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Fear Trumps Greed in Silicon Valley as Some Venture Firms Hedge - Bloomberg Business
[... high ops cost associated w SF/Palo Alto ... fancy office (and expensive (rarefied) developers from Google or Facebook) in SF as a sign of success while burning +2m per year at least with no cash flow in sight ... and with all consumer products being free and hoping to finance themselves in the future with advertising ... ] Some VCs are urging their companies to build a rainy day fund to ensure their survival. [...] It’s a constant battle deciding whether to invest in a potentially lucrative deal, said Philadelphia financier Rudy Karsan: “Greed versus fear.” [ Softbank Capital just last week came out publicly with a shift in strategy, to invest now ONLY in proven winners, at slightly premium to get in (and with preferred liquidation preferences in writing), &focus resources on those portfolio companies ... than to compete in a crowded, distorted, muggy, in transparent, very speculative (with lots of ifs and luck and bet on CEO to execute well) A-, B- (and C-Round) market. ]
Silicon  Valley  burn  rate  runway  cash  flow  cash-is-king  hunt  for  yield  distortion  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  growth  round  SPV  war  for  talent  Private  Market  Private  Equity  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  bubble  USA  Fed  Taper  asset  bubble  asset  allocation  Angel  Investor  Seed  business  model  advertising  VC  Venture  Capital  Greed  FOMO  bubble  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation  SoftBank  Capital  IPO  NASDAQ  A  Unicorn  Decacorn  termsheet  liquidation  preferences  exit  strategy  M&A  acquisition  acquihire  acqui-hire  business  cycle  business  plan  business  investment  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  leverage  debtoverhang  irrational  exuberance 
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Are we too nice when a company fails? Out of money and fresh ideas, Homejoy and CustomMade find cushy landings | PandoDaily // "GET USERS, BURN MONEY." // // brother sister start-up, maybe they did too many things (burning too much money) mediocre instead of one thing really well! getting to the next milestone or even surpassing it and some, and able to go to investors and say "look here, lets pure more rocket fuel on it."
acquisition  acquihire  acqui-hire  burn  rate  runway  Silicon  Valley  HomeJoy  Handy  Helpling  operations  on-demand  convenience 
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Here are the lucky VCs who secretly made money on Twitter’s IPO | PandoDaily
the other face of acquihires and soft landings // Whereas Google did ten pre-IPO deals, like Blogger and Picasa, Facebook did 28 deals, including a billion dollar purchase of Instagram. Twitter did 29. It makes you think twice about who you sell your startup to, even if it’s a “soft landing” deal. It is better to wind up with shares in a private company that might go public one day at a much higher valuation than to get shares in one that’s already public, and presumably fairly valued by public shareholders. Besides, many public companies will pay for acquisitions in cash.
Silicon  Valley  acquihire  acqui-hire  soft  landing  IPO 
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Be the sponge, not the rock |
@Jason says talented emps w/ little background in a given domain are often more effective than those w/ decades of experience; seasoned pros become biased, stuck in their own ways & in those of the industry; Jason likens their brains to rocks; people without experience who aim to learn & grow are more responsive to current conditions; Jason likens their brains to sponges; in a startup's early days, someone willing to work 15 hrs/day is more valuable than someone w/ 15 yrs of experience
hiring  HR  human  resources  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  war  for  talent  Top  people  management  team  management  acqui-hire  acquihire 
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Yahoo Acquires Photo Startup Cooliris | TechCrunch
statement from Yahoo: We have acquired Cooliris. In order to build inspiring products, grow engagement, and ultimately revenue, everything starts with having the best people to help us accelerate our transformation in our growth areas. As such, we are focusing on acquisitions that align with our key growth areas: search, communications, digital magazines and video. We are excited to welcome 17 employees from Cooliris to Sunnyvale, where our core communications team is located. Nothing will change with the Cooliris products in the immediate future.
Yahoo!  acqui-hire  acquihire  mobile  homescreen  Marissa  Mayer  mobile  first 
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The Meteoric Acceleration in Series A Valuations
Series A valuations have doubled in 6 mo's, passing median Series B valuations from 10 yrs ago, acc to @ttunguz; the valuation explosion is likely due to capital tripling within the Seed fund raising market; if the trend continues & A replaces B, then Seed is the new A. ... // is it A: Maturity of New Economy business case. or B: hunt for yield. or C: increased occurrence of soft-landing/acquihire. or D: FOMO. or E: Increased cost for Start-ups to reach next business/product stage due to crowding and competition for talent. or F: All of the above. & &
Silicon  Valley  hunt  for  yield  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  liquidity  trap  unintended  consequences  asset  bubble  speculative  bubbles  speculation  speculative  Wall  Street  Super  Rich  1%  distortion  asset  allocation  FOMO  2014  POMO  monetary  policy  TARP  Bailout  failure  acqui-hire  acquihire 
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Snapchat Wanted MessageMe Before Yahoo Bought It For Up To $30-$40M | TechCrunch
Y! & G working on mobile messaging product. // VC's encourage team to have another shot at an other project/idea, shutting down MessageMe and not take Y! or Snapchat offer.
