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How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard - YouTube
betrayed by politicians. jews got the blame partially and the established politicians / and left wing weak by internal squabbles. / exploiting peoples fear, uncertainty, anger and calls for change from the status quo
Brexit  WW2  Adolf  Hitler  history  Donald  Trump  AfD  UKIP  Front  National  Rechtsruck  right-wing  far-right  Career  Politicians  Centrists  Centrist  UK  USA  European  Union  globalisation  globalization  France  GFC  bank  bailout  Sovereign  Debt  Crisis  Austerity  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse 
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Noam Chomsky - Why Does the U.S. Support Israel? - YouTube
towards end: Mainstream media marching in line w state power. #Lügenpresse
Noam  Chomsky  Israel  USA  Jewish  Jewish  Community  history  UK  WW2  WWII  Palestine  geopolitics  Lügenpresse  mainstream  mainstream  media  Iraq  War 
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How Billionaires Built The Radical Right! - YouTube
Modern fascism poisons public communication channels. // Obstructing democracy and social democracy. // Insurgency tactic! Like Conservatives adopting some Labour proposed policies! // Undermining faith in government! // no transparency where party funding comes from!
plutocracy  oligarchy  USA  Career  Politicians  vested  interest  Super  Rich  1%  interest  groups  book  democracy  history  No  Representation  far-right  corporate  media  Fear  fearmongering  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Polarisation  populism  propaganda  Lügenpresse  Russia  Gini  coefficient  Xenophobia  WW2  Religion  Homophobia  social  democracy  barackobama  presidency  nasty  party  Funding  Conservative  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  fossil  fuel  Progressive  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  UK  Super  PAC  corruption  bribery  transparency  accountability  governance 
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Video "Hitlers Polizei" | Dokumentation und Reportage | ARD Mediathek
Police as instrumental piece for Power. First to use is against political enemies. Then against all other enemies! ... Gesinnungswandel. Nazifizierung. Als ueberlebenschance. Als einzige job security. Angleichung. Bedinnungslose hingabe. // History doesn't have to repeat itself, but rhymes. // wegsperren aller die als gefahr gesehen werden. und wenn man auch dafuer gesetze machen muss, spezial fuer diese faelle. regiemgegner. "Schutzhaft" als Schreckensinstument. ohne vor einem richter zu kommen, ohne verteidiger. Willkuer und Terror! --- Geheimpolizei Gestapo. "Staatsfeindliche taetigkeit." "Volksschaedlinge." "Volkshygiene" << ie LGBT etc "Fremdkoerper" // Im polizeigefaengnis werden dann gestaendnisse ... erzwungen. Wie im Krieg gegen den Terror heute. // Aus polizisten werden polizei soldaten, nicht dem rechtsstaats dienig, sondern dem Fuehrer.
WW2  WWI  Polizeistaat  Police  State  Adolf  Hitler  Holocaust  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  Dictatorship  Military  State  military–industrial  activists  activism  democracy  social  democracy  history  GCHQ  NSA  profiling  Stasi  Stasi  2.0  Ziviler  Ungehorsam  Occupy  Central  occupywallstreet  Machtgehabe  Machtspiele  Machtausübung  Fear  Separation  of  powers  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  Patriot  Act  War  on  Terror  Abu  Ghraib  FISA  Court  FISAAA  Secret  Courts  Snoopers  Charter  Guantanamo  Bay  Gestapo  Whistleblower  Torture 
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The World’s Most Famous Case Of Hyperinflation (Part 1) | Zero Hedge
The Treaty of Versailles // “I believe that the campaign for securing out of Germany the general costs of the war was one of the most serious acts of political unwisdom for which our statesmen have ever been responsible.” – John Maynard Keynes, representative of the British Treasury Keynes believed the sums being asked of Germany in reparations were many times more than it was possible for Germany to pay. He thought that this could create large amounts of instability with the global financial system.
