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Impact of air pollution on health may be far worse than thought, study suggests | Environment | The Guardian
the analysis suggests even a small average rise in PM2.5 of 1 micrograms per cubic metre over a two-day period is linked to an increase of 68 older people per billion being taken to hospital with heart failure the next day.

Put another way, that increase in air pollution raises the risk of such people being hospitalised with heart failure by 0.14% .
air  pollution  public  health 
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Revealed: air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body' | Environment | The Guardian
Exclusive: Comprehensive analysis finds harm from head to toe, including dementia, heart and lung disease, fertility problems and reduced intelligence
air  pollution  public  health  risk 
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UK health body calls for Copenhagen-style bike-friendly streets | Society | The Guardian
NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says cyclists and pedestrians should get priority [...] Physical inactivity is responsible for one in six UK deaths, which is as many as caused by smoking. It is estimated to cost the UK £7.4bn annually, which includes £0.9bn in NHS costs.
UK  public  health  prevention  sedentary  lifestyle  air  pollution  noise  urbanisation  urban  planning 
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Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals | Environment | The Guardian
Impact of high levels of toxic air ‘is equivalent to having lost a year of education’
air  pollution  public  health 
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Asthma deaths rise 25% amid growing air pollution crisis | Environment | The Guardian
Doctors urge ministers to act as 1,320 killed by asthma in England and Wales last year
air  pollution  public  health  prevention  asthma 
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UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report | Business | The Guardian
UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report
‘Universal basic services’ costing about £42bn could be funded through higher taxes, say Jonathan Portes and academics //&! - Report proposes £10,000 for everyone under 55 - Most state benefits would be cut under the scheme. The RSA said the dividends would help steer people through the challenges of the 2020s. [...] "Without a real change in our thinking, neither tweaks to the welfare state nor getting people into work alone, when the link between hard work and fair pay has broken, will help working people meet the challenges ahead." [[...] space for skill acquisition, what UK system currently rules out completely ]]!!
UBI  Universal  Basic  Infrastructure  Income  commuter  urban  development  urbanisation  commuting  Socialism  Labour  Policy  SPD  air  pollution  chronic  stress  economic  history  UK  USA  Council  housing  discretionary  spending  disposable  growth  wage  Mark  Blyth  secular  stagnation  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  GFC  recovery  skill  acquisition  social  mobility  education  ganularer  Lebenslauf  University  College  MOOC  meritocracy  Zufall 
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Feinstaub: 400.000 vorzeitige Todesfälle jährlich in der EU - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wegen Feinstaub in der Luft sterben nach Darstellung der Europäischen Umweltagentur EEA jährlich rund 400.000 Menschen vorzeitig, davon 66.000 in Deutschland.
air  pollution  ecology  environment  public  health  crisis  chronic  inflammation  premature  ageing  death  sick  population  EU  Germany  European  Union  self-regulation  Regulation  regulators  Diesel 
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Assumed safety of widespread pesticide use is false, says top government scientist | Environment | The Guardian
“The effects of dosing whole landscapes with chemicals have been largely ignored by regulatory systems,” the scientists said. “This can and should be changed.” They contrast this situation with pharmaceuticals, for which there is a system of rigorous global monitoring after a drug is approved in case adverse effects emerge.

“Vigilance on the scale that is required for medicines does not exist to assess the effects of pesticides in the environment,” they said. They cite the UK as an example of one of the most developed regulatory systems: “Yet it has no systematic monitoring of pesticide residues in the environment. There is no consideration of safe pesticide limits at landscape scales.”
ecological  ecology  environment  Environmental  impact  public  health  water  air  pollution  pesticide  herbicide  fungicide  WHO  glyphosate  Monsanto  vested  interest  organic  self-regulation  Regulation  regulators 
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Build it and they will come? Why Britain's 1960s cycling revolution flopped | Cities | The Guardian
Too easy to drive [ disincentivise driving, incentivise cycling ] The borough council’s cycle strategy – not updated since 2002 – conveys no doubt as to why cycle usage is so low: “Stevenage has a fast, high-capacity road system, which makes it easy to make journeys by car. Residents have largely been insulated from the effects of traffic growth and congestion and generally there is little incentive for people to use modes other than the private car … [The] propensity to cycle [appears to] depend on factors other than the existence of purpose-built facilities.”