Yahoo!  Google  WhatsApp  Facebook  Twitter  Soft  Landing  Silicon  Valley  acqui-hire  acquihire  Venture  Capital 
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What the hell is happening at Google Ventures? | PandoDaily
allow people to save face and continue relationships with existing investments, while preventing anyone on the outside from guessing what’s really going on. It’s possible the phasing out Rose and relocation to a non-investing role for Siegler is all a wild coincidence of timing. But this much we know: At its core venture capital — particularly seed investing — is still a people business. Startups want one of two things in a venture firm. They either want dumb, deep pockets or a committed partner they know they can count on for advice, hiring help, and future funding. With the revolving door of departures, Google Ventures has solidly put itself in the first camp — at best. >> #save-face #soft-landing-aka-acquihire #its-nothing-personal #its-business || [...] Either way, this is horrible news for Google Ventures and their portfolio companies, marking effectively the third reboot of the partnership in just five short years.
Google  Ventures  Venture  Capital  Google  Politics  Power  Play  Silicon  Valley  acqui-hire  acquihire  Kevin  Rose 
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What Facebook’s Messenger debacle says about the company… both the brilliant and the terrible | PandoDaily
But more to the point is what the whole thing says about Facebook. There are two important takeaways: One troubling and one impressive. One that speaks to the company’s greatest Achilles Heel as long as I’ve covered it, and one that speaks to its greatest strength. The first is just how much people distrust and are predisposed to dislike Facebook. [...] But the problem is Facebook is as synonymous with disrespecting your privacy today as Microsoft was for abusing it’s monopolist position in the post-Netscape days. [...] ADOPTION AND MOBILE HOMESCREEN // >> But right now, they are all on going parallel experiments that are ultimately competing to be the thing we open the most everyday when we are waiting in line, killing time, or want to shout out a video, photo or emoji to a pal.
Facebook  brand  public  image  markzuckerberg  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Newsfeed  PR  communication  language  public  relations  Snapchat  WhatsApp  Oculus  Rift  Instagram  corporate  strategy  acquisition  acqui-hire  acquihire  war  for  talent  HR  human  resources  Twitter  user  hack  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen 
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DLD NYC 14 - Winners/Losers in a Digital Age (Scott Galloway) - YouTube
Apple knows that competition is catching up faster and faster in terms of design and functionality etc etc. They hired 2 fashion people already (burberry and from LVHM). And to differentiate the brand further (price/status symbol - above middle class) and to keep selling it's Apple Products ... including wearables (Watch & Headphone) they hired those key people or b(r)ought them into the mothership. They could have long ago bought personal cloud storage companies and other stuff to add to its portfolio bla bla bla.... but that 'Software', you can't display - show off - walking around downtown manhatten. Wearables, phones, tablets - you can. ... Apple focuses on their core competencies - software like iTunes is only 2nd class, that is why it still doesn't stream. >> “They want Jimmy and they want Dre,” said the source. “He’s got fashion and culture completely locked up.” ( ) + !!! v=NP0P2BT0vTc !!!
Apple  Pivot  IBM  Microsoft  Transition  Information  Society  Industrial  Society  policy  Information  Makers  skill-biased  technological  change  capital  skills  skill  skills  Career  Politicians  policy  folly  policy  error  public  policy  Product/Market  Fit  Product  Design  management  differentiation  differentiate  brands  branding  Brand  Gary  Vaynerchuk  acqui-hire  acquisitions  acquisition  acquihire  status  symbol  social  status  Wall  Street  Product  Strategy  execution  Focus  focused  Silicon  Valley  Fetish  distraction  Steve  Jobs  margin  commodity  business  commoditization  technology  technological  history  Moore's  Law  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  Competition  comparative  advantage  comparative-advantage  Google  Nexus  HTC  Lenovo  Samsung  Nokia  digitalnatives  digital  economy  Age  digital  natives  stevejobs  Vision  Imagination  creativity  value  creation  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  destruction  disposable  income  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  innovation  innovator  Venture 
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Path’s kiss of death compliment: “It’s hugely popular in Indonesia!” | PandoDaily
[+ Raising Too Much Money for a too small product and market!?] It may be the beginning of the end for a company that was once offered $125 million to sell to Google – in a high priced acquihire – less that six months into its existence and before the company even launched. [...] So, what went so wrong? The answer seems to be a combination of poor execution, an excessive focus on design over utility (not to mention differentiation), and a keeping up with the Joneses desire to spend lavishly. [...] The company has always been a reflection of Morin, including his obsessiveness over design and his proclivity for spending. For example, Path reportedly built its team with a designer to developer ratio of 1-to-2, as compared to an industry average that is likely closer to 1-to-20 (or even lower, although precise figures are hard to come by). [[ ~ Spending for the wrong means to an end. ~ ]] [[ ... Inside the bubble that is the Valley and the Fetish ... ]]
Path  Dave  Morin  acquihire  acqui-hire  Start-Up  Start-Ups  Product/Market  Fit  Venture  Capital  Timing  Hype  Cycle  execution  Focus  focused  Lean  Start-Up  Start-Up  advice  Utility  bloat  design  systems  design  system  design  designer  product  design  burn  rate  runway  corporate  culture  Snapchat  Instagram  Silicon  Valley  Fetish  Digg  Kevin  Rose  Dennis  Crowley  foursquare  Consumer  Internet  Space  Start-Up  Lesson 
