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Spare Me Your Sh*tty Advertising - YouTube
"advertising business model doesn't make sense." for publishers! Business insider makes 50cent per user per year. ARPU. OUCH! It's like worse than brand awareness banner advertising. They recently started long-form reports to buy on vertical/topics like gigaom did. // news is free. analysis isn't (in-depth, maybe personal brand, industry standing (like TechCrunch turned out to be: worked for it many long nights for years. and then it all came crashing down rather quickly because the figure-head overstretched himself and wasn't in it for the long-run to do it as independent business) ... but don't to cottage cheese Wall Street a-like factory). // &! We are on the eve of war of ad blocking/content blocking: The End of Advertising as We Know It -
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FED Impact on Tech: Bloomberg West (Full Show 9/18) - YouTube
16:40 - how to consume amazon offerings!? via their platform, silo. closed. drm. // distribution model - for prime - lock-in - convenience - less friction. // "Kids don't care much about quality." // taking share of media consumption. // compelling offering - music, series, streaming, e-commerce, gaming, ... // it's not about entry point to access, lowering the price point of entry for the consumption device and the subscription of amazon prime in aggregate - and lock the consumer in. the aggressive price is an attack strategy (opening up/diversifying the price point) of the distribution model to grow the prime business. //
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