Claxton was a regular user of the cycleways he had created. “I didn’t do my cycleways for cyclists,” he told an environmental magazine in 1977. “I did them for people.”
nudge  cycling  cycle  infrastructure  carbonfootprint  sedentary  lifestyle  air  pollution  public  health  chronic  sick  population  premature  death  noise  urbanisation  transportation 
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Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW unter Kartellverdacht: Einmal Schrottpresse - SPIEGEL ONLINE
das Wort der Industrie kein Verlass ist. [...] Problem für die Branche, von der in Deutschland fast jeder siebte Arbeitsplatz abhängt. //&! - Die deutsche Autoindustrie hat sich seit den Neunzigerjahren in geheimen Arbeitskreisen über die Technik, Kosten, Zulieferer und sogar über die Abgasreinigung ihrer Dieselfahrzeuge abgesprochen. Das belegt eine Art Selbstanzeige, die der VW-Konzern nach Informationen des SPIEGEL bei den Wettbewerbsbehörden eingereicht hat. Es könnte einer der größten Kartellfälle der deutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte werden. &!
Abgasskandal  VW  BMW  Audi  Mercedes  Diesel  CO2  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  European  Union  cartel  collusion  bribery  lobby  revolving  door  neoliberal  neoliberalism  capitalism  profit  maximisation  climate  change  global  warming  climatechange  globalwarming  public  health  air  noise  pollution  Trust  governance  corporate  welfare  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  science  big  pharma  tobacco  pharmaceutical  vested  interest  Military–industrial  food–industrial  conglomerate  tax  evasion  avoidance  Glaubwürdigkeit  Journalism  journalismus  Absprache  Bundeskartellamt  Diesel-Gate  Abgas-Affäre  Porsche  Daimler  Dieselskandal 
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Diesel-Affäre: 38.000 Todesfälle durch erhöhten Stickoxid-Ausstoß - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Rund 38.000 Menschen sind einer Hochrechnung zufolge wegen nicht eingehaltener Abgasgrenzwerte bei Dieselfahrzeugen allein im Jahr 2015 vorzeitig gestorben. 11.400 dieser Todesfälle entfallen auf die EU, berichtet ein Forscherteam um Susan Anenberg von der Organisation Environmental Health Analytics (LLC) in Washington. Die Gesamtzahl vorzeitiger Todesfälle durch Stickoxide aus Dieselabgasen lag demnach für die weltgrößten Automärkte bei 107.600.
air  pollution  Diesel  NOx  public  health  economics  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  Germany  UK  European  Union  VW 
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UK government's draft air pollution plan expected on Friday | Environment | The Guardian
class action suit by asthma sufferers. how many kids come to GP or A&E because of worsening asthma?!
air  pollution  asthma  UK  London  public  health  economics  GP  A&E  NHS 
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Gesundheit - "Klimawandel verstärkt Feinstaubbelastung"
Weil die Städte durch den Klimawandel wärmer und trockener werden, wird sich dort die Feinstaubbelastung erhöhen, warnt der Lungenspezialist Christian Witt. Er plädiert, Stuttgart als Deutschlands Feinstaubhauptstadt zur Modellregion zu machen, um die Wirkung von Feinstaub genauer zu untersuchen.
air  pollution  public  health  climate  change  global  warming  climatechange  globalwarming 
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Gasping in the French Alps for the wrong reason - BBC News
In winter, this part of the Alps has the worst fine-particle pollution in France.
air  pollution  public  health  UK  European  Union  France 
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WHO chief: Air pollution link to 600,000 deaths in children - BBC News
The director general of the World Health Organization has said air pollution is "one of the most pernicious threats" facing global public health today and is on a much bigger scale than HIV or Ebola.
