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Battle for power at Uber as investor sues ex-CEO Travis Kalanick alleging fraud | Technology | The Guardian
Kalanick failed to disclose vital information about the self-driving truck startup Otto before Uber acquired it for $680m in 2016, the complaint alleges. That acquisition has been tainted by a massive lawsuit brought by Google spinoff Waymo over allegations that former Google engineer and Otto founder Anthony Levandowski stole Google’s intellectual property and took it to Uber.

The lawsuit makes clear that Benchmark blames Kalanick personally for the mess, which poses a serious danger to Uber’s ability to develop its own autonomous vehicle technology. //&! &! &!
Uber  Otto  Google  Waymo  VC  TravisKalanick  self-driving  autonomous  AI 
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Pando: Good news! B rounds have doubled in value over five years!
B Round! doubling down on (to a certain point) proven ideas as they move to make themselves solid/viable (building business model & continued growth if not even putting some more gasoline on the fire with a B Round - allocation of resources). thus there is competition thus bidding up in a private market. BUT BUT also reflects the rising cost! Rising cost to grow, the war for talent to scale, and the cost in said hubs/ecosystems where the talent are already working on scaling other companies, where rent is sky high and space rare to expand office, ops, ramp up head count, ... // why, on a side note!, ? because global ZIRP, NIRP, QE, hunt for yield, FOMO, property speculation, alternative asset management and allocation (newly minted paper millionaers) have bid up prices in metropolitan and hot cities by credit bubbles around the world. bc financial markets are global, thus your allocation/diversification is global, not limited where ur home addr is. adding to volatiliy too bc of froth!
Silicon  Valley  Seed  Round  Party  Round  SPV  Venture  Capital  Private  Market  FOMO  hunt  for  yield  B  Round  A  Round  growth  Private  Equity  Hedge  Fund  Angel  Investor  Micro  VC  2015  cost  of  living  credit  bubble  cost  of  entry  aspirational  leverage  margin  trading  asset  bubble  asset  allocation  distortion  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  BOJ  Abenomics  PBOC  Fed  unintended  consequences  burn  rate  runway  ECB  Mutual  Fund  unknown  unkown  inflation  targeting  Fed  mandate  inflation  expectation  secular  stagnation  deflationary  deflation  economic  growth  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation  reflate  reflation  monetary  policy  unconventional  monetary  policy  financial  financial  repression  western  world  Developing  BRIC  emerging  complexity  incomplete  information 
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We’re gonna need a bigger round...
After 15 years of staggering declines, the cost of building a company in San Francisco is rising sharply // prohibitive! diluting too much too early. // China and other BRIC paper millionaers divesting into property speculators, around the world. every city that has seen substantial price appreciation +10-20% over last +5 years // hot money from monetary policy, excess reserves, flushing around the globe //
cost  of  entry  cost  of  living  living  standard  living  spaces  standard  of  living  city  living  commuting  London  Start-up  Scene  San  Francisco  burn  rate  runway  advice  lesson  urbanisation  urban  planning  Mountain  View  Palo  Alto  Redwood  growth  round  Venture  Capital  hunt  for  yield  FOMO  asset  allocation  asset  bubble  speculative  bubbles  property  bubble  hot-money  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  China  PBOC  2015  credit  bubble  Fed  ECB  BOJ  excess  reserves  economic  history  equity  bubble  bond  bubble  bubbles  speculative  speculation  Micro  VC  Limited  Partners  Angel  Investor  Seed  Party  valuation  globalization  globalisation  flat  world  borderless 
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Pando: In the Valley, pre-seed is a meme. In New York, it’s a necessity
// cost of entry? // unable to make it happen? // Can't you write software from anywhere? // problem, heavily diluted early on approaching A/B, traditional shops don't like the cap table of pre-seed, angels, seed, accelerator & Micro VC's already owning ~+40% ... you come to a traditional A/B shop and not one of the existing investors is actually leading the round or committed in paper do double down? // // from a financial perspective/investment/math --- in the PRIVATE MARKET thrown under the bus by NIRP, QE, hunt for yield and FOMO (looking for their female unicorn or own Zuck) everyone can run 100 burger stands with unlimited/stellar returns in their spreadsheet model (bc cost of capital being 0 or negative). Despite the deflation of price of software & hosting (marginal cost, economics of abundance), Talent got bid up heavily (+200k/y in LA by Snapchat) in certain cities (SV, NY, London) // &! Steen Jakobsen - - min 16 avg guy does not have access to credit!
