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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 9’s New Content Blockers | TechCrunch
Ben Thompson: Apple Enables Ad-Blockers - --- is apple nudging content providers to point people to the native app?! as mobile web gets better!? and bandwidth and coverage better!? --- under the cover of Privacy and user experience! --- with the exception of its own ad-network iAD, sure. // what a move. // &! The adblocking revolution is months away (with iOS 9) – with trouble for advertisers, publishers and Google - &! // &! Apple, has made Content Blocking “official”, ad-supported publishing business models are in trouble. [...] [PAGEVIEWS as business model] Too many sites are just echo chambers, they rewrite news releases, add strong adjectives and adverbs, and a bit of spin. [news is free, analysis and perspective not] - //&! - Begun, The Mobile Ad-Blocking Wars Have [...] increasing bloatware of online advertising. &! << ad business model not working!!!
AdBlock  iOS  Safari  Apple  iAd  Platform  user  experience  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  perma-cookie  cookies  tracking  advertisement  re-targeting  advertisement  targeting  Apple  App  Store  mobile  web  HTML5  corporate  strategy  corporate  media  PR  public  relations  spin  doctor  Silo  TOS  EULA  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  ecosystem  Facebook  content  blocker  business  model  pageviews  journalismus  investigative  journalism  journalism  BuzzFeed  Huffington  Post  AOL  Yahoo!  Page  Rank  Google  News  Google  Search  publishing  2.0  newspaper  newspapers  paywalls  paywall  subscription  model  freemium  Print  is  Dead  jeffjarvis  Vox  Washington  Post  Insider  Linkbait  linkbaiting  click  bait  Clickbait  NYT  NYTimes  New  York  Times  PandoDaily  Facebook  Instant  Articles  The  Economist  Financial  Times  The  Guardian  Android  Google  Chrome  Google  Inc.  AdSense  AdWords  pre-roll  Programmatic  Programmatic  Advertising  Outbrain  mobile  ads  native  content  marketing  MoPub  Flurry  Zero  Rating  Wireless  Carrier  ISP  Net  Neutrality  Adobe  Flash  customer  experience  friction  frictionless  commodity  business 
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Do You Trust Larry Page? - Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Given the fact that Alphabet née Google is the second most valuable enterprise in the world, it’s striking to consider Larry Page’s 2014 assessment of the company he co-founded with Sergey Brin: I think we’ve not succeeded as much as we’d like. [...] Even Google’s famously far-reaching mission statement, to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, is not big enough for what he now has in mind. The aim: to use the money that is spouting from its search advertising business to stake out positions in boom industries of the future, from biotech to robotics. [...] Googles non-social approach to advertising vs Facebook and everyone else ] [ ad world begins finally to shift away from TV & other legacy forms & FB/Google are main beneficiaries coming years of changing ad spend ] [ Page/Brin want 2 lead the org 2 a new frontier. A new Google Search. &they think they a near it, ie self-driving car, that they think the timing is right NOW ]
Google  Inc.  Google  Alphabet  Inc.  Larry  Page  Sergey  Brin  Don't  be  evil  Sundar  Pichai  vision  mission  Legacy  self-driving  cars  AI  Transhumanism  artificial  intelligence  autonomous  car  anti-ageing  renewable  energy  Google  X  Robotics  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  machine  learning  ethical  machine  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Meta  Data  metadata  Big  Data  Google  Search  AdSense  human  rights  antitrust  Europe  FTC  USA  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  deep  learning  augmented  intelligence  Google  Glass  Wireless  Carrier  ISP  Google  Fiber  user  Nest  Labs  native  advertising  Social  Media  content  marketing  advertising  Programmatic  advertisement  re-targeting  advertisement  targeting  ad  targeting  Twitter  perma-cookie  cookies  Appification  mobile  homescreen  mobile  first  user  behaviour  vertical  mobile  phone  Android  banner  ads  advertisement  Leadership  conglomerate  operation  operations  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  technological  progress  incrementalism  incremental  counter  culture  Silicon  Valley  wantrepreneur 
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Imgur finally cracks down on NSFW content -- and its users are fucking pissed
Making thinks more Family Friendly! To attract (more) actual advertisers (to get even to a 'maybe'). To fund the sites ops and with an aim to actually make a profit. Think about if Nike and co co-host their pictures on Imgur. And or post branded / native style content on imgur along the strings imgur plays. Telling a story with picture series. ie about how a product came to be/evolved (a shoe). // - Reddit and Imgur got funding from a17z
Reddit  Imgur  community  community  management  communication  TOS  Platform  business  model  Venture  Capital  Start-Up  lesson  free  speech  Start-Up  advice  user  generated  content  advertisement  banner  ads  native  advertising  branded  content  click  farm  brand  awareness  advertising  pageviews  Programmatic  advertisement  re-targeting  advertisement  targeting  4chan  YouTube 
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Banner “Fraud” Doesn’t Matter | Hacker News "A Message from brand marketers to publishers [...] We use banners as little billboards now. We use them strategically as incredibly cheap repeat impressions for brand awareness. We know many people don’t see them, we know most people don’t see them. Thats okay. We use them accordingly & the cost has been adjusted down to make them a perfectly great buy even though most people dont see them. [...] It’s an indicator to us that you don’t get this by the fact you’re still always talking about clickthrough, which was kind of BS when you first sold it to us twenty years ago, and doubly the case now." [ CPM will go lower, fundamentals point in that direction, Social Media & other future forms of advertising will fill in the lower CPM rates overall. Thus pressuring business models reliant on pageviews even more 2 increase pageviews as the revenue average per pageview declines. Thus u have 2 question which consumer product (entertainment & else) business model do you choose!?
