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Babbage: Elevated intelligence by The Economist
min 8. Factory Automation, much more faster than expected. bc of AI, augmented AI, cheap sensors, computing power, networking (cloud). Amazon runs contest to automate (robot) its warehouse. machine learning. year on year development costs lower. thus investments get more affordable year on year. [...] 1 take out labour functions (mindless assembly), enhance productivity / 2 eliminate labour arbitrage (globalisation) - China, South Asia, Africa. Thus assemble in home country where you sell. [...] Countries have to move up the value chain! Germany, UK, America, ... China!!! Mittelstand got to innovate and disrupt itself.
Amazon  Zalando  AI  sensor  augmented  intelligence  Artificial  machine  learning  automation  robotics  technological  unemployment 
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E-Commerce is a Bear — Medium
Only two start-ups have properly challenged Amazon over the past decade: Zappos and Diapers. [...] Having spent time with Tony Hsieh and Alfred Lin, the leadership duo who built Zappos, and Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara, the founders of Diapers, I can tell you: these are intense competitors who recognized the best outcome was to join forces with the industry leader. So if Amazon is the low cost winner of selling brands online, if they are acquiring their best competitors, and if their everyday low prices are available to the entire country via a mechanical turk algorithm which is guaranteed to beat you, how do you compete? [...] [ eBay pure p2p marketplace ] [...] This next generation of e-commerce companies is as much about what you exclude as what you include. // &! only up for grabs (Amazon model) is in the developing world & emerging market - for entrepreneurs - & only possible double digit returns for investors. and the battle has already begun ... since like 05/09 China/India ...
e-commerce  Amazon  eBay  commodity  business  commoditization  differentiate  differentiation  vertical  category  business  model  subscription  model  distribution  model  discovery  Google  Shopping  commerce  Retail  Walmart  brick  and  mortar  business  Online  Shopping  mall  USA  Europe  Zalando  emerging  market  Developing  World  emerging  middle  class  consumer  choice  consumerist  materialism  consumerism  zombie  consumer  Etsy  Marketplace  Platform  Honest  Co.  Bonobos  Warby  Parker  Nasty  Gal  Branding  Zulily  flash  sale  Gilt  Groupe  ModCloth  Birchbox  corporate  strategy  business  strategy  closetphile  Rent  the  Runway  Zappos  tradesy  pure  play  Nordstrom  Macy's  H&M  Primark  Zara  Fast  Fashion  Fashion  Industry  ASOS  John  Lewis  Marks  &  Spencer 
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HORIZONT Award 2015: Keynote Oliver Samwer - Teil 1 - YouTube
It's only the beginning, the race starts a new (concerning mobile usage & patterns/behaviour). // [along the line of "It is still Day 1" via Marc Andreessen] // Talks Zappos & e-commerce that inspired them to do Zalando. To build e-commerce of that type, there are years of losses ahead. There was no possibility at that time in sight, to fund that with European VC's. Zalando raised in its lifetime till the IPO ~500m. That was around the same amount EU VC's handed out in 2008. They started 2007 w 20 ppl. EU VC's handouts are about 2% of SV VC's handout per year in aggregate. Capital intensive companies out of EU (Germany) are nearly impossible to pull off. Mittelstand/SME/Dude&Dudette businesses are ok with peanut investments/savings/bank credit and focusing on making it at nearly break even in the first year. That is not the mantra in SV. SV = go big or go home, once you got real traction. Reach for the sky. Biz (Start-ups) fail when you run out of money before you found traction.
Oliver  Samwer  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  Tablet  Phablet  Appification  Rocket  Internet  Zalando  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  Germany  erzkonservativ  conservative  e-commerce  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  Exportweltmeister  risk  aversion  risk  taking  Risk/Reward  Ratio  mitigating  risk  isolating  risk 
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Oliver Samwer, Rocket Internet - NOAH14 - YouTube
The Internet (Entrepreneurship) is a marathon of sprints. [...] Roadshow of 4 teams consisting of 1 person. Playing to the strengths of of German work culture, the Exportweltmeister, and hard work. [...] Play their strengths and experience (commerce, ...). Not the creative side. [...] He once met Jack Ma. [...] "I am not strong in networking." [...] Nobody is waiting for the Germans in China or America. [...] To show earnings, have to wait for Asia, LatAm and Africa to catch-up (consumer) and then the earnings show. &! RE-IPO Day &!