Seed  Round  Party  Round  Venture  Capital  Micro  VC  barriers  to  entry  cost  of  entry  London  Start-up  Scene  ecosystem  New  York  Scene  burn  rate  runway  traction  A  Round  seedfunding  funding  Angel  Investor  dilution  cap  table  lesson  advice  liquidation  preferences  hunt  for  yield  2015  distortion  FOMO  equity  bubble  credit  bubble  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  asset  allocation  Limited  Partners  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  Wall  Street  asset  bubble  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  Silicon  Valley  Private  Market  Public  Market  reflate  reflation  cost  of  living  valuation  Unicorn  Decacorn  cost  of  leverage  financial  repression  financial  literacy  financial  financial  cycle  business  cycle  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  hubris  panic  irrational  exuberance  retail  banking  investment  banking  fractional  reserve  banking  banking  crisis 
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Why I'm Moving My Business From San Francisco to St. Louis | Need/Want
// one VC/Angel said, its not that you run out of money, you run out of time to find the magic that makes things for your product work, MVP, Product/Market Fit, that kick up in net promoter score, that multiple in q/q growth, etc etc. // If you’re trying to bootstrap, being based in San Francisco is awful. [ Same with London and New York followed by LA and Seattle. ] Cheap cities are startup friendly. [ don't opt for Edinburgh, if go to Glasgow or Manchester (which got already a small start-up scene plus Media City, Salford) ] We’re an internet company. We don’t need to be tied to a specific location. Hiring remote and having a distributed work force is far cheaper than hiring locally and making everyone come into an office. // &!
San  Francisco  Palo  Alto  Mountain  View  growth  round  Google  Facebook  Venture  Capital  hunt  for  yield  Silicon  Valley  barriers  to  entry  cost  of  living  cost  of  entry  burn  rate  runway  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Seed  Angel  Investor  Micro  VC  bootstraped  bootstrapping  bootstrapped  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  Los  Angeles  Start-Up  Scene  asset  allocation  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  Taper  Unicorn  Decacorn  2015 
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Fear Trumps Greed in Silicon Valley as Some Venture Firms Hedge - Bloomberg Business
[... high ops cost associated w SF/Palo Alto ... fancy office (and expensive (rarefied) developers from Google or Facebook) in SF as a sign of success while burning +2m per year at least with no cash flow in sight ... and with all consumer products being free and hoping to finance themselves in the future with advertising ... ] Some VCs are urging their companies to build a rainy day fund to ensure their survival. [...] It’s a constant battle deciding whether to invest in a potentially lucrative deal, said Philadelphia financier Rudy Karsan: “Greed versus fear.” [ Softbank Capital just last week came out publicly with a shift in strategy, to invest now ONLY in proven winners, at slightly premium to get in (and with preferred liquidation preferences in writing), &focus resources on those portfolio companies ... than to compete in a crowded, distorted, muggy, in transparent, very speculative (with lots of ifs and luck and bet on CEO to execute well) A-, B- (and C-Round) market. ]
Silicon  Valley  burn  rate  runway  cash  flow  cash-is-king  hunt  for  yield  distortion  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  growth  round  SPV  war  for  talent  Private  Market  Private  Equity  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  bubble  USA  Fed  Taper  asset  bubble  asset  allocation  Angel  Investor  Seed  business  model  advertising  VC  Venture  Capital  Greed  FOMO  bubble  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation  SoftBank  Capital  IPO  NASDAQ  A  Unicorn  Decacorn  termsheet  liquidation  preferences  exit  strategy  M&A  acquisition  acquihire  acqui-hire  business  cycle  business  plan  business  investment  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  leverage  debtoverhang  irrational  exuberance 
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The frustrating, no-win "Goldilocks Zone" of seed deals
Don’t do party rounds. Raise as much as you possibly can so you don’t get crunched. Don’t raise money from just seed funds. Don’t raise money from just big name VCs unless you know you’ll breakthrough, and then absolutely do. And actually you never know that, so nevermind. Oh, and good luck rationalizing all of this advice, first timers. [...] TL;DR version: Large VC firms may do lots of seed deals but each partner will only do one to two Series A deals a year. So basic math tells you it’s a game of survivor. Most of the seed deals will not get a Series A from that firm. The concern is if you don’t quite make the cut, is the signal so bad to other VCs that you are worse off than if you never raised that, say, $200k from a big name VC to begin with? [ not every product consumer or b2b will not be a 500m/1bn dollar company, thus it's not worth it to raise risk capital and just grind it out!? at a sustainable pace, putting back in what you earned. ] &!
