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How Guardians Of The Galaxy Triumphed Over The Film Industry's Backwards Thinking -
This is a kind of sexism that is often overlooked as harmless stereotyping. But that locked-in concept of gender expectation was a roadblock for Perlman again and again, until Marvel trusted in her passion and talent, so overlooked any preconceived notions based on her sex. To Marvel Entertainment's credit, their filmmakers overcame institutional sexism biases to trust in the writer over her gender identity. And because they did, we--all of us--get a movie that by nearly all accounts is astounding and a hell of a good time.
everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  inequality  gender  asymmetry  gender  gap  gender  bias  gender  equality  gender  norms  gender  non-conforming  gender  role  gender  conforming  gender  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  Misogynie  misogyny  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  income  inequality  Silicon  Valley  bias  stereotype  prejudice  judgement  boxes  labels  label 
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The female Pinterest engineer who pressed tech giants to air embarrassing diversity numbers - San Francisco Business Times
via || || // In her experience, Chou said women engineers face significant, sometimes subtle, obstacles, starting with low performance expectations and less-than-plum assignments. "Pinterest was the first place where I felt like an engineer," said Chou. "It's hard to explain or articulate. When I came here, I was treated as an equal." Sometimes the discrimination is not subtle, like the time when a male engineer at a computer language conference asked her, "What do you do? Photocopy s---?" One major fact that advocates say must be addressed is that far fewer young women than men are learning computer science while in school. //
Pinterest  Silicon  Valley  Women  in  Tech  diversity  workforce  STEM  Female  Founders  minority  black  minority  ethnic  minority  Mountain  View  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  corporate  culture  personal  values  HR  human  resources  hiring  jock  culture  Campus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  society  feminism  feminist  Misogynie  misogyny  stereotype  bias  gender  bias  judgement  labels  label  boxes  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  equality  gender  role  gender  norms  gender  conforming  gender  discrimination  gender  non-conforming  gender  gap  corporate  values  corporate  governance  income  inequality  knowledge  worker  skill-biased  technological  change  gender  diversity  gender  asymmetry 
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Twitter Names Marjorie Scardino as First Woman to Join Board - Bloomberg
Twitter  Women  in  Tech  gender  asymmetry  gender  inequality  gender  equality  gender  gap  bias  stereotype  prejudice  corporate  governance  shareholder  value  diversity  society  pluralistic  society  Power  Play  Politics  gender  gender  policing  capitalism  corporate  culture  corporatism  HR  humanresources  Campus  jock  culture  brogrammer  glass  ceiling  boardroom  boardmeeting  Dick  Costolo 
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Jen McCabe Talks Women In Venture | Ask A VC - Ask A VC | TechCrunch TV
Women in workforce and future society, 2nd part of conversation. Jen McCabe. Shery Sandberg; "ruthlessly prioritize."
Women  in  Tech  workforce  Silicon  Valley  glass  ceiling  social  society  social  science  social  study  Sheryl  Sandberg  career  advice  work  life  balance  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  asymmetry  gender  bias  gender  equality  gender  norms  gender  role  gender  discrimination  gender  policing  gender  gap  diversity 
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Jill Abramson was everything to young women at the New York Times.
The media called her “brusque” and  “polarizing.” But to young women at the New York Times, Jill Abramson was everything. [...] The mark Abramson made on her female employees wasn’t just a matter of optics. Abramson was committed to increasing women’s representation at the paper, and she got results. || + + + ""Understand: every attack on Hillary Clinton for not knowing her place is an attack on you."" +
Jill  Abramson  leadership  glass  ceiling  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  cliche  stereotype  prejudice  stigma  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  inequality  gender  equality  income  inequality  gender  bias  gender  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  discrimination  NYT  nytimes  New  York  Times  Hillary  Clinton  Angela  Merkel  Sheryl  Sandberg  Marissa  Mayer  gender  asymmetry  Nora  Ephron  Commencement  speech  fungible 
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New York Times fights to limit criticism over apparent Abramson pay disparity | Media |
$475,000 vs $559,000 [...] The publication of the salary figures, which could not be independently confirmed but which neither the Times nor any of the protagonists denied, came as the newspaper fought waves of controversy over Abramson’s sudden dismissal. The revelations over the pay gap contributed to charges that sexism was at play. The failure of Sulzberger to articulate a justification for Abramson’s summary dismissal other than her style of managing the newsroom also led to charges that a man would not have been treated the same way. [...] The Times was playing damage control in its newsroom Thursday in an effort to reassure women in particular that Abramson had not been discriminated against. [...] [Fired her because they] didn’t think it was appropriate for her to take a warlike footing.” - "brusque manner" SRSLY!? & "ushed out for being “pushy,” a gendered critique." +
New  York  Times  nytimes  NYT  glass  ceiling  equal  pay  income  inequality  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  asymmetry  gender  discrimination  gender  gap  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Patriarchy  Jill  Abramson  inequality  equality  gender  equality  communication  stereotype  bias  prejudice  language  image  leadership  income  gap  public  policy  gendered  criticism  gendered  communication  gendered  language  feminist  feminism  gender  bias 
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BBC Newsbeat - Beyonce: Stop buying into the myth of gender equality
Beyonce has said gender equality is a myth and people need to "demand" women get the same opportunities as men. The US singer made the comments as part of The Shriver Report, which is examining the rates of financial insecurity among American women. "We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality. It isn't a reality yet," wrote Beyonce. "Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect."
gender  inequality  gender  equality  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender  politics  gender  policing  Beyonce  gender  discrimination  gender  asymmetry  gender  gap  glass  ceiling  bias  stereotype  prejudice  feminist  feminism 