display  advertising  banner  ads  advertising  click  fraud  AdSense  pageviews  Google  Search  brand  awareness  billboard  user  experience  user  engagement  Social  Media  eyeballs  CPM  Google  commoditization  clickthrough  native  advertising  branded  content  marketing  advertisement  targeting  advertisement  re-targeting  Programmatic  advertisement  advertorial  business  model  business  cycle  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  SAAS  consumer  product  closetphile  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  sustainability  sustainable  Product/Market  Fit  Core  Value  Proposition  Value  Proposition  added  creation  Net  Promoter  Score  network  effect  viral  coefficient  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  subscription  model  subscription  productivity  aspirational  aspirational  product  mass  market  niche  Popular  Culture  Pop  Culture  click  bait  clicks  Clickbait  Linkbait  linkbaiting  Newsfeed  gatekeeper  impression  metrics  commodity  business  attention  span  user  behaviour  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  paradgimshift  uncertainty  Evernote  DropBox  paywalls  paywall 
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Google's co-founders are going to sell $4.4 billion worth of shares - Business Insider
@Google's co-founders to sell $4.4B worth of shares according to new SEC filing; Brin & Page held 44.6M shares of @Google Class B stock & another 44.6M shares of Class C stock as of Jan 30th '15; they will sell 2M shares each of Class B common stock & 2M shares of each of their Class C non-voting stock // @jason: Hmmm.... Google founders selling ~5% shares right as the advertising business slows... discuss.
Google  Search  AdSense  advertising  banner  ads 
february 2015 by asterisk2a
µBlock for Firefox - An efficient ad-blocker that is "easy on CPU and memory". Potential Ad-Block Rival? : technology
&! "Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Taboola are paying the owner of Adblock Plus to unblock ads on their websites at a fee of "30% of the additional ad revenues" they would have made were ads unblocked, the Financial Times reports. Adblock Plus is the most popular browser extension to block advertising and has been downloaded more than 300 million times. The free service says on its website that it blocks “annoying” banners, pop-ups, and video ads. Eyeo, the German company that owns Adblock Plus, says the add-on has more than 50 million monthly active users."
AdBlock  advertising  Ad  banner  ads  business  model  business  plan  native  advertising  Social  Media 
february 2015 by asterisk2a
Marketing Can No Longer Rely on the Funnel - Mark Bonchek , and Cara France - Harvard Business Review
We asked some of the leading marketers in the world — from companies like Google, Intuit, Sephora, SAP, Twitter, and Visa — to assess the relevance of the marketing funnel. What we found says as much about the future of business as it does about the future of marketing. [...] Consider all the members of the Nike+ running community who don’t own Nike products or the half million fans of Tesla’s Facebook page who don’t own a Tesla. Or consider companies where employees use their own devices or download their own software until IT purchases the enterprise version for the entire company. In today’s digital age, advocates aren’t necessarily customers. Marketers who think that advocacy comes after purchase are missing the new world of social influence. [...] [The solution is to shift the focus from the transaction to the relationship.] [Benefit when the] marketing is built right into the product. << Brand and Product awareness. [...] Products should be designed to market themselves.
advertisement  advertising  marketing  Sales  Funnel  Social  Media  e-commerce  Salesforce  affiliate  marketing  future  of  business  intent  consideration  advertisement  targeting  advertisement  re-targeting  Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest  Consumerism  consumerist  tastemakers  advocates  Evangelist  Sephora  engagement  conversion  customer  experience  sharing  currency  product  awareness  brand  awareness  Gary  Vaynerchuk  content  marketing  word  of  mouth  influencer  influence  context  content  value  creation  freemium  monetization  monetisation  business  model  customer  empowerment  customer  engagement  customer  acquisition  customer  retention  customer  service  customer  outreach  customer  amplification  marketers  ruin  everything  millennials  generationy  bullshit  detector  Google  AdSense  banner  ads  noise  home  screen  customer  relationship  non-linear  world  Personal  branding 
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Yahoo’s Sales Head Brody Takes His First Tumblr by “Living the Dream” | Re/code
It is all very adorkable, although now I assume he will be getting with the selling of the ads on said site now that he gets how it is used. >> ie paid content, partnerships, ads, banner ads, ... the most stupid, quick buck.
yahoo!  Yahoo  Tumblr  business  model  businessmodel  businessplan  business  plan  advertisement  advertising  banner  ads  Adsense  ads  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Start-Up  exitstrategy  exit  strategy  freemium 
march 2014 by asterisk2a
Twitter To Roll Out "Promoted Tweets": Initial Thoughts (Developing) - John Battelle's Searchblog
Again, we've seen this movie before, and the web is better for it.