Dr Margaret Chan told the Today programme that poor air quality was having a disproportionate impact on the young.
She said indoor and outdoor pollution was linked to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children each year.
air  pollution  public  health  WHO  NHS  economic  damage  cost  premature  death 
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Smog In Western U.S. Starts Out As Pollution In Asia, Study Says : The Two-Way : NPR
The U.S. is producing less air pollution, but smog levels are still rising in the western U.S. because of pollutants released in Asian countries that then drift over the Pacific Ocean. Researchers say their findings show the importance of a global approach to preserving air quality.

"Scientists found Asian air pollution contributed as much as 65 percent of an increase in Western ozone in recent years," NPR's Rob Schmitz reports from Shanghai. "China and India, where many consumer products are manufactured, are the worst offenders."
air  pollution  USA  China  India  climate  change  climatechange  globalwarming  global  warming  carbon  carbonemission  carbonfootprint  COP21 
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Taxi drivers and business leaders call for diesel scrappage scheme | Environment | The Guardian
Air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths in the UK and costs the country £27.5bn a year, according to a government estimate. MPs have called it a public health emergency.

On Saturday the Guardian revealed that tens of thousands of children and young people at more than 800 nurseries, schools and colleges in London faced dangerous and illegal levels of toxic air, much of it caused by diesel cars.
Diesel  Abgasaffäre  Abgas-Affäre  VW  air  pollution  public  health  UK  lobby  EU 
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End UK tax incentives for diesel vehicles, ministers are urged | Environment | The Guardian
Air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths in the UK and costs the country £27.5bn a year, according to a government estimate. MPs have called it a public health emergency.
public  health  NHS  air  pollution 
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'Magical thinking' on Heathrow expansion - BBC News
"The implication of this is that they think other sectors of the economy like energy and industry are going to have to cut their carbon emissions even more so people can fly more - but the government's been told by its own advisors (the Committee on Climate Change) that's not possible."
Heathrow  Airport  London  air  pollution  noise  UK  climate  change  climatechange  globalwarming  global  warming  carbon  carbonemission  carbonfootprint 
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London’s pollution is so bad that it forced me to give up my dream PhD | Vicky Ware | Opinion | The Guardian
Researchers at King’s College London have found that car and bus passengers are exposed to more pollution than cyclists as the fumes from vehicles in front are pumped directly into the vents of the vehicle behind, and the University of Surrey discovered tube users are exposed to eight times the pollution of car drivers.

[ same w diesel engine ]
air  pollution  public  health 
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Sheffield trees dispute prompts 'scenes you'd expect in Putin's Russia' | UK news | The Guardian
If you dont have to maintain roads and pavements bc of no trees. You saved money! It is austerity through backdoor. But it will cost the public again through deterioration in aggregate (a city and suburbia w/o trees and parks) public health, air pollution and mental health. [...] and a private company will optimise for profit! not public health and well being.
Austerity  Public  Health  air  pollution  mental  Park  Council  UK  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  Privatisation 
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EU Gesundheitsbericht: 550.000 Europäer sterben an vermeidbaren Krankheiten - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Tabak, Alkohol, Smog

"Wäre es nicht besser, wenn es gelänge, diese Leute so lang wie möglich gesund zu halten und somit die Zahl vorzeitiger Todesfälle zu reduzieren?", fragte Gesundheitskommissar Andriukaitis.

Was ist das?
Es geht unter anderem um Herzleiden, Krebs und Schlaganfälle. Wer zu dick ist, raucht oder zu viel Alkohol trinkt, hat ein größeres Risiko. Auch Umweltbelastungen wie schmutzige Luft sind ein Faktor.
