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Google’s $6 Billion Miscalculation on the EU - Bloomberg Business
via // Google declined to make its executives available for on-the-record interviews, but several concede that the company was caught off guard by the intensity of European criticism, in large part because of its broad popularity with users. Google is so relied upon that many people casually assert that the most prevalent search term on rival Bing is, in fact, “Google.” (Microsoft declines to confirm this.) [...] The more Europeans rely on Google, however, the more they’ve come to fear it, making it an easy target for politicians. Last November members of the European Parliament voted 384 to 174 for a symbolic proposal to break up the search giant into two separate pieces—its monolithic search engine and everything else. [ + agressive tax evasion schemes came under public & political pressure; Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Co ]
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Google Adds Food Delivery to Mobile Search, Expands Cars, Hotel Ads | Re/code
On Tuesday, Google confirmed what many had long suspected: Mobile searches now outnumber those on desktop. That must have been worrying news in the Googleplex because, while the company does not share the figures, evidence suggests mobile search is much less lucrative. That’s why executives spent most of the last earnings call assuring investors that, indeed, they do have a plan for mobile. It’s important. On desktop, Google built a superior search engine and watched the dollars roll in. But, on mobile, it may have to fight harder. Rivals like Amazon and Pinterest* are beginning to lay the groundwork for search revenue products, which would give advertisers more than one option. “It’s not going to be the Google show,” one media buyer said about mobile spending. [...] Still, Google’s expansion onto their turf [ food delivery ] should give all of them pause. They need only look a month back, when the search giant decided to square off against its hotel booking advertisers.
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Introducing Place Tips in News Feed | Facebook Newsroom
Facebook launches location-specific Place Tips for iPhone; appears at top of News Feed when user enters establishment; tapping displays friends' comments & photos related to business; also shows maps, restaurant menus, etc; viewing does not post to Facebook or reveal location; also testing w/ beacons in NYC // >> "In late 2013, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley and his leadership team decided it was time to rethink things. If the company was founded today, what would the app look like? What would the experience feel like?" // &! &!
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Will Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get It Right? | Fast Company | Business Innovation
It's a compelling prospect: If Google has built a $294 billion business based on your explicit searches, Foursquare's bet is that the data behind your implicit intent are just as lucrative. [...] If you check in at Walgreens, should we show you an ad for toothpaste? We're not sure," he says. "Does that dilute the experience?" [...] And Crowley is well aware of what's become of him: His identity is his company; he is only as mature as it is. "I've thought about it for a while, and to me it's like I've got to close this chapter in my life before I can go on to the next one,"
Dennis  Crowley  foursquare  Twitter  Start-Up  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Pivot  monetization  monetize  Brand  Deal  advertisement  advertising  marketing  Yelp  Facebook  Google  geolocation  hyperlocal  GPS  Smartphone  Founders  co-founders  co-founder  Yahoo  Search  Intent  Web  3.0  Google  Autocomplete  Autocomplete  Social  Media  Web  2.0  Instagram  Vine  Flickr  Tumblr  philosophy  identity  Jack  Dorsey  Kevin  Systrom  David  Karp  Kevin  Rose  Digg 
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