Rocket  Internet  Zalando  IPO  Roadshow 
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Florian Heinemann (Project A): "Hipness verdient kein Geld" - YouTube
4:50 - "[Oliver] lebt fuer den Erfolg." Kaempft aber nicht gg Silicon Valley & Co. auf Silicon Valley's ebene ... frontal mit neuen creativen dingen. Sondern greift an von der Flanke (existing, proven biz models, w known risk/reward ratio into their favour, global - where SV is not). // 8:00 constant iteration on small things to improve on them while keeping the big picture with known best practices (#Exportweltmeister) // 9:30 Kapitalaufwand (die nehmen wenn, dann wirklich Geld in die hand) von Rocket Internet's world expansion into Virgin Territories with known & proven business models. // 15:00 Execution, Focus, Value Prop Customers are willing to pay for - click. // 19:00 TEAM & different personalities (introverted etc). Failure because you run out of money. Your timing 2 raise $ is inverse related 2 when you need it. // 21:30 Zalando: detail oriented. BigData. Key Hires. // &! Jeff Jarvis: "Deutsche haben zu viel Angst vor dem Scheitern" - DLD 2015 -
Rocket  Internet  Zalando  Samwer  Brothers  Oliver  Samwer  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Exportweltmeister  Germany  USA  culture  failure  experiment  experimentation  A/B  Testing  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  risk  aversion  risk  taking  mitigating  risk 
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Fab Was Burning Through $14M/Month Before Its Layoffs And Pivot | TechCrunch
[operational cost low in Berlin. 'running out of cash before traction and revenue starts to climb'] “We have years and years of cash left,” Goldberg notes. It seems that even if there may be new kinds of overhead with the design, building, selling and distributing of furniture, it’s nothing compared to the burn of a startup with hundreds of employees and the challenges of grappling with inventory from dozens and dozens of suppliers. Real estate is one part of that cost base: in New York, Fab paid $250,000 per month for two floors of office space. In Berlin, the company spends $125,000 per year on rent. [min11 ... a choice you have to make about your business; scale with low margin ie Amazon, Zalando&co *commodity business. or the reverse. tight curated sought out offering with high margins with a shelf life of very few months *ie seasonal high end fashion, designer items of any kind, hand manufactured stuff] & &  Hem  Jason  Goldberg  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  Silicon  Valley  burn  rate  runway  Lean  Start-Up  commodity  business  commoditization  Zalando  margin  Europe  Start-Up  Scene 
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Zalando und Rocket: Zulassung zur Börse muss reguliert werden - SPIEGEL ONLINE
41,50 Euro, 37,00 Euro, 35,50 Euro, 33,05 Euro, 33,01 Euro, 21,50 Euro, 19,00 Euro, 17,90 Euro, 17,50 Euro, 17,10 Euro: So ist den Neuaktionären von Rocket Internet und Zalando ihr investiertes Geld im 24-Stunden-Takt dahingeschwunden. Eine volle Handelswoche lang sind die Kurse der beiden Start-ups von Tag zu Tag immer weiter abgestürzt. Aus Zeichnern sind Gezeichnete geworden. [...] Zalando verlor in den ersten fünf Handelstagen gut 20 Prozent, Rocket machte seine Neueigentümer um 22 Prozent ärmer. Immerhin fand die schwarze Serie gestern ein Ende: Die zwei Aktien verzeichneten erstmals seit ihrem Parkettdebüt leichte Kursgewinne. Mindestens 300 Millionen Euro sind binnen weniger Tage vernichtet worden. [...] " Ein Unternehmen soll erst an die Börsen gelassen werden dürfen, wenn es nachhaltig Gewinne macht." [...] Beide Papiere waren in etwa zehnfach überzeichnet. [ +!+ eployees had no stake. they were offered to buy shares before IPO, but employees said no ! ]
Rocket  Internet  Zalando  Wall  Street  investor  relations  Investorenschutz  Anlegerschutz  BaFin  Germany  IPO  Silicon  Valley  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  culture  failure  market  failure  Venture  Capital 
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Rocket Internet: Aktie stürzt beim Börsendebüt ab - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Auf Euphorie folgt Enttäuschung: Die Aktie des Berliner Unternehmens Rocket Internet ist beim Börsenstart zunächst eingebrochen. In den ersten Handelsminuten rutschen die Papiere um fast 14 Prozent auf 36,66 Euro ab und lagen damit deutlich unter dem Ausgabepreis von 42,50 Euro. Kurz darauf erholte sich der Kurs allerdings auch wieder und stieg auf 40 Euro. Nach Ablauf aller Sperrfristen sollen rund 24 Prozent der Aktien von Rocket Internet an der Börse gehandelt werden. Die von dem Samwer-Brüdern Marc, Oliver und Alexander dominierte Holding hatte die Preisspanne ausgereizt und sammelt rund 1,6 Milliarden Euro frisches Kapital ein und kommt auf einen Börsenwert von 6,7 Milliarden Euro. Eigenen Angaben zufolge hätte Rocket mehr als das Zehnfache der 37,9 Millionen angebotenen Papiere zum Höchstpreis ausgeben können. [...] [Zalando] Auch die Papiere des Online-Modehändlers verloren am Donnerstag massiv an Wert und notierten zehn Prozent im Minus.
