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How Microsoft Attacked the Beast who created Netscape, Mozilla Firefox & invested Skype - YouTube
Browser Wars back then. Smartphone wars are settles. iOS and Android. Everyone else is just niche or trying to be principles. // Start-up lesson/advice: When the big player can give out your "product" for free. They would. Don't play on other peoples turf and productise a feature ... for them. Sure they can't be everything to everyone and you can serve a niche, you are going to have to play by their rules their TOS. This thing where bright minds (educated) with small ideas (because they are easy) get burned over and over and over again. Human nature like irrational exuberance, hysterias and depressions. If you are dependable on a platform, on one kind of distribution model that is owned by another corporate (profit motive) and you are disruptive, pain in the ass, easily copyable,u are attackable on too many vectors. lots of risk. There was Microsoft. There was Facebook and Twitter. There was e-mail (gmail tab filters now & spam). // SWAT analysis vs high level situational awareness
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Death of Popular Facebook Game FarmVille creator Zynga loses $400million Dollars in market cap. - YouTube
min 6 - [the why] // it isn't just about being a product guy, entrepreneur. you have to be a strong CEO and Leader. And you have to be a person people want to follow.
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News Feed FYI: Click-baiting | Hacker News
... fallacy on building your business on somebody else's proprietary, closed platform .... "Entrepreneurs" still doing it: "@jason: i've been pitched on 10+ @pinterest analytics tools; pass on investing for this reason." //
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It’s Not A Bursting Bubble. It’s a Correction And It Will Take Awhile. | TechCrunch
the hunt for yield.

Late Stage ...
companies are still getting bid up “like insane.”
but .... “Like Icarus, they got too close to the sun.” (Zynga, Fb, Groupon)

still ... The best companies might even do better in a down market. (Linkedin, Monster energy drink company)

Early Stage investing ...
The impact on the early-stage market is the hardest to predict since these companies are valued more subjectively.


This is partly just natural market behavior. When things get super-hot, it’s smart to look elsewhere for less obvious opportunities.

Facebook IPO was just a good catalyst for reinforcing discussion about valuations.

Historical bubbles from the 17th century to 2008 have all sorts of bizarre characteristics. They tend to include masses of normal, unsophisticated investors and draw out unscrupulous and fraudulent actors.

Plenty of capital is still coming in ... The bigger firms are raising a billion dollars or more for their funds. mhhhhh ....
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A Sign Of The Hiring-pocalypse | TechCrunch
An entrepreneur-turned-venture investor told me over the weekend: Booms are the worst time to build a company.

Only capital is cheap. Everything else is expensive — talent most of all.


Fed's ZIRP and QE (and Bailout bonanza, moralhazard) - did fuel VC/Seedfund pockets - overthrowing capped supply (investments in companies).
ZIRP and QE do increase the demand for alternative investments. And skews investors risk sentiment. They take on more risk in hope for the next big thing that brings them that more ROI that the market can not produce due to World Wide QE, ZIRP, currency debasement, Sovereign Debt Crisis.
monetarism  monetary  theory  monetary  policy  Fed  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  QE  supply-demand  economics  unintended  consequences  ycombinator  instagram  Zynga  Google  Facebook  Technology  Boom  bubble  entrepeneurship  venturecapital  vc  ZIRP  2012 
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Reuters Breakingviews: Robber Barons of Silicon Valley - YouTube
March 12 - Richard Beales and Rob Cox discuss whether Silicon Valley is more or less evil than the rest of Corporate America and Wall Street.
Wallstreet  shareholder  IPO  corporate  governance  Zynga  Facebook  Google 
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Will Zynga Become the Google of Games? -
The company has ballooned to nearly 1,000 employees, up from 375 a year ago, and now has some 400 job openings. And investors, including Google and the Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, have put about $520 million into the company. Though some of the money was used to buy out early investors and employees, it’s still a huge sum in Silicon Valley.

Zynga has been valued at more than $4.5 billion, putting Mr. Pincus, who has retained voting control over the company, on a path to become Silicon Valley’s next billionaire. And, not surprisingly, Zynga has caught the attention of people beyond Silicon Valley.
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A Russian Star Rises in Silicon Valley - BusinessWeek
Since paying $200 million for 2% of Facebook last May, Milner has increased that stake to nearly 10%—worth perhaps $2 billion—by purchasing shares from early employees, according to two people familiar with the social network's ownership. On Apr. 19, DST took the majority of a $135 million financing round for Groupon, a Chicago-based site offering coupons for restaurants and museums. In December, DST was the biggest investor in a group that plowed $180 million into Zynga. Milner "is a trusted adviser," says Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, who says the Russian visits every month "to give input, but it's a soft touch."
facebook  groupon  zynga  markpincus  markzuckerberg  DST  ICQ  Aol  marcandreessen  businessmodel  warrenbuffet  YuriMilner 
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Zynga’s chief designer shares tips learned from social games | VentureBeat
The pillars of success are play (having something fun to do), express (a way to share your success with others), and invest (to do things in the game that will pay off in the future). If a player is successful with a game, they gain social capital because their real friends will see how well they are doing.
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