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What to Make of Amazon's Work Practices? | Bothsides of the Table
It’s best encapsulated in a famous Jeff Bezos quote, “You can work long, hard or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three,” [...] Try working at Goldman Sachs, [...] You think it’s different at any of the top consulting firms? [...] You see organizations like these thrive on large pools of some of the country’s best and brightest graduates that trade off 2-5 years of work experience under extreme pressure in exchange for skills, experiences & relationships that will last a lifetime. [Accelerated Learning] [...] Think its a cake walk working @ any of the countries top law firms? [...] Should we do an article on what it’s like to be a medical resident? How abt working in the US military? Chief of Staff for a major political figure? What abt a top athlete in the NFL or NBA or even part of the coaching staff. Think they dont have work/life balance challenges in a field theyve chosen to work in? [#Top 100 of X vs avg white- or blue-collar worker ] [what u optimize for?]
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News Roundtable: [...] deconstructing employment - YouTube
min 34 + "The article doesn't really examine productivity, it is examining wages." - Digital revolution has yet to fulfil its promise of productivity and better jobs ( +!+ - 'It's The Economist making a case for wealth redistribution!' +!+ How computers threaten the jobs of mid-skilled workers ( - 'few benefiters + we need substantial skill upgrading and change in education policy' +!+ Is A.I. the problem or the solution? - Automation, Robotics, mid-skilled jobs, routine jobs, lessons from Industrial Revolution, need investment in practical skills for the future, infrastructure investment, education policy, Universal Basic Income - so that no one is left behind
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