Twitter is already open to anyone with an account and something to say. But only those with money can buy a Promoted Tweet. I look forward to the day when the system evolves to let pure capitalism work out its kinks in real time, through the Twitter universe. The key, to my mind, is the concept of resonance. If Twitter gets this right, only "good" ads will make it into our Twitter streams. That will force marketers to mind what they say when given the privilege of being inserted into our feeds. To think hard about adding value to the conversation that surrounds their brands.

And honestly, isn't that the kind of behavior we'd hope for?
twitter  advertising  ads  businessmodel  socialmedia  search  adsense 
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How Apple and Google's Romance Turned To Hate - Apple - Gizmodo
Knowing how things developed, it's surprising that Schmidt stayed on Apple's board for so long. He resigned on August 2009, just as the war started to go open, first with Google grabbing mobile advertising company AdMob from Apple's hands (which forced Apple to buy Quattro Wireless). Then with Apple pissing on Google's parade by stealing Lala, the music streaming service that Larry and Sergei wanted to have.
google  apple  iphone  android  mobile  mobilephone  ericschmidt  stevejobs  admob  Lala  advertising  ads  adsense  2010  technology  business  war  HTC  Motorola  googlephone  legalbattle  legal 
march 2010 by asterisk2a
Twitter, SXSW, and Building a 21st Century Business - Umair Haque - Harvard Business Review
Openness as a survival strategy. I asked Ev about why Twitter's been focused on openness, and his response was that it's a "survival strategy." New ideas, new concepts, new applications — all flow to open organizations. That's a great way to express the point that for next-gen organizations, openness is now table stakes: fail at it, and you're not even in the game.

Organizing for experimentation. "Why don't you guys have a business model?" That was the essence of my first question — and the response was about experimentation. Though many organizations want to experiment, they can't — because they're not built to. Ev gave a blow-by-blow description of how Twitter organizes for experimentation, by creating modular teams that rapidly iterate to solve tough problems. That's what 21st century organizations look like: networks, not pyramids.
twitter  openness  ecosystem  platform  entrepreneurship  business  management  network  culture  scarcity  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  innovation  socialmedia  ethics  advertising  ads  advertisement  trends 
march 2010 by asterisk2a
Etaoin Shrdlu: What if internet advertising is a foundation made of sand?
Ads may not be a viable [for] anything but search...we are increasingly reliant on systems [on] shakiest of foundations

"comScore’s study suggests we – collectively – may be becoming more [online] banner-blind over time."

What if social being built on sand, on ads almost no one looks at now & fewer will look at in two years?
advertising  journalism  newspapers  future  media  ads 
november 2009 by asterisk2a
inLinks - In Content Link Market Place
Located in New York City, is the premier in content static text link ad company. We specialize in placing static html links within high quality, relevant copy. Our publishers have seen a dramatic increase in steady residual income and our advertisers have seen a huge boost in their natural search engine rankings. Our cutting edge strategy is guided by our in house staff consisting of some of the brightest minds in the search space. Contact us with any questions.
monetization  advertising  affiliate  ads  blog  business  blogging  revenue  payments  micropayment 
october 2009 by asterisk2a
The Evolution Of Click Fraud: Massive Chinese Operation DormRing1 Uncovered
Anchor Intelligence identified a click fraud ring being run out of China which involved 200,000 different IP addresses and racked up more than $3 million worth of fraudulent clicks across 2,000 advertisers in a two-week period. That money was never paid out and the ring has now dissipated (or moved onto another scam), but who knows how long the ring was in operation before Anchor noticed. The operation was called DormRing1 because it was centered in dorms at technical universities in China such as the Shanghai Technology Institute.
advertising  security  internet  fraud  ads  china  clickfraud 
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