public  health  sick  population  cancer  CVD  stroke  Tobacco  Alcohol  obesity  overweight  prevention  diet  lifestyle  disease  Diseases  chronic  NHS  Crisis  air  pollution 
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'There is no escape': Nairobi's air pollution sparks Africa health warning | Cities | The Guardian
Pollution in the Kenyan capital is ‘beyond imagination’. With Africa’s predicted rise in population – and a constant stream of dirty secondhand cars from Europe and Japan – this urban health crisis could kill 1.5 million within a generation
air  pollution  pollution  public  health  public  health  risk  public  health  policy 
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Das Fahrrad wird in Berlin zum Lebensrisiko
In dieser Woche sind schon wieder zwei Radfahrer tödlich verunglückt. Es fällt auf: Oft überholen Autofahrer mit zu geringem Abstand. [...] keinerlei Radinfrastruktur, [...] Drei Tote durch fehlenden seitlichen Abstand [...] Der ADFC empfiehlt, auf engen Fahrbahn nicht direkt am rechten Rand zu fahren, um Autofahrer nicht noch zum Überholen mit zu geringem Seitenabstand einzuladen. Aktivisten fordern ein Überholverbot für Autos, wenn der nötige Sicherheitsabstand nicht ausreicht. Von 2008 bis 2015 starben sieben Radfahrer in Berlin durch zu geringen seitlichen Abstand. Zuletzt waren zwei ältere Frauen so ums Leben gekommen. Deutlich mehr, nämlich 25, waren es durch Rechtsabbieger.
Cycling  public  transport  public  transportation  infrastructure  investment  urban  planning  public  health  air  pollution 
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Sustainability or Prosperity? Why Not Both? | PolicyCast
describes the rapidly growing field of sustainability science, which combines a variety of disciplines in both the hard and social sciences to find paths towards a sustainable future. //&! Book Pursuing Sustainability: A Guide to the Science and Practice – (2016) by Pamela Matson, William C. Clark, Krister Andersson. //&! &! &! &! Jeffrey Sachs - Global Cooperation and Sustainable Development - &! "Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet." - &! Jeffrey Sachs: "The Price of Civilization" - - profoundly underestimated globalization's long-term effects: jobs, incomes, poverty, and the environment.
sustainability  sustainable  macroeconomic  policy  microeconomic  policy  underinvestment  public  health  global  warming  economic  damage  GDP  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  unknown  unknowns  unintended  consequences  crony  capitalism  shareholder  capitalism  Wall  Street  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  air  pollution  water  pollution  noise  pollution  pollution  mass  extinction  ecological  damage  environmental  damage  livestock  farming  industrial  agriculture  policy  folly  short-term  thinking  short-termism  short-term  view  social  value  policy  error  ecological  footprint  carbonfootprint  deforestation  soil  erosion  climate  change  climate  crisis  book  society  Wertegesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Jeffrey  Sachs  Movement  environmental  disaster  environment  environmentalism  resource  depletion  finite  resources  Pesticides  fungicide  herbicide  colony  collapse  disorder  Great  Pacific  Garbage  Patch  Great  Barrier  Reef  drought  Ozone  politician  Fossil  fuel  industry  Food  Politics  carbon  tax  COP21  planning  law  building  code  renewable  energy  energy  policy 
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Konzept gegen Wohnungsnot: Höher, enger, dichter
In deutschen Großstädten fehlen Wohnungen und freie Flächen. Die sogenannte "Nachverdichtung" könnte die Wohnungsnot mindern. Das Potenzial ist groß - doch Anwohner sind oft alles andere als begeistert. [ ... In ballungsgebieten ...] 2030 würden dann bereits eine Million Wohnungen fehlen. [...] Das gelingt nicht immer. Wird zu stark verdichtet, geht das zulasten der Wohnqualität - die Menschen leiden unter mehr Lärm und Verkehr, haben weniger Freizeitflächen in ihrer Umgebung. Entstehen mehrheitlich Eigentums- oder teure Mietwohnungen, ist der neue Wohnraum für viele nicht bezahlbar - das beschleunigt die Gentrifizierung. [... Active change in Planning Laws to allow new types of developments ... ] Die Bundesregierung unterstützt Nachverdichtung, indem sie Kommunen zum Beispiel mehr Spielräume für die Bebauung von Innenstadtflächen einräumt.
