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Once the web's fastest growing aggregator, Upworthy pivots | Capital New York
hit a ceiling, diminishing returns // Upworthy turns to original content Upworthy plans to pivot from aggregating stories it hopes will get thousands — or millions — of shares on social networks to producing those stories itself. The company has laid off six staffers and hired five writers to facilitate that shift. //
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june 2015 by asterisk2a Proposed Salmon Protocol Aims To Unify Conversations on the Web
The Age of Globalisation Reaches The Internet
As discussed in Friday's panel at Blog World Expo on technology and the real-time Web, Pubsubhubbub essentially works as a middle-man conduit, taking information from a data's source passing along changed data to downstream destination sites. The proposed Salmon Protocol would similarly watch both source and destination sites for comments, and upon discovering new comments, it would send the new comments to the site which is lacking the full conversation. If multiple downstream destinations are designated, the Salmon Protocol will also populate these multiple sites.
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