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Dropbox Buys Bubbli, Will Integrate The 3D Photo Tech Into Its Photo Service | TechCrunch
DropBox turining itself into a data platform with all the imaginary auxillary apps and services you can think of. Being your storage place for everything and the gateways are apps, services and software. .... SMART. Very SMART. Documents. Pictures. ... Video and Audio Files next. Blogging Style Public documents w comments ... would be quiet a stretch but not impossible. ... >> Dropbox acquires Bubbli (iOS), a startup that built tech for people to capture 360° views w/ their phones; will integrate tech w/ @dropbox; raised $2M from August Capital - Link
friction  Platform  Open  Platform  Dropbox  Cloudstorage  googledocs  googledrive  Google  Drive  Microsoft  Google  Flickr  Picasa  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  Vine  YouTube  Soundcloud  acquisitions  acquisition  acquihire  acqui-hire  customer  acquisition  freemium  business  model  publishing  2.0  publishing  Wordpress 
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Yahoo’s China Syndrome Now Morphs Into WWMD? (What Will Marissa Do?) | Re/code
meeting expectations by WallStreet analysts + meaingful long-term value creation = are incompatible. PERIOD. That is organic, "true growth."
Yahoo!  WallStreet  value  creation  conflict  of  interest  Marissa  Mayer  organic  growth  acqui-hire  acquisitions  customer  acquisition  acquisition  acquihire  M&A  AOL 
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Bob Iger Explains Why Disney Bought Maker Studios | Re/code
“We look at it, first and foremost, as a successful distribution platform,” Iger said. “One that can command more eyeballs, more consumption and more advertising revenue.” + Beyond that, Iger said, the Maker team has a depth of expertise in creating short-form video that Disney lacked internally. +++ Big Data ( each channel has an audience (interest, location, age) = better targeting of advertising campaigns. >> “We think there’s a huge marketing opportunity for this company,” Iger said.
Maker  Studios  YouTube  content  distribution  advertisement  advertising  content  network  Sales  Funnel  PR  communication  waltdisney  Disney  acqui-hire  acquisition  customer  acquisition  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  war-for-talent  skill-biased  technological  change  skills  short-form  content  content  creator  micro  content  audience  Big  Data  attention  span  marketing  Millennials  generationy  digital  natives  analytics 
may 2014 by asterisk2a Parent Automattic Has Raised $160 Million, Now Valued at $1.16 Billion Post-Money | Re/code
Wordpress - democratising publishing. Wordpress VIP plus its new corporate communication platform - will compete with the likes of Yammer (MSFT owned) and Slack, atlassian's platforms as well as Salesforce's platform. smart raising a round when money is flushing around - hunt for yield. taking the money for the long-term. likely giving them +5 years runway and solidifying their publishing platform might. there will be acqui-hires along the way I guess. + Automattic’s competitors have certainly been investing, noted Mullenweg. In their last rounds, Weebly raised $35 million, Squarespace $40 million and Medium $25 million. In addition, Wix is currently valued at around $730 million, raising $127 million, in an IPO. ... Automattic's aim is, to become cash-flow positive - I guess. Not in a hurry but naturally with pushing mobile, e-commerce and the Freemium model (driving up conversion) on
Automattic  Matt  Mullenweg  Wordpress  Tumblr  Blogger  publishing  2.0  self-publishing  publishing  Blogging  bloggers  microblogging  MovableType  Twitter  LiveJournal  hunt  for  yield  growth  round  ZIRP  QE  monetary  policy  asset  bubble  WallStreet  acqui-hire  acquihire  Squarespace  Weebly  Wix  Platform  Open  Platform  GNU  General  Public  License  GNU  GPL  short-form  content  digital  content  paid  content  content  creator  content  distribution  micro  content  Niche  throwaway  content  BuzzFeed  digital  economy  digital  natives  digital  artist  VIP  mobile  first  freemium  conversion  Start-Up  Start-Ups  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurial 
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Just as teen boredom couldn’t predict Facebook’s demise, teen excitement can’t predict Snapchat’s success | PandoDaily
would be interesting if Snapchat can shake off its image and capture the adult audience ... growing its userbase. + ... >> acqui-hire trend :: insert Dropbox, Google, FB, etc etc all that have a warchest of funding to gobble up small product and technology teams with little or with no traction. BC being based in SF is expensive ( ) ... but up to what cost? Questionmark. Technology, product, design talent doesn't live only in SF, CA. and surroundings. You forego potential. Would be interesting to see - as SF area and surroundings get more and more expensive and the Start-Up land gets more and more distributed across the globe, whether or not the next big hitters (not just single hitters) can come out of non-Silicon Valley location (ie berlin, london). Q: Is the infrastructure good enough to facilitate that? ( )
youthification  Facebook  Snapchat  acqui-hire  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  Silicon  Valley 
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Why your dinky little startup is worth billions of dollars - Quartz
Though companies hire trained futurists, technology is still moving to fast to predict where it will go. “Value has become an abstraction because we don’t really know what kind of product is going to make the most money,” Chayka writes. “We have no idea what kind of technology will dominate the commercial landscape over the next decade, let alone century.” For companies with as much money and as much to gain—and lose—as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s better to be optimistic about hyped startups than to let them slip away. Of course, this means that they know some of their acquisitions will be duds and even those that aren’t will be expensive. But it’s worth more to them to stay ahead of the curve.