Skyscraper  urban  planning  urbanisation  public  transport  public  transportation  pollution  affordability  affordable  housing  standard  of  living  living  standard  city  living  quality  of  life  noise  pollution  air  pollution  Micro  Apartment  minimalism  minimalismus  Gentrified  Gentrifzierung  gentrification  Generation  Rent  mega  city  urban  living  urban  transportation  commute  commuter  commuting 
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Commuters who shun car travel keep slimmer, study concludes
People who cycle, walk or catch the train or bus to work keep more weight off than commuters who travel by car, a large UK study has found.
The results come from 150,000 UK adults aged 40 or older who agreed to be measured and weighed and fill in a survey about their typical journey to and from work.
Cycling came out as the best activity for staying trim, followed by walking.
But even those who used public transport were leaner than car users. [...] Even when they factored in differences such as leisure-time, exercise, diet and occupation, the trend between commute method and bodyweight remained.
convenience  sedentary  lifestyle  commute  commuter  commuting  Cycling  public  transport  public  transportation  infrastructure  investment  carbon  tax  public  health  pollution  air  pollution  sick  population  health  crisis  health  care  spending  health  care  budget  obesity  epidemic  overweight  prevention  intervention 
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How much diesel pollution am I breathing in? - BBC News
People are increasingly being warned about the dangers of diesel pollution, but how much are we actually exposed to? Tim Johns tried to find out. [...] The researchers at King's College say one of the worst environments for diesel exposure can be when you're sitting in your car in slow-moving traffic (although some modern cars are now excellent at filtering out pollution). On my commute, cycling to and from the train station in Bedford gave me a reading of 3.7. Cycling to and from the office at the other end in central London, my exposure rose to 6.5. That's a stark reflection of the far higher level of traffic in central London and other major cities. But my biggest surprise was on my train journey. Diesel-powered trains [...] So it turns out that during the 80 minutes I spend sitting still on a train every day I am being exposed to more diesel fumes than when I'm walking or cycling down a street full of traffic in London. On the day I took an electric train instead, ...
air  pollution  public  health  public  safety  carbon  tax 
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UK air pollution 'linked to 40,000 early deaths a year' - BBC News
Air pollution is contributing to about 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK, the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Paediatrics and Child Health have said. [...] While the pollutants have changed over time - from coal soot to diesel vehicle emissions - the health risks remain. Tobacco still poses the biggest indoor threat, but wood-burning stoves, spray deodorants, cleaning products, air fresheners and fly spray contribute. Mould and mildew in poorly ventilated rooms can also cause illness. [...] "As NHS costs continue to escalate due to poor public health - asthma alone costs the NHS an estimated £1bn a year - it is essential that policy makers consider the effects of long-term exposure on our children and the public purse," he said. Prof Grigg said the public could also help by: walking, cycling or taking the bus or train instead of driving, when possible keeping gas appliances and solid fuel burners in good repair making homes more energy efficient
air  pollution  public  safety  public  health  policy  public  health  pollution  noise  pollution  water  pollution  economic  damage  premature  ageing  premature  death  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  NHS 
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Geplante Obsoleszenz gibt es nicht, Verschleiß wird aber kalkuliert - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Noch wichtiger ist der Behördenchefin, dass Anreize geschaffen werden, Produkte länger zu nutzen. Denn der immer schnellere Austausch von Elektrogeräten hat verheerende Folgen für die Umwelt. Nach Angaben des Ökoinstituts wurden 2014 allein in Deutschland mehr als 24 Millionen Smartphones, sieben Millionen Tablets und acht Millionen Fernseher verkauft. Für Herstellung, Vertrieb, Gebrauch und Entsorgung solcher Geräte wird viel Energie benötigt, entsprechend hoch sind die CO2-Emissionen. [...] Um den Wegwerfwahnsinn zu stoppen, müssten allerdings nicht nur die Politiker umdenken, sondern auch die Produzenten und Konsumenten. Es bräuchte mutige Gesetze, die den Kauf langlebigerer Produkte attraktiver machen; Konzerne, die auf einen Teil ihrer Profite verzichten und langlebige Geräte bauen; und Verbraucher, die nicht jedem neuen Techniktrend hinterherlaufen.