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Do Not Despise Your Inner World: Advice on a Full Life from Philosopher Martha Nussbaum | Brain Pickings
Martha Nussbaum - Our emotional life maps our incompleteness: A creature without any needs would never have reasons for fear, or grief, or hope, or anger. But for that very reason we are often ashamed of our emotions, and of the relations of need and dependency bound up with them. Perhaps males, in our society, are especially likely to be ashamed of being incomplete and dependent, because a dominant image of masculinity tells them that they should be self-sufficient and dominant. So people flee from their inner world of feeling, and from articulate mastery of their own emotional experiences. The current psychological literature on the life of boys in America indicates that a large proportion of boys are quite unable to talk about how they feel and how others feel — because they have learned to be ashamed of feelings and needs, and to push them underground.
Martha  Nussbaum  masculinity  stereotype  emotion  emotions  childhood  childhood  development  parenting  gender  asymmetry  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  norms  gender  role  gender  binary  gender  expression  social  science  social  society  social  status  social  study  Philosophy 
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Julie Ann Horvath on GitHub Investigation: “How Do You Sleep at Night?” | Re/code
according to her, internal investigation was a sham. + Preston-Warner Threatens Legal Action in Github Scandal Fallout ( ) + GitHub Clears President Tom Preston-Werner, but He Resigns Anyway After Harassment Controversy + "In short, Horvath said that she felt she was being treated differently internally simply due to her gender and not the quality of her work. She calls her colleagues’ response to her own work and the work of other female GitHub employees a “serious problem.” Despite GitHub hiring more female developers, Horvath said she struggled to feel welcome." + +++
Julie  Ann  Horvath  GitHub  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  asymmetry  gender  equality  gender  conforming  gender  discrimination  gender  non-conforming  gender  policing  HR  human  resources  people  management  PR  public  relations  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  workplace  work  life  balance  Silicon  Valley  internal  dickfights  beyond  workplace  drama  entitlement  Patriarchy  privilege  male  privilege  Privileged  accountability  transparency  corporate  governance 
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Another V.C. Firm Sued For Sexual Harassment -- Daily Intelligencer
Silicon Valley is its own bubble in many ways. not just valuations for growth rounds that happened recently. (late 2013, early 2014).
gender  discrimination  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Silicon  Valley  hubris  sexual  harassment  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  asymmetry  gender  equality  gender  gap  income  inequality  inequality  equality  feminism  feminist  stereotype  prejudice  bubble 
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The Secret Shame of an Unacquired Techie -- Daily Intelligencer
[via ] She was the only female at her company, a designer who had been with the start-up from the beginning and had overseen its design and marketing, yet had gotten left out when the company was sold to Google for its workers, in what's known as an acqui-hire. "I feel like my world just ended," she wrote. The thread quickly became the talk of Silicon Valley. It was seeming proof that even within the happy-go-lucky world of tech start-ups, there are winners and losers, and more often than not, the losers in situations like these are the designers, who are more likely to be female than their engineer counterparts, and whose "soft" skills are seen as less valuable than coding chops. [The] start-up decided to sell itself to Google as a last resort, after failing to find traction in the market. [FOR G IT IS A public nightmare!]
acqui-hire  acquihire  start-up  Google  creativity  Design  gender  gap  gender  politics  gender  asymmetry  Kevin  Rose  HR  PR  public  relations  acquisition  engineer  developer  unintended  consequences  unknown  unknowns  gender  inequality  income  inequality  inequality  Technology  UI  UX  implosion  hubris  stereotype  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  feminism  feminist  victim  victim  role  opfer  rolle  psychology  social  science  social  status  western  society  society  gender  disparity  gender  equality  gender  discrimination  gender  Silicon  Valley  web  development  ageism  Supply  and  Demand  Demand  and  Supply  human  resources  compensation  skill  skills 
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▶ BNV 2013 Finals Round #4 - Washington D C - YouTube
via This is poetry from the Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals 2013 round 4 in Washington, D.C. The 4 incredibly talented girls, from left to right, are: Hannah Halpern (@hanhalp), Amina Iro (@FlipsHijab), Reina Privado (@PoetryAndCurls), and Asha Gardner (@AshaGPoet) and they are a part of the DC Youth Slam Team. You can go and "like" DC Youth Slam Team on Facebook here if ya fancy it, too. Go and tell them how awesome they are on Twitter! // + /watch?v=zQucWXWXp3k + /watch?v=hg3umXU_qWc
millennials  Social  Media  gender  inequality  generationy  Poetry  gender  asymmetry  gender  role  stereotype  generational  change  gender  policing  feminism  gender  politics  feminist  gender  equality  gender  non-conforming 
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Cultural Sexism: What If Amanda Knox Had Been Andrew Knox? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR
"For men, lust is a tripwire. For women, it's a noose." [...] When will we as a society evolve beyond the telling of these sexist stories, about Amanda Knox and countless others?
sexism  gender  role  Sexismus  Amanda  Knox  stereotype  society  gender  bias  gender  asymmetry  culture 
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▶ Audioboo / Parliament women 'treated as sex-objects'
First Julia Gillard (Australia) calling out sexism in politics, then the sexism debate in politics in Germany, and now the same in the UK.
Politics  society  UK  gender  gap  gender  asymmetry  glass  ceiling  sexism  gender  role  equality  stereotype  feminism  gender  inequality  culture 
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He, Once a She, Offers Own View On Science Spat -
Based on those experiences, as well as research on gender differences, Prof. Barres begs to differ with what he calls "the Larry Summers Hypothesis," named for the former Harvard president who attributed the paucity of top women scientists to lack of "intrinsic aptitude." In a commentary in today's issue of the journal Nature, he writes that "the reason women are not advancing [in science] is discrimination" and the "Summers Hypothesis amounts to nothing more than blaming the victim."

