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IWF-Treffen in Washington: Kritik an Geldpolitik von Draghi - SPIEGEL ONLINE
In der Tat sind es nicht mehr die Deutschen allein, die auf die Gefahren der dauerhaft niedrigen Zinsen hinweisen. Auch anderswo bekommt man ob der Billiggeldschwemme ein mulmiges Gefühl. Auf den Finanzmärkten würden die Investoren teilweise sehr hohe Risiken eingehen, warnt etwa Claudio Borio, Chefökonom der Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsgleich in Basel. In der Realwirtschaft, wo eigentlich investiert werden soll, seien die Unternehmen dagegen eher risikoscheu. Borio nennt das eine Störung im System. &
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BBC News - ECB cuts rates and launches stimulus programme
1-Day Before: "ECB faces crunch on deflation threat" +++ The ECB has cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.05%, and introduced new stimulus measures. The ECB had earlier cut its rate from 0.25% to 0.15% in June, and also became the first major central bank to introduce negative interest rates. It will also launch an asset purchase programme, which will buy debt products from banks. It is hoped this move will add liquidity to the financial system and revive lending. [...] "[A] last roll of the dice". "The ECB has now almost exhausted its ammunition for preventing the Eurozone sliding into a devastating deflationary, contractionary spiral," +++ Analysis: "European banks – Work those ABS" +++ - France and Friends: Merkel Increasingly Isolated on Austerity "Europe ... is threatened with lasting weak growth should the deficit rules continue to be strictly interpreted. [ BuBa demands higher wages, ECB fiscal stimulus ]."
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