Wegwerfgesellschaft  zombie  consumer  planned  obsolescence  Protection  status  anxiety  status  symbol  consumerism  materialism  finite  resources  resource  depletion  carbon  tax  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  air  pollution  pollution  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  capitalism  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  growth 
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Scientists: air pollution led to more than 5.5 million premature deaths in 2013 | Environment | The Guardian
“Air pollution is the fourth-highest risk factor for death globally and by far the leading environmental risk factor for disease,” said Michael Brauer, a researcher from the University of British Columbia. Brauer said air pollution contributed to heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema and acute infections. He and his colleagues compared the problem in Asia to the conditions under centuries of industrial revolution in the US and Europe: massive economic growth smothered by clouds of toxic matter in the air. [... COAL ...] “Even in the most clean scenario in 2030,” Ma said, China’s growing and ageing population will still suffer 990,000 to 1.3 million deaths a year.
air  pollution  premature  ageing  premature  death  public  health  policy  public  health  public  safety  coal  fossil  fuel  renewable  energy  economic  damage  Abgas-Affäre  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  city  living  standard  of  living  living  standard  living  spaces  urban  planning  urbanisation  quality  of  life  water  pollution  noise  pollution  light  pollution  pollution  babyboomers  cancer  heart  disease  lung  disease  COPD  carbon  tax  carbon  dioxide  carbonfootprint  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonemission  carbon  capture  energy  policy  industrial  policy  competitiveness  competitive  public  transportation  COP21  climate  crisis  climate  change  global  warming  prevention  intervention  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  sick  population  health  crisis  well  being  chronic  diseases 
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Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt - BBC News
this is akin to taking plaster to fix a crumbling high rise: limiting the emissions and putting cost on emissions for one industry, seen as heavies polluter in public eye ... while livestock industry is biggest +50% of them all. // what is needed is a carbon tax that also includes environmental and ecological cost (ie deforestation, water pollution from pig waste - livestock farming) and if we are already there, what about antibiotic-resistance? A Marschall Plan for the future of earth and its occupants. A future for us. // If and import doesn't have a carbon tax, tariffs have to be enacted on imports based on their damage to environment, ecology and carbon emissions. ... // economic damage & public health problems and health inequality in the future is deferred taxation for the next generation // Obama isn't bold enough. Not Utopian enough.
livestock  farming  coal  power  gas  shale  gas  fracking  carbon  tax  COP21  self-regulation  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  era  public  transportation  gasoline  Petroleum  Industry  fossil  fuel  zombie  consumer  consumerism  materialism  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Generationengerechtigkeit  climate  crisis  climate  change  climate  science  climate  system  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  economic  damage  coastal  erosion  public  health  policy  public  health  air  pollution  public  safety  water  pollution  pollution  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  ocean  warming  acidification  Overfishing  Meat  Industry  food  global  warming  exploitation  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  oversight  revolving  door  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  accountability  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  presidency  barackobama  economic  history  history 
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Air pollution raises risk of death 'for decades after exposure' | Environment | The Guardian
Longest-running study to date analyses long-term mortality risks of Britons exposed to historic particulate pollution [...] The analysis of 368,000 British people over 38 years also showed that those living in the most polluted places have a 14% higher risk of dying than those in the least polluted areas. Those exposed to particulate air pollution were more likely to die from respiratory problems, like pneumonia, emphysema and bronchitis, and also from cardiovascular problems, like heart attacks.