The  Treaty  of  Versailles  hyperinflation  economic  history  WWI  WW1  debt  jubilee  WW2  WWII  Super  Cycle 
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Michael Lüders über den Krieg in Syrien - 10.09.2015 - YouTube
- Russia about to support Assad!? If Assad falls, ISIS all across Syria. West Airstrike tactic/offinsive is only for public posturing. And Saudi Arabia is supplying ISIS. And West has a foot in Iran after atom-negotiations. Israel is another political/geopolitical/religious player. And NATO gives green light to bomb PKK which fights against ISIS. ... LOL. // ISIS, Taliban, al-Qaida is made in USA. // Europe pays price for USA foreign policy! trying to export western values and democracy into Middle East. // 20 year civil war in Middle East followed by decades of USA military intervention. // USA training fighter to fight against ISIS and Assad is not working! // Diplomacy is falling short. Especially w current sactions against Russia by West because of Ukraine/Crimea Crisis. // Complexity of situation can not be solved w bombs and military invasion ... // &! - Book - Middle East history.
Saudi  Arabia  Middle  East  Syrien  Syria  Assad  Iraq  War  Afghanistan  Pakistan  Jordan  Foreign  Aid  Eritrea  Africa  history  military  intervention  military–industrial  complex  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  UK  USA  Germany  European  Union  Lybia  Egypt  Arab-Spring  food  prices  National  Security  civil  ISIS  al-Qaida  Russia  Ukraine  Ukrain  China  Turkey  Israel  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Religion  OPEC  Iran  affairs  policy  relations  Noam  Chomsky  geopolitics  Taliban  NATO  PKK  Crimea  Crisis  vladimirputin  Putin  diplomacy  refugee  2015  WW2  British  Empire  Empire  World  Police  presidency  barackobama  Career  Politicians  Machtspiele  Machtgehabe  Machtpolitik  extremism  9/11 
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How NSA and GCHQ spied on the Cold War world - BBC News
American and British intelligence used a secret relationship with the founder of a Swiss encryption company to help them spy during the Cold War, newly released documents analysed by the BBC reveal.
Cold  War  NSA  GCHQ  MI5  MI6  surveillance  state  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  military–industrial  history  European  Orwellian  encryption  Cryptopocalypse  cryptography  Enigma  WW2  USA  UK 
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Münchau: Merkel zwischen Schuldenkonferenz und Grexit - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ Groesste feigheit und intelectual cynicism of EU history. "Alternativlos." BIS warned, time was wasted. ] Mit ideologischer Verbohrtheit beharren die Deutschen darauf, dass Griechenland all seine Kredite zurückzahlen muss - was so oder so nicht geschehen wird. Höchste Zeit also für eine Schuldenkonferenz! // Case of history - Treaty of Versailles = Nationalism (Nazi) and Rechtsruck! Happened in Greece and Co. and in Germany. // People learned and after WW2 and came together to give Europe a chance! >> London Debt Agreement (German: Londoner Schuldenabkommen) "An important term of the agreement was that repayments were only due while West Germany ran a trade surplus, and that repayments were limited to 3% of export earnings. This gave Germany’s creditors a powerful incentive to import German goods, assisting reconstruction." - - also periphery countries like France, Italy, Spain and Portugal were encouraged by Allies not to demand war reparations.
