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DLD NYC 14 - Winners/Losers in a Digital Age (Scott Galloway) - YouTube
Apple knows that competition is catching up faster and faster in terms of design and functionality etc etc. They hired 2 fashion people already (burberry and from LVHM). And to differentiate the brand further (price/status symbol - above middle class) and to keep selling it's Apple Products ... including wearables (Watch & Headphone) they hired those key people or b(r)ought them into the mothership. They could have long ago bought personal cloud storage companies and other stuff to add to its portfolio bla bla bla.... but that 'Software', you can't display - show off - walking around downtown manhatten. Wearables, phones, tablets - you can. ... Apple focuses on their core competencies - software like iTunes is only 2nd class, that is why it still doesn't stream. >> “They want Jimmy and they want Dre,” said the source. “He’s got fashion and culture completely locked up.” ( ) + !!! v=NP0P2BT0vTc !!!
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"The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future," - Larry Page At TED - Business Insider
"The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future," Page said. This is why Google is going full steam ahead working on a variety of projects.  "When we bought Android, it was small and I felt guilty working on it, but it was smart, it was the future," he said.
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Paul Buchheit: If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good.
Kevin Rose spoke about it, now Paul buchheit,
Twitter is about it.
... blown up MSFT is where we see mistakes.
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The Importance Of Enthusiasm In Any Product
Speaking of the newest employees, Twitter’s new COO, Dick Costolo, just started at the company recently. During TechCrunch50, he was asked on stage why he joined Twitter. After all, he had sold his previous company, FeedBurner, to Google for $100 million, and upon leaving Google, he probably never needed to work again. But his response is telling, “My first reaction was, you don’t get a chance to work on potentially one of the pivotal companies.”
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