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Positive Psychologie - Warum Wohlbefinden wichtig für Leistung ist
Für die Definition von Leistung spielt Wohlbefinden bisher kaum eine Rolle. Die Psychologin Michaela Brohm-Badry plädiert für ein Umdenken: Nur wenn das Wohlbefinden des Menschen berücksichtigt würde, könnten Menschen ihr volles Potenzial entfalten. // wer depressed muede erschoepft und ohne alternative ist - gezwungen zu horchen - weil er am ende kein 100£ aufm konto hat - kann keine revolution anfangen oder an der revolution mitmachen. Byung-Chul Han - In Fatigue Society (original German title: Die Müdigkeitsgesellschaft)
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Meat In Moderation: Media Reacts to WHO Cancer Report - YouTube
Response as expected. Moderation and Balanced. Its Position. Positioning as part of your lifestyle, life, reward yourself, treat yourself. most known "have a break have a kit kat. [...] [and share]" And Pick Your Poison, YOLO you know. Mass media are also reliant on Food Industry Advertising, stupid! Obvious conflict of interest. Editor "No you can't go so hard on them, write it in a balanced way." // First Video from their Channel - World Health Organization: Meat Causes Cancer! - //&! & //&! FOOD (Junk Food, Engineered Sweets to addiction) AS REWARD FOR CHILDREN- - child abuse in the making. Developing bad habit. Later in life you come home from a stressful day ... and reward yourself with food and alcohol, because you feel emotionally drained and stressed out.
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Google and blogs: “Shit.” –
Landscaped changed dramatically ~2009/10 forward for blogs/content creators. >> blogs have to be now niche, focused, regular content w engagement (due to algos/ranking), ... // "If you want traffic, Google’s arc makes clear to publishers, you’re going to have to pay for it." Include Facebook. Include Twitter (Promoted Tweets). Include Snapchat (Discover, Linkedin (Pulse). >> All gained sized, thus noise, people gaming the system, ... thus owner changes rules and system for his/her advantage and gain (profit maximization). // // even content curators (by hand) can be 1/2 noise. And the summaries are just shorter bouts of noise to scan through (, Mahalo) - its like joining the dark force. // Things come and go in waves/trends; thus the next wave/trend could be self-published long-form niche content partially free (The Information, ebooks, Pando) which are remarkable (Seth Godin) // snacking is SO western lifestyle, even for information/news - is lowering productivity/focus
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