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Secret’s Demise and Uber’s Next Potential Acquisition by The Jay & Farhad Show
Jay Yarow (Business Insider) talk abt Secret’s demise; Google Ventures partner compares failed startup Secret to 'a bank heist' - &! Google Ventures partner sort of apologizes for comparing one of his portfolio companies to a 'bank heist' - // 2012-mid 2015 Environment: FOMO! // @StartupLJackson - - "Their big issue was that they were Silicon Valley famous before product-market fit, which meant the failure was public and the hype cycle inescapable. That may have been their fault, may not have been. Journalists can sort that out. Other founders: don’t ever do this." what other names/co come 2 mind, being Hyped, feeding the hype & failing very publicly!? Kevin Rose - Digg, Dennis Crowley fights not to fail publicly with Foursquare, Twitter post-IPO, FriendFeed in its own way, ?Photo? 40m no product, Bebo post-AOL acquisition, Consumer Products are inherently hard and luck based. Path.
Secret  Venture  Capital  Google  Ventures  FOMO  Silicon  Valley  ethical  machine  termsheet  Whisper  anonymity  pseudonym  Trend  Hype  Cycle  Yik  Yak  Beme  Casey  Neistat  Dennis  Crowley  foursquare  Digg  Kevin  Rose  consumer  product  Product/Market  Fit  Bebo  AOL  Twitter  Friendfeed  Path  Dave  Morin  Friendster  StudiVZ 
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Google CFO Ruth Porat Brings Fiscal Discipline - Bloomberg Business
- hire of Porat makes doubly sense in light of restructuring for the future to Alphabet Inc. holdings // w competition left and right, change in landscape, Europe antitrust, failed Google X project, and other failed acquisitions and internal (new) product launches ... making people able to move in a new landscape. Google is now and has been now for some time, the target for everyone.
Google  Inc.  Google  Google  Search  Alphabet  Inc.  conglomerate  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  competitive  competitiveness  Agile  capitalism  Don't  be  evil  Google  X  Google  Capital  Google  Ventures  Android  Sundar  Pichai  self-driving  cars  autonomous  car  Google  Fiber  Project  Loon  Makani  Nest  Labs  YouTube  Calico  business  management  R&D  competition  Google  Glass  Google  Wallet  Google  Play  Google  News 
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Google Creates New Company Called Alphabet, Restructures Stock - Bloomberg Business
[ Cracking under Wall Streets pressure ] The new structure [ holding company ] will give greater clarity into how Google invests in various ventures, including driverless cars, high-speed Internet service and health-related technologies. It also makes it easier to make any future acquisitions or potential divestments. [...] Sundar Pichai, Page’s deputy, will be promoted to become CEO of Google Inc., which generates the bulk of the company’s $60 billion in annual revenue. Omid Kordestani will transition from his role as chief business officer to become an adviser to Alphabet and Google. “Sergey and Larry will be able to allocate their time differently between the core and non-core businesses,” “You have Sundar focusing on the core business, and you will have Larry and Sergey kind of looking at the future growth businesses.” [...] [Larry Page] “Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable.” [ Google Inc. = Search worlds information. ]
Google  conglomerate  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  Alphabet  Inc.  Google  Search  Google  Inc.  capitalism  Don't  be  evil  Google  X  Google  Capital  Google  Ventures  Android  Sundar  Pichai  self-driving  cars  autonomous  car  Google  Fiber  Project  Loon  Makani  Nest  Labs  YouTube  Calico  business  management  R&D  competitive  competition  competitiveness  Agile  Google  Glass  Google  Wallet  Google  Play  Google  News 
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[PreMoney MIAMI] Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster, "Venture Outlook 2015 - Goldrush or Fool's Gold" - YouTube
(1) Change from Sales Funnel to Funnel of Intent on Mobile and Social Media. Lower Marketing/Early user acquisition cost at scale. And tap to credit cards to with one click through third party Platforms. And also Open Source Software Stacks and buying 'by time' the hardware stack on Google, AWS or Azure is paradigm shift. Results also in noise one has to break through first - raising the bar (by user choice) for everyone. (2) min10 - Value Creation held inside Private Market through growth & late-stage investing instead of IPO with single-class share structure with wobbily business numbers 'help you god that you aren't out 24m later' because of impatient Wall Street. (3) min14 Series D valuations show Private Market highest bidder wins phenomenon. But Valuations are up across the board. And with more Seed/Angel Investors, Seed Valuations are also bid up higher compared to ABC. // &! min29 - 500 Startups, Dave McClure "4 Years of Moneyball - What Have We Learned"