Seed  Round  Party  Round  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Angel  Investor  Micro  VC  Venture  Capital  Series  A  seedround  seedfunding  traction  business  model  Silicon  Valley  economies  of  scale  pageviews  Unicorn  valuation  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation 
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Sacca: Bad Deals Are Being Done in Silicon Valley - Bloomberg Business
min 3 - normal people have been prices out of SV, SF, Palo Alto and around the region. sw engineers with entitelment and very little compassion. // &! &! &! (Amazon, Fb, Google, eBay, all had cash flow during its growth past IPO, Twitter ops too expensive compared to scale, living beyond its means. does not need to invest in warehouses (Amazon) nor data centers (Google)) // &! &! &! &! &! &! - Sarah Lacy from pando argues, he bleeds green - &!
Chris  Sacca  Silicon  Valley  ecosystem  Twitter  runway  burn  rate  cash  flow  business  model  San  Francisco  Palo  Alto  hunt  for  yield  distortion  growth  round  SPV  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  late-stage  funding  Private  Market  Private  Equity  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  cash-is-king  Bill  Gurley  Unicorn  Hype  Cycle  inflation  Venture  Capital  Micro  VC  Angel  Investor  war  for  talent 
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New stats show raising Seed money from big VCs increases survival. (The opposite of what everyone in the Valley says) | PandoDaily
(2) Don’t do a “party round” (2) Don’t raise money from a major VC. They will only follow on with the best companies and the signaling risk if they say no can be damning. [...] The companies who raised funds from large VC firms did better than those who raised funds from micro-VCs. [...] The anecdotal stuff is true & the data is true. The answer to how thats possible lies, as everything else in venture world does, with a massive range of quality & low barriers to get in. [...] the # of firms who invest at least $1 million a quarter 4 at least four straight quarters, there are only a paltry 97 firms left in the industry. [...] Raising big institutional funds is hard. Even shitty big VC firms have 2 meet some kind of bar 2 get that money — which is increasingly disappearing in the US. [...] [ hypothesis/thesis of micro-VC is flawed & opportunistic of lower Start-up cost 2 get from idea 2 MVP 2 Product/Market Fit with some traction. higher delta between good & bad co&mVC&angel ]
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Venture  Capital  Seed  Round  Angel  Investor  Party  Round  distortion  hunt  for  yield  economic  history  unintended  consequences  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  technological  history  technological  progress  Micro-VC  VC  Product/Market  Fit  post-traction  Series  A  MVP  meritocracy  meritocratic  Accelerator  ycombinator  Seed  Camp  TechStars  500  Start-ups 
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Tapping mobile communication between parents and teachers, Remind scores $40M | VentureBeat | Deals | by Barry Levine
Teacher/student/parent messaging co @RemindHQ raises $40M C led by @kpcb, Social + Capital & @firstround; Remind's app (iOS, Android) facilitates education-related comms & disallows 1-to-1 messaging; the startup has raised $59.5M to date. || not the +1bn/10bn idea VC so often like to talk about in Interviews. thing is, those +10bn make actually the difference in a fund and one hopes to have one in his portfolio.
