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Water Fasting's Amazing Effect On Immune System - YouTube
there was one study done; intermittent fasting before and during chemo day. improved well being and reduced side-effects.
chemotherapy  fasting  intermittent  fasting  immune  system  cancer  Immunotherapy  premature  ageing  ageing  anti-ageing 
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Will Self: The trouble with my blood | Books | The Guardian
As we walked down the grotty staircase of Guy's Hospital Tower from the consultation where she'd been informed of how radical her surgery would need to be, she turned to me and said: "I'm so lucky. If it was 25 years ago, or I was somewhere else in the world, I'd've just received a death sentence." I was less sanguine – metaphorically speaking. I felt distracted and doomy; I was a dilatory carer – and at times seemingly wilfully inept. I could just about manage the basics: the feeding and dressing of our two younger children, and the forcing upon her of increasingly unwanted cups of tea. Advertisement It didn't help that we seemed to be at the centre of a cancer cluster: one friend was dying of leukaemia in Hammersmith hospital, another was in the process of being diagnosed, a third had had half his throat and jaw chopped out. I fully expected cancer myself. [ Polycythemia vera - mutation of cell X. repair mechanism failed. telomere caps fizzled out. disease of OAP. ]
cancer  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  sick  population  health  crisis  premature  ageing  ageing  population  OAP  immune  system  anti-ageing  ageing  telomere  free  radicals  antioxidant  NHS  Standard  American  Diet  western  lifestyle  tobacco  Alcohol  abuse  substance  abuse  food  abuse  heart  disease  diabetes  health  care  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  pattern  anti-inflammatory  western  dietary  cholesterol  public  health  policy  public  health  GP  A&E  demographic  bubble  babyboomers 
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Chemistry Nobel: Lindahl, Modrich and Sancar win for DNA repair - BBC News
Their work uncovered the mechanisms used by cells to repair damaged DNA - a fundamental process in living cells and important in cancer. [...] DNA is open to an onslaught of different phenomena that can generate defects in our genomes. UV radiation and molecules known as free radicals can cause damage. Furthermore, defects can arise when DNA is copied during cell division - a process that occurs millions of times each day in our bodies. "Cigarette smoke contains small reactive chemicals, which bind to the DNA and prevent it from being replicated properly - so they are mutagens. And once there is damage in the DNA this can cause diseases including cancer," said Prof Lindahl.
inflammation  anti-inflammatory  diet  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  DNA  telomere  premature  ageing  cancer  ageing  anti-ageing  Oxidative  stress  antioxidant  chronic  stress  tobacco  Big  Sugar  Carnism  omnivore  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Whole  Plant  Foods  Vegan  Standard  American  alkaline  diet  Western  pattern  diet  diet  animal  protein 
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NHS could be 'overwhelmed' by people with long-term medical conditions | Society | The Guardian
The soaring number of people with long-term medical conditions [chronic] is threatening to "overwhelm" the NHS [...] The challenges posed by patients with chronic medical conditions are so great that they represent the "healthcare equivalent to climate change" and must force the NHS to undertake a major rethink of how it cares for such patients, Dr Martin McShane says in an interview with the Guardian. [...] 70% of the NHS's £110bn budget – £77bn – as well as £10.9bn of the £15.5bn spent on social care in England, [...] NHS will not bridge the £30bn gap that it fears will have emerged by 2020 between its budget and the volume of care needed [...] a healthy patient costs the NHS about £288 a year, those with one long-term condition cost an estimated £783, those with two cost £1,521 // [More doesnt stop sink overflowing! stop the faucet of new chronically sick people. Lifestyle consultant & nutritionist (living their practice & advice) in every GP office! ] &!