Greece  Grexit  PIIGS  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis  debtoverhang  ideology  propaganda  WW1  WW2  Treaty  of  Versailles  debt  jubilee  European  History  London  Agreement  Londoner  Schuldenabkommen  common  good  common  sense  Gesellschaft  dogma  populism  economic  society  austerity  trickle-down  economics  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  solidarity  Angela  Merkel  IMF  Troika  Wolfgang  Schäuble  World  Bank  Jean-Claude  Juncker  ChristineLagarde  academia  academics  sustainable  sustainability  Super  Cycle  debt  restructuring  haircut  debt  bubble  TBTF  too  big  to  jail  toobigtofail  crony  capitalism  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Leadership  Legacy  vision  European  Union  fiscal  transferunion  Eurobond  lost  decade  lost  generation  GroKo  Sigmar  Gabriel  manufactured  consent  corporate  state  democracy  Lügenpresse  political  theory  political  error  political  economy  political  folly  policy  folly  policy  error  ECB  MarioDraghi  Makers  Great  Depression  GFC  recovery  output  gap  bailout  zombie  banks  banking  EuropeanSystemicRiskBoard  BIS 
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Greek economy close to collapse as food and medicine run short | World news | The Guardian
Banks said they had a €1bn cash buffer to see them through the weekend – equal to just €90 (£64) a head for the 11 million-strong population – and would require immediate help from the European Central Bank on Monday whatever the result of the referendum, in which the two sides are running neck and neck. Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s prime minister, was fighting for his political life on Friday night, using a rally to say that a no vote would enable him to negotiate a reform-for-debt-relief deal with the country’s creditors. [ Greece needs debt jubilee (and Allies urged also to forgo reparations) like post-WW2/Nazi Germany got that enabled it to economically succeed, but Greece (and its people) is not seen as too big to fail and not critical for European stability. A 20 year debt repayment pause that IMF last week brought in, is not enough. It is just a delay. It's economically not sound. Just opportunism to show to the public 'we do something.' ]
debt  jubilee  Germany  history  WW2  haircut  sustainable  sustainability  sovereign  debt  crisis  Grexit  PIGS  contagion  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  monetary  union  Leadership  IMF  ChristineLagarde  Angela  Merkel  Jean-Claude  Juncker  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Career  Politicians  European  solidarity  Gesellschaft  Greece  debt  bubble  debt  restructuring  Opportunism  opportunist  Wirtschaftswunder  economic  history  zombie  banks  bailout  Troika  EFSF  Syriza  ECB  MarioDraghi  ELA  austerity  ideology 
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Wehrmacht-General Friedrich Paulus: Hitlers feiger Feldherr - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Es war aussichtslos, doch Wehrmacht-General Friedrich Paulus ließ weiterkämpfen bis zuletzt. Aus Angst. 1943 endete der Kampf um Stalingrad mit der Vernichtung der 6. Armee. Porträt eines Nazi-Feldherren, der sich erst vor der Schlacht verkroch - und später in der DDR niederließ.
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Doku: Wollt ihr wieder Krieg? Der Hungerwinter - Überleben im zerbombten Deutschland (ARD ) - YouTube
800kcal post-war rationing by Allies in their Zone &! and nothing in Soviet Zone. No provisioning. // Still, even Britain had long time post-war ration cards only. Whole Europe had to ration the food they produced. // And the first post-war winter 1946/47 hits with more than -20 degrees Celsius. - &! &! &! // &! // Soviets pillaged East Germany; food and industrial goods and machinery! Contrary how western allies sought to rebuild West Germany, their zone, forgoing reparations and a 50% debt jubilee >> // &! // It didnt took long for Germans in the Allied Zone to go on the street early 1947. While in the Soviet Zone, people chose suicide. // &!
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Die Lüge vom Wirtschaftswunder - Marshall Plan, D Mark, die Korruption des Ludwig Erhard - YouTube
Brain drain from east to west Germany! most important in Germany's post-war economic history! human capital and intellectual property. // 2nd - 50% debt jubilee for Germany & other European countries did forgoe war reparations bc USA pressured them and promised them Germany will produce machinery and material (enabled by war time industrial parks) that will rebuild Europe. // - Mythos Trümmerfrauen - Mehr Wunsch als Wirklichkeit
Troika  IMF  World  Bank  Wirtschaftswunder  Marshall  Plan  Germany  economic  history  Europe  European  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  PIGS  bailout  propaganda  Made  in  Germany  Brand  stereotype  productivity  WW2  WWII  brain  drain  human  capital  intellectual  property  Exportweltmeister 
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Hitler und Amerika - Geld kennt keine Grenzen - Doku 2015 (NEU in HD) - YouTube "Henry Ford's anti-Semitic views echoed the fears and assumptions of many Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Anti-Semitism in America saw a change in expression and virulence when increased immigration from Europe brought millions of Jews to the U.S. during Ford's childhood in the latter half of the 19th century. It reached its peak during the mid-1920s: a time when Ku Klux Klan membership had reached four million, Prohibition restricted alcohol consumption, and discriminatory immigration policies were enacted favoring immigrants from northern and western Europe over other parts of the world." // - I.G. Farben // &! // // no shared economic interest, rootless global corporations where money is the actual dictator. period.