air  pollution  public  health  policy  public  health  public  safety 
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Elektroauto: Sonderabgabe auf Sprit soll Kaufprämie finanzieren - SPIEGEL ONLINE
In den Regierungsstreit über eine Kaufprämie für Elektroautos mischt sich der Chef der Nationalen Plattform Elektromobilität ein. Henning Kagermann will den Bonus unbedingt - zulasten von allen anderen Autofahrern. //&! Ab 2021 dürfen Neuwagen in der EU nicht mehr als 4,1 Liter Benzin im Schnitt verbrauchen. Doch besonders die deutschen Hersteller tun sich laut einer Untersuchung mit den Vorgaben schwer. Schuld daran hat ein Trend, den sie jahrelang selbst befeuert haben. - //&! LOBBYING EFFORTS STILL ON! - Ab 2017 werden die Abgaswerte von Dieselfahrzeugen unter Realbedingungen gemessen. Das EU-Parlament hat für einen entsprechenden Entwurf gestimmt. Gleichzeitig winkten die Abgeordneten Zugeständnisse an die Autohersteller durch. -
carbon  tax  autoindustry  automotive  fossil  fuel  renewable  energy  electric  car  carbonfootprint  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonemission  consumer  choice  subsidies  subsidizing  macroprudential  policy  microeconomic  policy  macroeconomic  policy  Makers  COP21  climate  change  global  warming  climate  crisis  air  pollution  efficiency  energy  efficiency  Smart  Grid  energy  storage  SUV  status  symbol  zombie  consumer  Abgas-Affäre  oversight  transparency  accountability  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation 
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What is China doing to tackle its air pollution? - BBC News
The air in much of China is so bad the government has repeatedly declared "war" on it. The enemy are tiny particulates which spew forth from countless cars, coal-fired power stations and steel plants to create a dense, putty-coloured smog.
China  air  pollution  public  health  policy  public  health  economic  damage 
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Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution | Environment | The Guardian
World Health Organisation describes new data as ‘health emergency’, with rising concern likely to influence decision over Heathrow expansion
air  pollution  public  health  policy  public  health  WHO  economic  damage 
january 2016 by asterisk2a
BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four, How bad is the air in Beijing?
Is the air in Beijing so bad that it's like smoking 40 cigarettes a day? More or Less investigates.
Beijing  China  air  pollution  public  health  policy  public  safety  economic  damage 
january 2016 by asterisk2a
The city in love with cars even though its air is toxic - BBC News
Delhi is a city that adds 1,400 cars to its roads every day - and the minute the local government announced an emergency car rationing plan, the complaints and legal battles began. // economic damage - due to a rise in cancer and chronic ailments - reducing discretionary spending/disposable income - due to health care spending and being a carer for your sick relative.
air  pollution  public  health  policy  public  health  public  transportation  transportation  carbon  dioxide  carbon  tax  carbonfootprint  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonemission  BRIC  Frontier  Markets  emerging  middle  class  Asia  China  India  economic  damage  Beijing 
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Air pollution: UK environment ministers face court action within weeks | Environment | The Guardian
UK environment ministers will be taken to court within weeks to make them speed up plans to reduce dangerous urban air pollution. Law firm ClientEarth, which last year forced the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to come up with fresh plans to tackle illegal NO2 levels in British cities, warned that it would seek urgent court action because thousands of people’s lives were at risk if present government plans were not strengthened.
air  pollution 
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Whoa...The Climate Crisis at the North Pole - YouTube
Storm Frank/Storm Eva/Storm Desmond. High temps @North Pole. This will go down into the history books! Destabalising of Polar Vortex (colder winters) vs El Nino effect (warmer wetter winters) + Jet Stream wobbly (<< still cutting edge science.) [...] 'Destable Polar Vortex due to global warming.' Wobbly Jet Stream = chaotic weather (ie warm arctic like california warm). Coming Decades more extremes, more events. //&! Civilization's rise based on fossil fuel = also it's demise, mass extinction - //&! Pre-COP21 France Foreign Minister "We Are on the Edge of a Climatic Abyss" - //&! Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk - - public collectively comfortably aware. and hoping for carbon capture tech. //&! Naomi Klein on Why Climate Change is ‘Incredibly Threatening To Our Elites’ -
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More Chinese cities issue red alerts for heavy smog | Environment | The Guardian
Authorities respond to forecasts of heavy smog by issuing first red alerts for pollution in 10 cities, following two warnings in Beijing this month
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