Rocket  Internet  IPO  Zalando 
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De Maizière über Datenschutz im Internet, Gabriel zu Apple und Amazon - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mit Blick auf die Steuervermeidungsstrategien von Konzernen wie Apple, Amazon und Google in Europa sagte er: "Das ist asozial." Heute gebe es "Click- und Cloud-Worker" ohne feste Arbeitszeiten, Jobs würden global ausgeschrieben. "Das Ergebnis sind rechtlose digitale Tagelöhner", meinte der SPD-Chef. Zusammen mit den Gewerkschaften gelte es, Leitplanken einzuziehen. Immer gigantischere Rechnerkapazitäten dürften nicht Arbeitnehmer "durch Software und Robotik ersetzen". Gabriel: "Wir müssen die totale Ökonomisierung aller Lebensbereiche verhindern." Zugleich warnte er die SPD vor einer Angst-Debatte. "Wir dürfen das digitale Zeitalter weder verherrlichen noch verharmlosen." Bis Ende 2015 arbeiten rund hundert SPD-Politiker an dem Projekt "#DigitalLeben".
tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  crony  capitalism  Europe  Apple  Amazon  Starbucks  Silicon  Valley  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  culture  technological  progress  society  self-employment  Services  Industry  service  economy  service  convenience  ondemand  on-demand  Politics  language  communication  Career  Politicians  Zalando  Rocket  Internet  Internet  Privacy  Datenschutz  advertisement  targeting  advertisement  re-targeting  advertisement  advertising 
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Zalando und Rocket Internet: Doppel-Coup der Samwer-Brüder - SPIEGEL ONLINE +++ Cap table of Rocket Internet and Zalando - +++ "Rocket plans to pursue an IPO by the end of the year on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Rocket noted that current shareholders would not be selling in an offering [for 1year] that is expected to consist of only new shares. [...] [T]he company was shy to disclose its profits, which can be thin or nonexistent in the world of online retail. One source familiar with Rocket’s figures noted that it costs the company about 60 million euros ($78 million) a month to keep its network of startups in operation." +++
Rocket  Internet  Zalando  Samwer  Brothers  IPO  Roadshow 
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Zappos-Style Fashion Portal Zalando To File For $657M IPO In Frankfurt In 2014 | TechCrunch - "Zalando employs 7,000 people, with an average age of 29. More than 40% of its traffic comes from mobile devices. Its total number of active customers rose to 13.7 million from 11.6 million a year ago. The retailer, which makes 60% of its sales in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, still forecasts huge potential to grow further given that the European fashion market is worth €420bn." +++ - "Zalando’s offering will consist of new shares and the existing investors won’t sell in the IPO." +++ - Has a 50% return rate. "The company is only mildly profitable as a whole, but profitability in the DACH region has ballooned to 4.6 percent in H1 2014." +++ 60% of its business is in DACH
Zalando  IPO  Rocket  Internet  e-commerce  ecommerce  commoditization  commodity  business  Amazon  Zappos  ASOS  Europe 
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Das war die große Samwer-Show im ZDF | Gründerszene
Samwer's Personal Values: Becoming Germany's Richest People with the help of the "New Economy". Period. & this is reflective in all. // Press: + + + "Oliver Samwer hat die Presse bislang meist gemieden" > !!! !!! + - + 35mio subsidies 4 Zalando + "Wenn du in USA gründest, macht Hollywood einen Film über dich, in Deutschland kommt @frontal21. Deutschland, armes Gründerland!"
Zalando  Rocket  Internet  Samwer  Brothers  IPO  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  corporate  culture  corporate  values  personal  values  corporatism  subsidies  subsidizing  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  Germany  book 
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