Ford  GM  General  Motors  Esso  WW2  WWII  IBM  crony  capitalism  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  history  Exxon  Standard  Oil  Opel  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Industrialist  business  magnate  corporate  governance  corporate  values 
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Guido Knopp über "Stunde Null" - YouTube - Schlacht um Berlin - Stunde Null &! Der 8. Mai 1945 - Deutschlands Stunde Null? - History Live vom 03.05.2015 - &! "Deutschland und die doppelte Stunde Null" - Unter den Linden vom 04.05.2015 - &! Background to 3rd Reich - Innenansichten Deutschland 1937 - Der schöne Schein des Dritten Reiches (Doku) - "aus Angst vor dem was noch kommen koennte, mit Hitler (NSDAP) mitgegangen." WW1 >> Treaty of Versailles >> Geld- und Wertvernichtung durch Inflation >> Great Depression >> Uncertainty & Fear (Safety Anxiety) bc NSDAP & SS take out any perceived rebels [Himmler & surveillance and spies] ['either you are with us or against us and will eventually sabotage us and Germany's success & growth back to old stenght'] [!!!HISTORY RHYMES!!!] >> Hitler takes advantage with his Charisma // - The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler &!
WW2  WWII  Adolf  Hitler  propaganda  history  democracy  freedom  of  press  Pressefreiheit  Lügenpresse  Stasi  Stasi  2.0  surveillance  state  surveillance  NSDAP  Orwellian  World  Police  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  Career  Politicians  European  Unrechtsstaat  Staatsfeind  Religion  freedom  of  expression  free  speech  Dictatorship  Meinungsfreiheit 
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Kriegsende 8. Mai 1945: Helmut Schmidt, Schuld und die Nazis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Statt Reue also Rabulistik: Schmidt flüchtet vor den Verbrechen der Vergangenheit in eine humanitäre Hybris, an der sich die BRD in den vergangenen 70 Jahren selbst ergötzt hat. Das war der Zaubertrick der besseren Deutschen. Und so steht man mal wieder ziemlich fassungslos da und schaut einigen aus dieser Generation zu, wie sie um Begriffe und Worte und Tatsachen herumtänzeln, die doch alle längst geklärt sind. [...] "Abgeschlossen ist die deutsche Auseinandersetzung mit der eigenen Vergangenheit nicht, und sie wird es auch niemals sein", sagte der Historiker Heinrich August Winkler in seiner Rede vor dem Bundestag. "Jede Generation wird ihren eigenen Zugang zum Verständnis einer so widerspruchsvollen Geschichte wie der deutschen suchen."
WW2  WWII  Holocaust  Philosophy  sociology  psychology  history  European  post-racial  America  racial  segregation  USA  Jim  Crow  Justice  System  prison–industrial  complex  mandatory  minimum  sentences  Germany  British  Empire  UK 
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Why Hitler Lost the War: German Strategic Mistakes in WWII - YouTube
min 30 engineered brain drain by Hitler. "We [US] had more intelligent German Scientist than the Germans had." // min 32 Nobelprize winners by Nationality (Pre WW2) Germany - USA (16 - 5) / Post-war 1950 till 2000 Germany - USA (7 - 67)
WW2  WWII  brain-drain  brain  drain  war  for  talent  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  Xenophobia  homophobic  Homophobia  society  culture  Germany  USA  Nazi  racism  post-racial  America  Europe  history  war-for-talent  ID  Top 
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The rape of Berlin - BBC News
Besides the social stigma, in East Germany it was sacrilegious to criticise Soviet heroes who had defeated fascism while across the Wall in the West, the guilt for Nazi crimes made German suffering unmentionable.