Vertical  Niche  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Venture  Capital  VC  Silicon  Valley 
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Bad Notes on Venture Capital
Me: Yup. I see that all the time. I know how to structure around that to protect the founders from getting screwed on a multiple liquidation preference. But most VCs don’t bother so many convertible note founders get screwed and never know it until they sell their companies. My colleague: Whoa. Me: Yup. The whole industry has strangely accepted this artificial structure for all the wrong reasons. There are a million ways to do quick, easy, low-cost rounds with prices. There are a bunch of ways to offer cheaper pricing to people who commit early without notes. But founders these days seem strangely unfocused on finance and on terms that could hurt them even though we fought to the death about these same terms 10 years ago. [...] I have never come across a sophisticated A, B or C round venture capitalist who thinks convertible notes are a smart move for entrepreneur or investor. // via
convertible  note  convertible  notes  seedround  seedfunding  openangelforum  angelinvestor  angelinvestors  Venture  Capital  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  VC  Mark  Suster  funding 
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European Investor Admits He Pestered Female Entrepreneur For Sex In “Deal” Email | TechCrunch
But the way tech investing works is that people tend to invest in people like themselves. The horrible laws of homophily, the tendency of individuals to associate and bond with similar others, mean that they inevitably prefer to invest in people like them, and the cycle continues. Men tend to invest in men. Yet tech is forming the world as we know it today. It pervades every part of our world and will do for rest of human history. And this is a world that women occupy. Women who have their own capacities and ambitions to succeed and to make their impact in their own way. [...] We have to work out what it means for men and women to work equally in this industry — since we have so few examples of women rising to the top. || 2nd girl @luciemontel / @geschehaas || +YC
Women  in  Tech  abuse  of  power  code  of  conduct  code  of  social  conduct  diversity  inclusive  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  gender  policing  gender  bias  gender  gap  discrimination  racial  discrimination  ethnic  minority  black  minority  minority  ethnic  discrimination  Silicon  Valley  jock  culture  Campus  white  male  privilege  entitlement  privilege  Privileged  male  privilege  inequality  homophily  bias  confirmation  bias  stereotype  prejudice  judgement  labels  label  boxes  Gesche  Wai-Yi  Haas  Gesche  Haas  Play  Patriarchy  Matriarchy  meritocratic  meritocracy  Venture  Capital  VC  No  Representation  STEM  Sexual  objectification  objectification  ycombinator 
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Fortune confirms that Secret’s anti-bullying system doesn’t work | PandoDaily
K Swisher "A stunt, but a good one" + - Frank Warren believes that new anonymous secret-sharing apps such as Secret and Whisper are unoriginal and potentially dangerous. [...] today anonymous communication services have become, to the surprise of many, big business. In July, the app Secret, popular within the San Francisco tech community, || Anonymous apps can learn from Chinese censors. No one knows how to scale real time "moderation" better than China. - << if a community can't police itself. it isn't a community. it is a random bunch of people (mostly priviledged & entitled white male) with ego's and status anxiety, residing in SV/SF under the eyes of the Patriarchy (VC's/Valley Boy's/ppl calling themselves "Elite") and scoop hungry wannabe tech journalists. || + Pando's Sarah Lacy
Springform  moderation  online  forum  Whisper  Secret  society  social  status  status  anxiety  sociology  psychology  social  science  social  study  status  symbol  Yik  Yak  Silicon  Valley  San  Francisco  bubble  jock  culture  Campus  gossip  culture  gossip  Alain  de  Botton  brogrammer  Fetish  VC  Venture  Capital  ego  Perspective  white  male  privilege  entitlement  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  cyber  bullying  cyber  mobbing  anonym  anonymity  anonymous  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  governance  ethics  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  morals  defamation  Libel 
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Women Won't Name Harassing Venture Capitalists, Even Anonymously || "It's not my place to dictate a solution, but I think until victims can name names this won't change." It's structural. It's the patriarchy of the Valley VC's slash boys club slash 'Valley Boys' slash brogrammers slash The Fetish ... the power they hold. People think they hold. The power to enable you to make it big (or acqui-hire) or out rightly fail. But that is a dogma. Those who made it big, didn't make it because of the patriarchy ... the future ones definitely won't bow down to the dogma, if they are actually smart and have the guts and the heart and personal values in the right place. // 'living inside their own bubble without perspective - feedback loops.' + + >> 'bossy' // +