Silicon  Valley  Seed  Round  A  Round  growth  Venture  Capital  Sales  Funnel  Funnel  of  Intent  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  Social  Media  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  hunt  for  yield  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  secular  stagnation  productive  investment  Private  Market  Platform  TOS  2000  bubble  2008  IPO  Wall  Street  single-class  share  structure  SPV  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  Private  Equity  late-stage  funding  Unicorn  seedround  seedfunding  angelinvestor  angel-list  Angel  Investor  angelinvestors  incomplete  information  complexity  unintended  consequences  Dave  McClure  Mark  Suster  UpFront  Ventures  500  Start-ups  paradigm  shift 
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What the hell is happening at Google Ventures? | PandoDaily
allow people to save face and continue relationships with existing investments, while preventing anyone on the outside from guessing what’s really going on. It’s possible the phasing out Rose and relocation to a non-investing role for Siegler is all a wild coincidence of timing. But this much we know: At its core venture capital — particularly seed investing — is still a people business. Startups want one of two things in a venture firm. They either want dumb, deep pockets or a committed partner they know they can count on for advice, hiring help, and future funding. With the revolving door of departures, Google Ventures has solidly put itself in the first camp — at best. >> #save-face #soft-landing-aka-acquihire #its-nothing-personal #its-business || [...] Either way, this is horrible news for Google Ventures and their portfolio companies, marking effectively the third reboot of the partnership in just five short years.
Google  Ventures  Venture  Capital  Google  Politics  Power  Play  Silicon  Valley  acqui-hire  acquihire  Kevin  Rose 
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- Startups - George Zachary of Charles River Ventures - TWiST #237 - YouTube
interesting point about deflationary pressures ... ... min 59 - re-training of workforce - for the workplaces of the future. // min 1:00:00 social divide between the havs and the havs not. // education has to marry (50/50) liberal arts and practical skill sets for the future. mandatory will have to be technology basics and programming intro.
deflation  deflationary  technological  history  technological  progress  skill-biased  technological  change  ZIRP  NIRP  hunt  for  yield  asset  bubble  volatility  Fed  BOE  ECB  BOJ  QE  flat  world  globalisation  globalization  competitive  advantage  offshoring  outsourcing  comparative  advantage  comparative-advantage  competitiveness  education  policy  Debt  Super  Cycle  CAPEX  competitive  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  Year  of  Code  war  for  talent  San  Francisco  Silicon  Valley  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Venture  Capital  VC  workplace  workforce  Charles  River  Ventures  urbanisation  urban  planning  Los  Angeles  Start-Up  Scene  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  Palo  Alto  Public  Career  Politicians  Politics  transparency  communication  language  Vision  accountability  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Lean  Start-Up  immigration  emigration  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  society  social  mobility  income  mobility  leadership  education  MOOC  practical  skills  practical  skill  set 
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Google Ventures’ Bill Maris on Venture Capital in Silicon Valley | Re/code
The thing that reminds Maris of future success is 'great persistence' & the 'ability to focus intensely on a problem' ... [...] - Typical venture funds 'put a timeframe on innovation' w/ a time period VCs are expected to invest & return $ back to LPs; Maris says 'we’re not beholden to Silicon Valley economics'
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Product/Market  Fit  focused  focus  execution  Silicon  Valley  Venture  Capital  Google  Ventures 
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