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Is your diet and exercise regime doing more harm than good? - BBC News
[ undercarbed ] A growing number of Scots are taking sports supplements, restricting their diets and exercising to extremes in pursuit of muscles. But how far is too far in pursuit of a dream body?
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Is it HEALTHY to have Obese role models? Tess Munster - YouTube
fat shaming (does not help, ultimately) is not enlightenment (public education and personal self-education, reading up how you harm yourself and people from high up & ur parents have poisoned you since your inception (epigenetics, pollution)), medical intervention, helping someone when you were in their shoes and found help and or helped yourself. Only YOU YOURSELF can be of true interest about YOUR health, because it is your life, your health, your well being, happiness, your disposable income not to spend on medical care. Not food multinational conglomerates owned by a handful shareholders! Theyre not interested in ur health or the nations exploding health care spending. They are interested in maintaining the status quo. Dividends. Profits. Less regulation & oversight. Rising share price. Share buybacks. As child ur indoctrinated, by those people. Because they HOLD the power. There is no broccoli lobby. How abt frame lobby involvement in food pyramid as nanny state by food giants!?
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