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Laurie Anderson: 'Capitalism is a disaster for human relations' | Film | The Guardian
The experimental artist and director talks about her new film, The Heart of a Dog, the trouble with social media – and coming to terms with death [...] But if your brand is just you, is that uncomfortable? Extremely. It’s even worse to market your style. It’s truly sad. And everyone on Facebook has the same sort of marketing ploy selling their image. What does that do to people? It’s extremely brutalising that you’re going to be for sale. It’s one of the worst things you can possibly imagine. Go to any party and you see that: I just don’t think you’re worth talking to. Someone else has a bigger plus sign over their heads. Capitalism is an absolute disaster for human relations. // social isolation, deprivation, Perspektivlosigkeit, Free Will, Dopamine, mobile homescreen, social alienation,
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