NHS  sick  population  chronic  diseases  prevention  premature  ageing  demographic  bubble  high  blood  pressure  diabetes  heart  disease  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  coronary  artery  disease  inflammatory  bowel  disease  IBS  liver  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  atherosclerosis  Arthritis  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammation  anti-inflammatory  diet  ageing  population  ageing  anti-ageing  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Whole  Plant  Foods  Standard  American  diet  Western  pattern  diet  diet  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  CEO  Leadership  Career  Politicians  Tories  austerity  fiscal  policy  food  industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  Sugar  processed  food  fast  food  junk  food  Chain  food  engineering  addiction  substance  abuse  food  poverty  food  prices  child  poverty  child  abuse  Desert  GP  dogma  Privatisation  ideology  bottom  up  health  care  budget  public  health  policy  health  policy  health  care  spending  public  health  health  crisis 
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Age of menopause 'controllers' found - BBC News
Damage corrected. Comparing the DNA of nearly 70,000 women allowed the researchers to identify the differences between those starting the menopause early and late. The team at Exeter and Cambridge universities showed that at least two repair mechanisms were involved. The first is used when the eggs are being formed and the woman's DNA is being broken, rearranged and repaired. The second corrects damage, caused by factors such as smoking or alcohol, throughout a woman's life. Both would influence the number of viable eggs a woman has. //&! Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet repairs DNA and telomere shorten slower. It is an anti-ageing diet. Period. -
telomere  DNA  epigenetics  genetics  premature  ageing  ageing  anti-ageing  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  carnism  omnivore  Standard  American  Diet  anti-inflammatory  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  Western  pattern  dieting  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  advances  genome 
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Rare 'healthy' smokers' lungs explained - BBC News
The analysis of more than 50,000 people showed favourable mutations in people's DNA enhanced lung function and masked the deadly impact of smoking. The Medical Research Council scientists say the findings could lead to new drugs to improve lung function. But not smoking will always be the best option, they say. [...] The habit also increases the risk of heart disease and cancers, which are not considered in this study. The scientists also uncovered parts of the genetic code which were more common in smokers than non-smokers. They seem to alter the brain's function and how easily someone can become addicted to nicotine, although that still needs to be confirmed.
tobacco  genetics  epigenetics  premature  ageing  ageing  anti-ageing  smoking  cancer  atherosclerosis  heart  disease  vascular  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  coronary  artery  disease 
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Do You Trust Larry Page? - Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Given the fact that Alphabet née Google is the second most valuable enterprise in the world, it’s striking to consider Larry Page’s 2014 assessment of the company he co-founded with Sergey Brin: I think we’ve not succeeded as much as we’d like. [...] Even Google’s famously far-reaching mission statement, to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, is not big enough for what he now has in mind. The aim: to use the money that is spouting from its search advertising business to stake out positions in boom industries of the future, from biotech to robotics. [...] Googles non-social approach to advertising vs Facebook and everyone else ] [ ad world begins finally to shift away from TV & other legacy forms & FB/Google are main beneficiaries coming years of changing ad spend ] [ Page/Brin want 2 lead the org 2 a new frontier. A new Google Search. &they think they a near it, ie self-driving car, that they think the timing is right NOW ]
Google  Inc.  Google  Alphabet  Inc.  Larry  Page  Sergey  Brin  Don't  be  evil  Sundar  Pichai  vision  mission  Legacy  self-driving  cars  AI  Transhumanism  artificial  intelligence  autonomous  car  anti-ageing  renewable  energy  Google  X  Robotics  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  machine  learning  ethical  machine  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Meta  Data  metadata  Big  Data  Google  Search  AdSense  human  rights  antitrust  Europe  FTC  USA  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  deep  learning  augmented  intelligence  Google  Glass  Wireless  Carrier  ISP  Google  Fiber  user  Nest  Labs  native  advertising  Social  Media  content  marketing  advertising  Programmatic  advertisement  re-targeting  advertisement  targeting  ad  targeting  Twitter  perma-cookie  cookies  Appification  mobile  homescreen  mobile  first  user  behaviour  vertical  mobile  phone  Android  banner  ads  advertisement  Leadership  conglomerate  operation  operations  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  technological  progress  incrementalism  incremental  counter  culture  Silicon  Valley  wantrepreneur 
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Here is Where Low Carb Diets Ultimately Fail
The REAL Results of Low-Carb not sustainable. // &! >> Vegan Whole Plant Based Foods only << = the forever diet. // &! The Paleo Diet is Not What you Think // &! // book: Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America's Low-Carb Craze: The Scary Truth About America's Low-carb Craze! - Michael Greger // &! The Only Diet Proven to Reduce Heart Disease Is... - &! __>> Heart Disease is a choice <
diet  low  carb  diet  Ketosis  Vegan  omnivore  western  diet  Standard  American  pattern  diet  Fast  Food  processed  Food  Chain  junk  public  health  policy  sick  population  public  health  dieting  dogma  Carnism  sociology  psychology  prevention  preventive  care  chronic  diseases  obesity  epidemic  obesity  overweight  poverty  heart  disease  Whole  Plant  Foods  Cardiovascular  disease  coronary  artery  disease  vascular  disease  diabetes  high  blood  pressure  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  education  policy  nanny  state  stroke  heart  attack  cancer  premature  ageing  ageing  population  anti-ageing  demographic  bubble  carcinogenic  carcinogen  active  lifestyle  sedentary  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  IGF-1  animal  protein  tobacco  Alzheimer  dementia  cognitive  funtion  cognition  kidney  failure  sexual  dysfunction  immune  system  UTI  Parkinson  neurobiology  neurology  neuroscience  sustainability  sustainable  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  Richard  Oppenlander  book  Dr.  Michael  Greger 
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Heart disease plus diabetes can knock more than a decade off your life | Society | The Guardian
“An individual in their 60s who has both conditions [diabetes and heart disease] has an average reduction in life expectancy of about 15 years.” Men of 60 with any two of the cardiometabolic conditions studied lost 12 years of life on average. The lifespan of those with all three conditions was reduced by 14 years. For women aged 60, the corresponding estimates were 13 years and 16 years of reduced life expectancy. The effects were even more dramatic at younger ages. Men of 40 with all three conditions could expect to have their life cut short by 23 years and women by 20 years. // - Old before your time. Kids today may not reach the age their baby boomer parents reached. - // THIS IS A BUDGET TIME BOMB THAT WILL EXPLODE IN OUR FACE IN THE NEXT 15 YEARS (2025), HARD! IN THE WESTERN & TODAYS DEVELOPING WORLD. ECON DAMAGE (environment, ecology - due to unsustainable livestock farming, pollution, waste & CO2 footprint (2nd largest CO2 contributor) / and sick workforce).