WW2  WWII  war  crime  Holocaust  sexual  assault  sexual  violence 
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"Who does control the world?" - Noam Chomsky - BBC interview 2003 - YouTube
"Masters of the Universe" >> Wall Street. Hubris. // manufactured consent. // intellectuals write history //
Western  World  Iraq  War  Noam  Chomsky  Middle  East  hypocrisy  World  Police  War  on  Terror  military–industrial  complex  history  book  Wall  Street  British  Empire  WW2  IMF  World  Bank  9/11  society 
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▶ BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Hitler in History
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss how history has struggled to explain the enormity of the crimes committed in Germany under Adolf Hitler: we have had theories of ‘totalitarianism’, and of ‘distorted modernity’, debates between ‘intentionalists’ and their opponents the ‘structuralists’. The great political philosopher Hannah Arendt said, “Under conditions of tyranny, it is far easier to act than to think”. But somehow none of these explanations has seemed quite enough to explain how a democratic country in the heart of modern Europe was mobilised to commit genocide, and to fight a bitter war to the end against the world’s most powerful nations.With Ian Kershaw, historian and biographer of Hitler; Niall Ferguson, fellow and tutor in Modern History at Jesus College Oxford; Mary Fulbrook, Professor of German History at University College London.
Adolf  Hitler  WW2  WWII  Hitler  history  book 
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The man who missed killing Hitler by 13 minutes - BBC News
"All the people who did something against the Nazis were seen as traitors - not only in Nazi Germany but also in post-war Germany," says Johannes Tuchel, Elser's co-biographer and director of the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin. [...] Johannes Tuchel hopes the new film will make Elser and his story much better known, though he says he doesn't want him to become "a big national hero". "I want him as a man who, in a dark time for Germany, showed us that not all Germans were Nazis," he says. Much recent research into Nazism has focused on the many "ordinary Germans" who became perpetrators of the most terrible crimes. Elser's extraordinary story reminds us that there were some "ordinary Germans" who behaved in a very different way. // Stauffenberg Story -
Hitler  Adolf  Hitler  history  WW2  WWII  culture  Germany  Holocaust  Claus  von  Stauffenberg  Georg  Elser 
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Niklas Frank: Wir alle tragen den Doppelnamen "Auschwitz" | SWR1 Leute - YouTube
In dieser Abstraktion liegt die Distanzierung verborgen. Und in der geübten Pflichtschuldigkeit das Freimachen von Schuld. Nicht im Sinne einer unmittelbaren Schuld der heutigen Generationen. Aber im Sinne einer Schuld der unterlassenen Erinnerung. Fast 60 % der Deutschen fordern endlich, endlich einen Schlussstrich. In dieser Zahl wird das Versagen einer deutschen Gesellschaft deutlich, die nicht mehr betroffen sein will. Die das Erklärbare ins Unerklärliche hüllt und das Beschreibbare ins Unbeschreibliche. Als hätten nicht Menschen gehandelt. Als gäbe es keine niedersten Instinkte, die aus Bürokraten Mörder und aus braven Bürgern Henkersknechte machten. Und immer wieder machen können. - // &! &! &! &! Elie Wiesel addresses our capacity for humanity, inhumanity, violence and retribution.
Germany  history  society  Zivilgesellschaft  WW2  WWII  Holocaust  Philosophy  psychology  education  policy  Stasi  Stasi  2.0  Orwellian  State  Drone  Warfare  Iraq  War  World  Police  surveillance  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  Religion  extremism  radicalism  fanaticism  Nationalism  subhuman  Nazi  dehumanisation  humanity  inhumanity  violence  democracy  AfD  PEGIDA  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  NPD  Protest  Party  Protest  Partei 
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Sprachexperte Josef Klein zur Rede Richard von Weizsäckers am 8. Mai - SPIEGEL ONLINE
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Herr Klein, der ehemalige Bundespräsident Richard von Weizsäcker ist gestorben. Jetzt wird immer wieder eines gewürdigt: seine Rede zum 40. Jahrestag des Kriegsendes. Zu Recht? Klein: Völlig zu Recht. Diese Rede war die beste seines Lebens. Niemand zuvor hat so auf den Punkt gebracht, was die meisten Deutschen über den 8. Mai 1945 dachten und fühlten. Zudem kenne ich keine Rede, die so viel ehrliche Empathie für unterschiedliche Gruppen enthält - für die Opfer des Holocaust, aber auch für das Leid der Frauen, für die deutschen Soldaten und für die Heimatvertriebenen. Diese Rede ist nicht nur Rhetorik, sie ist auch menschlich und historisch einzigartig.
WW2  WWII  rethorik  Rhetoric  Germany  post-war  Germany  history  European  Politics 
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