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(2195) Mark Blyth Telling The US Senate That Austerity Policy Is Wrong - YouTube
Mark Blyth & Makers v Takers & Erbschaft & asset & capital tax // wolfgang schäuble George Osborne David Cameron // >> Growth cures debt, cuts / austerity causes debt!!!
Mark  Blyth  UK  USA  Austerity  taxation  corporate  corporatism  welfare  state  NHS  income  tax  GFC  asset  capital  recovery  underinvestment  secular  stagnation  bond  bubble  economic  history  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  productivity  budget  Super  Rich  Plutocracy  trickle-down  Oligarchy  1%  10%  profit  maximisation  shareholder  immigration  gini  Coefficient  FX  Forex  confidence  fairy  globalisation  evasion  avoidance  HMRC  bank  bailout  badbank  bad  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  PIGS  Policy  IMF  BIS  ECB  Fed 
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Italy’s €360 billion referendum – POLITICO
Italy’s banking system is staggering under €360 billion in bad loans. Almost any outcome that destabilizes Italian politics would send tremors through the country’s rickety financial system. While the long-term consequences could be dramatic — in a worse case scenario perhaps leading to the collapse of the eurozone — the first victims could be efforts to rescue two of Italy’s largest lenders.
non-performing  NPL  bad  bank  Italy  Referendum  Renzi  contagion  European  Union  systemicrisk  sovereign  debt  crisis  GFC  economic  history  recession  recovery  Austerity  ECB  Banking  Supervision  MarioDraghi  Greece  Spain  Portugal  PIGS  UK  exposure  bailout  bail-in  bailin  recapitalization  recapitalisation 
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BBC - Newsbeat - Police crack down on Game of Thrones illegal downloads
if HBO doesn't care about fans seeing it in time (even if it is only 1 week later, online for ALL, for ~2£ per episode + advertising revenue) then screw them ... that is the public youngsters opinion.
Piracy  Content  Piracy  HBO  Breaking  Bad  Game  of  Thrones  Torrent  bittorrent  Hollywood  Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry  USA  MPAA  RIAA 
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Overuse of smartphones can cause slipped discs - Crave - Mobile Phones - CNET Asia
Cervical disc herniation isn't the only problem caused by using smartphones. An article by Chosun Ilbo earlier in May highlighted that youngsters also spend less time exercising which has resulted in an increase in obesity.
disk  herniation  bad  posture  compromising  posture  mobile  phone  unintended  consequences  smart  phone  posture 
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The Reason For China's Epic 1 Trillion Yuan Deleveraging: The Biggest Housing Bubble Ever | Zero Hedge
We shall see how much they approve when the massive deleveraging results in a 3% GDP print as we warned previously, crushing their year end bonuses in the process. [...] The country is about to undergo an unprecedented deleveraging that could amount to over CNY1 trillion in order to force reallocate capital in a more efficient basis. That's right: a massive deleveraging coming dead ahead in China just in time to shock the market still reeling from the threat of the Fed's tapering. [...] So there you have it: no matter what China has attempted, no matter how much it has punished the Shanghai Composite, it has been completely unable to offset the endogenous and/or exogenous (Fed, ECB, BOJ hot money) credit from sending the Chinese housing bubble into absolutely stratospheric levels. [...]
currency  debasement  real  estate  bubble  monetary  policy  currency  war  capital  allocation  stimulus  unintended  consequences  zombie  banks  fiscal  stimulus  BOE  banking  crisis  negative  real  interest  rate  ECB  shadow  economy  BOJ  bank  crisis  creditcrisis  hot  money  China  credit  bubble  banking  system  NIRP  2013  recession  Fed  shadowbanking  economic  history  NPL  shadow  banking  fiscal  policy  bubbles  property  bubble  creditcrunch  bad  bank  ZIRP  USA  Taper  zombie  bank  deleveraging  toobigtofail  PBOC  Muddy  Waters  Research  faultlines 
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