premature  ageing  chronic  diseases  obesity  epidemic  metabolic  syndrome  obesity  dietary  cholesterol  cholesterol  animal  protein  Sugar  diet  Standard  American  western  diet  pattern  diet  Fast  Food  Food  Chain  junk  poverty  processed  industry  NHS  health  crisis  public  health  public  health  policy  nanny  state  omnivore  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  cancer  non-alcoholic  fatty  liver  disease  heart  disease  coronary  artery  disease  Alcohol  alcoholism  abuse  tobacco  stroke  heart  attack  aneurysm  sick  population  Vegan  Carnism  Whole  Plant  Foods  sedentary  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  insulin  resistance  diabetes  overweight  Arthritis  dementia  Alzheimer  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  anti-ageing  ageing  high  blood  pressure  life  expectancy  health  policy  health  insurance  mental  health  mental  illness  health  science  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  care  western  world  western  society  democracy  Career  Politicians  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  industrial  agriculture  agriculture  industry  agriculture  policy  livestock  farming  society  Leadership  budget  deficit  Gesellschaft  sustainable  sustainability  Developing  addiction 
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Old before your time? People age at wildly different rates, study confirms | Science | The Guardian
“Already, before midlife, individuals who were ageing more rapidly were less physically able, showed cognitive decline and brain ageing, self-reported worse health, and looked older,” the scientists write. // &! ie one evidence, whole plant food diet (vegan, no processed foods) mimics caloric restriction, thus lowers speed/progress of aging processes. and animal protein does increase it, as well as processed fast and junk food (mix of fats, sugars, processed carbs without fiber) which hits the insulin pump hard. and evidence has shown that pancreas has limited amount of cells to produce insulin - once they gone, age related diabetes is here; // &! PREMATURE AGING does add substantially to rising health care cost to the already established demographic bubble factor.
epigenetics  premature  ageing  anti-ageing  ageing  complexity  unknown  unkown  chronic  stress  stress  Oxidative  stress  antioxidant  Standard  American  Diet  western  pattern  anti-inflammatory  alkaline  Vegan  omnivore  public  health  public  health  policy  health  crisis  sick  population  chronic  diseases  sedentary  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  DNA  telomere  fasting  intermittent  fasting  caloric  restriction  insulin  resistance  diabetes  obesity  epidemic  obesity  overweight  medical  profession  medical  advances  medical  research  demographic  bubble  health  science  well  being  noise  pollution  air  pollution  light  pollution  pollution  toxin  animal  protein 
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Herzinfarkte und Schlaganfälle: OECD-Studie zu Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
In Deutschland sterben immer weniger Menschen an Schlaganfällen, Herzinfarkten und anderen Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen. Eine OECD-Studie warnt aber, dass der Anstieg von Fettleibigkeit und Diabetes diese positive Entwicklung stoppen könnte. // SICK POPULATION: Thanks to advances in modern medicine, we are living longer lives, but we’re doing it by lengthening the morbidity phase. In other words, we live longer, but sicker, lives. So, traditional medicine increases the number of old people in bad health. Ideally, though, we’d extend lifespan by slowing aging to delay the onset of deterioration, rather than extending the period of deterioration. - &!