Facebook  Yahoo!  AOL  Twitter  Microsoft  Google  acqui-hire  acquisitions  acquisition  Uber  Airbnb  growth  round  Venture  Capital  Technology  strategic  strategy  VC  Silicon  Valley  acquihire  seedround  seedfunding  Instagram  Snapchat  WhatsApp  Google+  Moore's  Law  B2B  C2B  marketplace  industry  Oculus  Rift  virtual  reality  3D  printing 
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Twitter Acquires Android Lockscreen App Cover, Moves Deeper Into Mobile Services | TechCrunch
[ THE HOME SCREEN on your PHONE is now the SCREEN YOU have to be on. PERIOD. Twitter is trying to get there with this deal and tech&talent acquisition. >> // // glancing on it many times a day just to ... ] “If that changes down the road, we’ll provide another update here,” the founders Todd Jackson, Gordon Luk and Edward Ho note in a blog post announcing the deal. You can read Josh’s review of how Cover works here. Cover is being somewhat cryptic in discussing what it will be working on at Twitter. “Twitter, like Cover, believes in the incredible potential of Android,” they write. “They share our vision that smartphones can be a lot smarter — more useful and more contextual — and together we’re going to make that happen. We’ll be building upon a lot of what makes Cover great, and we’re thrilled to create something even better at Twitter.”
homepage  homescreen  Smartphone  mobilephone  Apple  iOS  Android  Google  Twitter  Facebook  Gary  Vaynerchuk  acqui-hire  acquisition  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  war-for-talent  Social  Media  Entertainment  Escapeism  Utility  utilities  Microsoft  Yahoo!  science  study  society  attention  span  attention 
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The Secret Shame of an Unacquired Techie -- Daily Intelligencer
[via ] She was the only female at her company, a designer who had been with the start-up from the beginning and had overseen its design and marketing, yet had gotten left out when the company was sold to Google for its workers, in what's known as an acqui-hire. "I feel like my world just ended," she wrote. The thread quickly became the talk of Silicon Valley. It was seeming proof that even within the happy-go-lucky world of tech start-ups, there are winners and losers, and more often than not, the losers in situations like these are the designers, who are more likely to be female than their engineer counterparts, and whose "soft" skills are seen as less valuable than coding chops. [The] start-up decided to sell itself to Google as a last resort, after failing to find traction in the market. [FOR G IT IS A public nightmare!]
acqui-hire  acquihire  start-up  Google  creativity  Design  gender  gap  gender  politics  gender  asymmetry  Kevin  Rose  HR  PR  public  relations  acquisition  engineer  developer  unintended  consequences  unknown  unknowns  gender  inequality  income  inequality  inequality  Technology  UI  UX  implosion  hubris  stereotype  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  feminism  feminist  victim  victim  role  opfer  rolle  psychology  social  science  social  status  western  society  society  gender  disparity  gender  equality  gender  discrimination  gender  Silicon  Valley  web  development  ageism  Supply  and  Demand  Demand  and  Supply  human  resources  compensation  skill  skills 
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More Departures at Twitter as VP of Analytics Exits, Android Lead Leaves for Secret | Re/code
Still, in today’s competitive market for tech talent, Twitter must work hard to prove it can still be an attractive, innovative place for bright young engineers looking to enter the industry, as well as for seasoned executives looking to move over from other well-established Internet companies.
Twitter  war  for  talent  acqui-hire  acquihire 
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