"If boys were raised to feel that they can't be good at mathematics, there would be very few who were."

>> young adults are the product of their environment, internal as well external influences. <<

" ... existence of gender differences in values, preferences and aptitudes "does not mean that they are innate."
gender  asymmetry  gender  culture  society  stereotype  Brain  Plasticity  neuroscience  parenting  environment  discrimination  inequality  gender  gap 
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Recession Elicits `The Lipstick Effect' in Women: Video - Bloomberg
The Lipstick Effect
Women spend money, more than usual, in a recession - to look and feel good.
behavioral  economics  recession  gender  asymmetry  purchasing-power  women  Lipstick  Effect 
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BBC News - Phone data shows romance 'driven by women'
"It's the first really strong evidence that romantic relationships are driven by women," he told BBC News.

"It's they who make the decision and once they have made their mind up, they just go for the poor bloke until he keels over and gives in!"

The researchers say that a woman's social world is intensely focussed on one individual and will shift as a result of reproductive interests from being the mate to children and grandchildren.

They found that men tend to choose a woman the same age as themselves - which the researchers presumed to be their girlfriend or wife - as a best friend much later in life than women do, and for a much shorter time. This occurs when they are in their early-30s, possibly during courtship, and stops after seven years or so.

Women, however, choose a man of a similar age to be their best friend from the age of 20. He remains for about 15 years, after which time he's replaced by a daughter.
relationship  romance  relationships  anthropology  sociology  Behavior  gender  gender  asymmetry 
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Why women are more moral (especially if they're over 30) | Mail Online
‘Women prefer to make their decisions based on how it impacts others – which tends to produce better decisions – while men have a more individual approach and are more self-interested.

‘What this shows is that when it comes to work men have to grow up, put their ego to one side and show some humility and compassion – qualities they all too often have in their personal lives but put to one side when they walk into the office.’
And he revealed that as we get older, we also appear to become more moral.
‘What stood out from the answers was that obedience decreased with age, while reason increased – a logical occurrence as we make the transition from youth to experience,’ he added.
‘Interestingly the crossover point occurs around our mid-thirties, which is when we mature as adults.
‘That process then continues until our early sixties, when we’re at the peak of our intellectual and moral powers – yet sadly the age people often end up leaving the workplace.’
moral  gender  asymmetry  gender 
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The Downside of Cohabiting Before Marriage -
Couples who cohabit before marriage (and especially before an engagement or an otherwise clear commitment) tend to be less satisfied with their marriages — and more likely to divorce — than couples who do not. These negative outcomes are called the cohabitation effect.

The majority of young adults in their 20s will live with a romantic partner at least once, and more than half of all marriages will be preceded by cohabitation. This shift has been attributed to the sexual revolution and the availability of birth control, and in our current economy, sharing the bills makes cohabiting appealing. But when you talk to people in their 20s, you also hear about something else: cohabitation as prophylaxis.

ie You would only marry someone if he or she agreed to live together with you first, so that you could find out whether you really get along.

But that belief is contradicted by experience.
The "gradual slope" of relationships makes the couple bypass talking about why & what is happening
love  convenience  lifelessons  change  Behavior  behavioral  economics  culture  psychology  gender  asymmetry  single  gender  study  advice  relationship  marriage  relationships 
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