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The World’s Most Famous Case Of Hyperinflation (Part 1) | Zero Hedge
The Treaty of Versailles // “I believe that the campaign for securing out of Germany the general costs of the war was one of the most serious acts of political unwisdom for which our statesmen have ever been responsible.” – John Maynard Keynes, representative of the British Treasury Keynes believed the sums being asked of Germany in reparations were many times more than it was possible for Germany to pay. He thought that this could create large amounts of instability with the global financial system.
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Münchau: Merkel zwischen Schuldenkonferenz und Grexit - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ Groesste feigheit und intelectual cynicism of EU history. "Alternativlos." BIS warned, time was wasted. ] Mit ideologischer Verbohrtheit beharren die Deutschen darauf, dass Griechenland all seine Kredite zurückzahlen muss - was so oder so nicht geschehen wird. Höchste Zeit also für eine Schuldenkonferenz! // Case of history - Treaty of Versailles = Nationalism (Nazi) and Rechtsruck! Happened in Greece and Co. and in Germany. // People learned and after WW2 and came together to give Europe a chance! >> London Debt Agreement (German: Londoner Schuldenabkommen) "An important term of the agreement was that repayments were only due while West Germany ran a trade surplus, and that repayments were limited to 3% of export earnings. This gave Germany’s creditors a powerful incentive to import German goods, assisting reconstruction." - - also periphery countries like France, Italy, Spain and Portugal were encouraged by Allies not to demand war reparations.
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The African soldiers dragged into Europe's war - BBC News
More than one million people died in East Africa during World War One. Some soldiers were forced to fight members of their own families on the battlefield because of the way borders were drawn up by European colonial powers, writes Oswald Masebo.
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BBC iPlayer - WW1 Uncut - 6. A Tommy's Sex Life
With all the coverage about #WW1 in the last months due to its anniversary ... this is the first time I've come across the topic of brothels, behind the trenches, AS SIGNIFICANT FEATURE of an allied forces soldier's life. "one of the less well-known aspects of WW1. In fact the maisons tolérées were a significant feature of life behind the front line and in towns such as Le Havre there was an extensive network of efficiently run brothels that provided a welcome relief from trench warfare. Inside, the madame-run establishments where the working girls were subject to regular health checks, provided by all accounts a pleasant, frivolous atmosphere whilst outside it was not unusual to see long queues, five or six men deep, even before opening hours. Soldiers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand tended to be better paid than their British colleagues and were therefore able to afford the pick of the girls. Even more divisive was that traditional British fault-line; the class system. ...
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