brogrammer  Venture  Capital  VC  dogma  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  gender  inequality  gender  discrimination  racial  discrimination  discrimination  ethnic  minority  minority  black  minority  Women  in  Tech  STEM  Female  Founders  Misogynie  misogyny  gender  gap  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  bias  gender  equality  gender  norms  gender  role  gender  conforming  gender  non-conforming  stereotype  bias  prejudice  judgement  white  male  privilege  entitlement  male  privilege  privilege  Privileged  jock  culture  Campus  Fetish  Silicon  Valley  bubble  San  Francisco  war  for  talent  self-awareness  Perspective  Power  Play  abuse  of  code  of  social  conduct  Sheryl  Sandberg  Lean  Bossy  language  communication 
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Is everything we know about what makes a good VC just wrong? | PandoDaily
Still, I’ve heard that idea — operational experience as the mark of a great investor — countless times in the past twelve months. As a founder, I resonate with everything everyone says about good and bad investors on an emotional level. I used to think entrepreneurs were too whiney about interfering board members and VCs. Guys, they gave you millions of dollars to build your dream with no obligation on the downside should you completely blow it and lose it all! You think they shouldn’t have a say in the company? But I get it now. I can’t tell you how times in the past two and a half years I’ve said the words “easier said than done.” The worst conversations are ones where investors say something like: “Have you thought about hiring a world class sales guy?” [...] THERE IS NO 'apply this' PLAYBOOK. [VC's & Co are in THE SERVICE BUSINESS. Entrepreneurs are their customers. LPs ar their shareholders.]
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Venture  Capital  angelinvestor  openangelforum  angel-list  angelinvestors  VC  seedround  seedfunding  execution  Silicon  Valley  Palo  Alto 
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- Startups - George Zachary of Charles River Ventures - TWiST #237 - YouTube
interesting point about deflationary pressures ... ... min 59 - re-training of workforce - for the workplaces of the future. // min 1:00:00 social divide between the havs and the havs not. // education has to marry (50/50) liberal arts and practical skill sets for the future. mandatory will have to be technology basics and programming intro.
deflation  deflationary  technological  history  technological  progress  skill-biased  technological  change  ZIRP  NIRP  hunt  for  yield  asset  bubble  volatility  Fed  BOE  ECB  BOJ  QE  flat  world  globalisation  globalization  competitive  advantage  offshoring  outsourcing  comparative  advantage  comparative-advantage  competitiveness  education  policy  Debt  Super  Cycle  CAPEX  competitive  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  Year  of  Code  war  for  talent  San  Francisco  Silicon  Valley  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Venture  Capital  VC  workplace  workforce  Charles  River  Ventures  urbanisation  urban  planning  Los  Angeles  Start-Up  Scene  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  Palo  Alto  Public  Career  Politicians  Politics  transparency  communication  language  Vision  accountability  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Lean  Start-Up  immigration  emigration  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  society  social  mobility  income  mobility  leadership  education  MOOC  practical  skills  practical  skill  set 
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A fireside chat with Fred Wilson - YouTube
"We are in the service business, helping them being successful." VC guys - here to help you; council, scale, connect/network help, help where they can be helpful otherwise find the person who can help you with X (ie Chris Sacca seems to have special skill set that some companies can leverage for biz deals and negotiations - ie Uber [ ]). See a16z model; Operations Helpers (HR, Marketing, biz Dev.). That is where Angel Investors (single persons) and Seed Rounds lack value; the added value and the scalability (n+1 people behind VC company). In Finance School; the present value of the company is the future cash-flow (not necessarily profits), that is why companies who aimed for revenue growth are much more valuable than companies who aimed for margin. Term 'Investing in the future.' ;-) The future is uncertain by definition. Very uncertain. High risk, high potential returns. With given losers (losses non-leveraged, can't loose more than you've invested).
