation  value  creation  added  value  Manufacturing  job  creation  Niedriglohnsektor  Service  Sector  Jobs  Future  of  Work  Smart  Grid  renewable  energy  business  investment  consumer  debt  household  debt  debtoverhang  monetary  policy  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  Germany  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  inequality  Gini  coefficient  education  policy  David  Cameron  dogma  ideology  academia  academics  Mark  Blyth  Joseph  Stiglitz  Robert  Reich  Paul  Krugman  wage  growth  income  growth  G20  wage  stagnation  secular  stagnation  globalisation  globalization  flat  world  borderless  competitive  competition  currency  war  currency-war  currency  debasement  Exportweltmeister  BRIC  credit  bubble  global  economy  global  trade  global  imbalances  faultlines  structural  imbalance  Impediments  American  Dream  economy  energy  energy  policy 
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Japan Exports Its Way to Irrelevance - Bloomberg View
[ Politicians as always will react with reactionary unimaginative policy, competing for the same pie. instead of enabling, supporting new pies to be created. ] But Abe needs to recognize, as China already has, that this is only the latest sign of a broader reality: Asia's old export model of economic growth no longer works. [...] All the stimulus BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda can muster won't change the worsening trajectory of the region's most-populous nation. That's why Abe needs to take a page from Beijing and focus more on creating new industries at home. [ the base of home grown new market/category/vertical also includes sound middle class to buy those products. demand at home. social safety net (security). and less inequality. progressive taxation. fight tax evasion/avoidance, monopoles, monopsonies, bribery, corruption. and politicians making policy for lobby. ]
Germany  Exportweltmeister  Japan  China  India  Latin  America  competitive  competition  competitiveness  flat  world  borderless  globalization  globalisation  differentiate  differentiation  Abenomics  economic  history  IMF  OECD  global  economy  global  trade  Future  of  Work  Universal  Basic  Income  tax  free  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  3D  printing  Software  Is  Eating  The  Robotics  automation  ownership  cost  of  ownership  Millennials  consumerist  consumerism  Frontier  Markets  Developing  western  world  UK  USA  Europe  secular  stagnation  developed  world  current  account  deficit  lohndumping  Lohnzurückhaltung  liberal  economic  reform  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  technological  progress  biotechnologie  biotechnology  on-demand  convenience  marketplace  efficiencies  commodity  business  commoditization  deflationary  deflation  21stcentury  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  policy  error  policy  folly  inequality  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  mobility  squeezed  middle  class  complexity  Supply  and  Demand  Demand  and  Supply  unknown  unkown  unintended  consequences  asset  bubble  asset  allocation  hunt  for  yield  currency  currency  policy  policy  w 
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Why Bio is the New Digital - Joi Ito keynote - YouTube
biotech advances are faster than Moore's Law. / future is to make a brain/cell like computer & storage, turns out bio is much better than silicon!
Genome  sequencing  biotechnologie  biotechnology  biology  Silicon  Valley  medical  research  medical  advances  Moore's  Law  technological  history  technological  progress  economics  of  abundance  marginal  cost  material  design  industrial  design  synthetic  biology  computational  design 
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The Man Who Used to Have HIV - YouTube
There are so many advances going on right now in biotechnology that really have a wow factor," says Arrison. "Gene therapy to cure cancer and tissue engineering, growing brand new tracheas in the lab, also to cure cancer or to cure damag...

100 Plus: Preparing for the Coming Age of Longevity [Hardcover]
Sonia Arrison (Author)
cancer  genetherapy  genes  genetics  gene  HIV  biotechnology  tissueengineering  medicine  personalized  future  outlook  health 
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Study Finds Benefits in Modified Crops but Warns of Overuse -
“This is a very different future,” said Dr. Benbrook, an agricultural economist who is chief scientist at the Organic Center, which promotes organic food and farming. “The cost is going to be way higher. The environmental impacts are going to go up fairly dramatically.”

The Justice Department is investigating whether Monsanto, which has patents on the Roundup Ready system, is violating antitrust laws, unduly increasing prices or hindering innovation.
nature  geneticallyengineered  biotechnology  environment  pesticide  unintended  consequences  food  Monsanto  crops  farming  patent 
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