medical  advances  medical  care  big  pharma  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  public  health  public  health  policy  health  crisis  chronic  diseases  metabolic  syndrome  obesity  epidemic  obesity  diabetes  omnivore  Vegan  Standard  American  Diet  Western  pattern  lifestyle  world  society  sick  population  caloric  restriction  Protein  animal  sedentary  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  lifestyle  Alcohol  smoking  premature  ageing  ageing  population  anti-ageing  ageing  demographic  bubble 
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The Radical New Science of Longevity - YouTube
min15 diet slows or speeds up ageing. Intermittent fasting ie once a month +3 days. cheat would be juice fast or broth. but here is the kicker, whole food plant based diet (vegan) does mimic parts of fasting, evidence in seen in certain factors that get activated when you really do fast. slowing down the burn rate of the many reactors (cells) we have. slowing down the cell division & thus keeping telomere's intact for longer. see also epigenetics. stress does age u. stress in many forms. same with methionine restriction - - The low-methionine content of vegan diets may make methionine restriction feasible as a life extension strategy. || min 23:00 chemotherapy does accelerate ageing and shows side effects a decade down the rate. ie higher rate of bone cancer occurrence. // min 41 stem cell therapy, currently used in focused approach vs future of preventative supplementation. ie using own blood plasma injected in face 2 increase collagen production
premature  ageing  anti-ageing  diet  anti-inflammatory  diet  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  chronic  diseases  chronic  stress  cancer  epigenetics  Vegan  Whole  Plant  Foods  Whole  Foods  complexity  telomere  chemotherapy  side  effect  big  pharma  pharma  pharmaceutical  industry  genetics  gene  expression  stem  cell  treatment  stem  cell  stem  cell  cosmetics  stem  cell  therapy  blood  plasma  dementia  Alzheimer 
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Run to Stay Young -
Running may reverse aging in certain ways while walking does not, a noteworthy new study of active older people finds.
premature  ageing  anti-ageing  ageing  antioxidant  mitochondrion  mitochondria  active  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  Vegan  anti-inflammatory  diet  inflammation  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  public  health  policy  public  health 
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Grüne Kosmetik: Naturkosmetik Inhaltsstoffe wichtige Fragen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wie ist die Wirkung? Gerade wenn es um Anti-Aging geht, hegen Verbraucher oft Zweifel, ob die konventionelle Kosmetik mit ihren hochpreisigen Hightech-Produkten nicht doch die besseren Faltenkiller zu bieten hat. Werner Voss winkt ab. In seinem Labor in Münster untersucht der Dermatologe jedes Jahr an die 3000 Produkte. Sein Fazit: "Der Alterungsprozess lässt sich mit keinem Mittelchen, das man von außen auf die Haut aufträgt, aufhalten." Wie knitterig jemand aussieht, hängt zu 90 Prozent von seinen Genen ab, zu 10 Prozent von der Ernährung, davon, ob man raucht, Alkohol trinkt, sich in die Sonne knallt. Es ist eigentlich nur möglich, der Haut Feuchtigkeit zuzuführen, dann sieht sie praller aus. Doch das kann laut Voss jedes solide Gemisch aus Fett und Wasser - die Grundlage einer jeden Creme. Es scheint also egal zu sein, ob man zur herkömmlichen Creme mit Silikonöl als Fettkomponente greift oder der natürlichen mit Pflanzenöl.
beauty  industry  beauty  products  beauty  Vegan  anti-ageing  premature  ageing  ageing  alcohol  abuse  omnivore  tanning  skin  cancer  cosmetics  cosmetics  industry  stem  cell  cosmetics  smoking 
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An Unstoppable Killer: New Research Suggests Cancer Can't Be Eradicated : NPR
The sensationalist assertions made in this article (particularly in the headline) don't follow from the results that the article describes. Part of the blame for this sensationalism seems to fall at the feet of the original scientist himself (Bosch). He makes an unfounded leap from the biological result that cancer seems to be an intrinsic property of genetic processes in cells (and the statements "You have to interfere with fundamental pathways", "It's a web of interactions" and "It's very difficult to do") to the assertion "will probably never be completely eradicated". Difficult is not the same as impossible. ||>> how we eat, how active we are, and our living environment (pollution and stress) is itself a multiplying factor whether or not we die of old age or of cancer or bc of complications of toxic medical cancer treatment. Period. Putting genetics out for the picture here. // via
cancer  medical  research  medical  advances  medical  profession  Vegan  omnivore  pollution  chronic  stress  Oxidative  stress  stress  living  environment  well  being  living  standard  standard  of  living  public  health  public  health  policy  low-hanging  fruit  epigenetics  genetics  immune  system  antioxidant  free  radicals  radiation  cellphone  radiation  mutation  DNA  evolution  premature  ageing  anti-ageing  ageing  Transhumanism 
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