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Mark  Suster  Fred  Wilson  VC  Venture  Capital  Chris  Sacca  Angel  Investor  seedround  seedfunding  Twitter  Etsy  Dick  Costolo  execution  focused  focus  vision 
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Drowning in venture capital, mobile startups are waging unsustainable price wars | PandoDaily
upside of this up-cycle/up-business cycle? everyone with a little bit of chops and a MVP with little bit of traction can get capital. Downside? Everyone spends their capital. Would never happen in a down cycle. Down cycles are great, you've got more time to build a great team, product and brand. .... "[L]ook at ecommerce 2.0 companies like Fab and EcoMom who blew millions in capital acquiring customers at unsustainable rates, hoping for some magic lifetime customer value to justify the spending. (It didn’t.) “There’s a tension between growing fast enough and having a disastrous bottom line,” Jeff Clavier, Founder of SoftTech VC, says. Clavier was an early investor in Fab, among others playing this game. “If you don’t have growth you’re stuck, but if you have growth with economics not viable in the long term, [you’re making] a real bet that you’ll be funded nevertheless.” [...] companies aren’t developing a sustainable business model. [Freemium works better with Software Product.]
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Lean  Start-Up  VC  Venture  Capital  hunt  for  yield  growth  round  Uber  Lyft  sustainable  sustainability  customer  acquisition  customer  retention  2014  asset  bubble  bubble  Silicon  Valley  Palo  Alto  San  Francisco  business  model  business  plan  user  experience  user  expectations  Amazon  Zappos  free  freemium  SAAS  on-demand  mobile  services  Industry  mobile  first  Uber  for  X  Groupon  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  London  Start-Up  Scene  me  too  price  war  commoditization  commodity  business  differentiation  differentiate  brand  brands  branding  indefensible  values  defensible  values  business  management  management  economics  frictionless  friction  rackspace  training  your  customer  growth  crutch  growth  hacker  traction  Value  Proposition  long-term  thinking  long-term  view 
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A Fireside Chat Jason Calacanis - YouTube
>> be short, sharp, compelling, have at least a mock-up if not better a MVP, or even better a product w traction. DONT ASK INVESTORS WHAT THE HAVE LEAST, TIME. ... and no dissing of unicorns (billion dollar exist, business),
Jason  Calacanis  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  focused  focus  execution  communication  Unicorn  MVP  Minimal  Viable  Product  Hustle  billion  dollar  exit  Venture  Capital  VC  angelinvestors  angelinvestor  seedround  seedfunding  traction 
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Startups: Wagniskapital - Deutschland scheut das Risiko - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Manchmal rappt Horowitz seinen Rat an Jungunternehmer und formuliert seine Management-Tipps mit Hilfe von Songtexten bekannter HipHop-Künstler. Wenn Gründer mehr Mut beweisen sollen, bedient er sich etwa bei Ice Cube und rät: "If you are scared motherfucker, go to church." Die Lobby von Andreessen Horowitz in einem eleganten Flachbau am Rande von Menlo Park ist dekoriert mit Originalaufnahmen von Atombombentests. Das alles wirkt manchmal etwas brachial. Aber trifft man Horowitz in seinem Büro, erlebt man einen sehr freundlichen Mann in Pulli, Jeans und Turnschuhen, der während des ganzen Gesprächs nicht einmal die Stimme hebt. [...] Dann spricht er lange und ausführlich über Regulierung und Arbeitsmarktgesetze in Deutschland. Dass es drei Monate dauere, ein Unternehmen zu gründen. Dass, wenn es nicht gut läuft, kaum eine andere Möglichkeit bleibe, als "gleich ganz zuzumachen", weil nicht schnell und einfach Personal abgebaut werden könne. Dass es an Unternehmergeist mangele. ...
Germany  Silicon  Valley  Berlin  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  risk  taking  aiming  big  Start-Up  Start-Ups  FNAC  Google  Facebook  Twitter  Airbnb  risk  aversion  Marc  Andreessen  Ben  Horowitz  Venture  Capital  VC  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  scaling  Andreessen  Horowitz  corporate  culture  disrupting  markets  disruption  skill-biased  technological  change  skill  skills  workforce  Book  regulators  regulation  Innovation  SAAS  SAP  SME  SMB  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  comparative  advantage  globalisation  globalization  Europe  Structural  Impediments  unemployment  imbalance  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  technological  history  technology  Charles  Hugh  Smith  destruction  value  creation  manufacturing  engineering  engineer  Amazon  Salesforce  riskaversion  risk-taking  public  policy  Career  Politicians  accountability  transparency  Politics  Female  Founders  Women  in  Tech  progressive 
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Sexism sucks less once you’ve raised $56 million | PandoDaily
“The third wave of e-commerce is coming – it’s about the full stack today,” Park says, referring to the fact that Julep produces its own products. “We’re doing something fundamentally different in terms of how we serve the consumer.”
everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  VC  Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  Start-Ups  GitHub  Female  Founders  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  e-commerce  full-stack  customer  retention  customer  acquisition  beauty  industry  beauty  products 
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Why your dinky little startup is worth billions of dollars - Quartz
Though companies hire trained futurists, technology is still moving to fast to predict where it will go. “Value has become an abstraction because we don’t really know what kind of product is going to make the most money,” Chayka writes. “We have no idea what kind of technology will dominate the commercial landscape over the next decade, let alone century.” For companies with as much money and as much to gain—and lose—as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s better to be optimistic about hyped startups than to let them slip away. Of course, this means that they know some of their acquisitions will be duds and even those that aren’t will be expensive. But it’s worth more to them to stay ahead of the curve.
Facebook  Yahoo!  AOL  Twitter  Microsoft  Google  acqui-hire  acquisitions  acquisition  Uber  Airbnb  growth  round  Venture  Capital  Technology  strategic  strategy  VC  Silicon  Valley  acquihire  seedround  seedfunding  Instagram  Snapchat  WhatsApp  Google+  Moore's  Law  B2B  C2B  marketplace  industry  Oculus  Rift  virtual  reality  3D  printing 
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The Great Venture Capital Rotation | LinkedIn
You can only succeed as an angel investor, I believe, if you are a massive gambler. You have to bet, bet, bet with ice in your veins: knowing that after dozens of failures, you’ll hit a winning bet of epic proportions.
venturecapital  VC  angelinvestor  venture_capital  jasoncalacanis 
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A Sign Of The Hiring-pocalypse | TechCrunch
An entrepreneur-turned-venture investor told me over the weekend: Booms are the worst time to build a company.

Only capital is cheap. Everything else is expensive — talent most of all.


Fed's ZIRP and QE (and Bailout bonanza, moralhazard) - did fuel VC/Seedfund pockets - overthrowing capped supply (investments in companies).
ZIRP and QE do increase the demand for alternative investments. And skews investors risk sentiment. They take on more risk in hope for the next big thing that brings them that more ROI that the market can not produce due to World Wide QE, ZIRP, currency debasement, Sovereign Debt Crisis.
monetarism  monetary  theory  monetary  policy  Fed  behavioral  finance  behavioral  economics  QE  supply-demand  economics  unintended  consequences  ycombinator  instagram  Zynga  Google  Facebook  Technology  Boom  bubble  entrepeneurship  venturecapital  vc  ZIRP  2012 
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Did everybody see what just happened? The pendulum has swung. - Find Office Space - 42Floors
Here is the thing ... you never know how big and outrageous the bubble can get.
There is ample liquidity world wide (via central banks), there is lack of ROI when in sovereign debt, there is risk when in sovereign debt (see PIIGS), there is other risk (ie currency devaluation, political risk) when in sovereign debt (see Russia, UK, Japan, USA).
There is hightend uncertainty and volatility in the equity markets plus the usual currency devaluation going on.
Then there are alternative investment like commodities, synthetic products, property, real estate, farmland (agriculture), corporate debt, ... and venture capital/seed funding.

The last two are seeing greater attention due to many different view points. But yes, ... it is artificially inflated ... because we are all humans, making mistakes. We will be all the wise afterwards. Hindsight 20/20.

And VCs have a job ... invest the money to the best of their knowledge at hand. There is no stopping because there is no end in sight yet.
bubble  ZIRP  unintended  consequences  greatrecession  monetary  policy  Fed  LTRO  QE  2012  seedfunding  VC  venturecapital 
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Facebook Drives SecondMarket Broking $1 Billion Private Shares - Bloomberg
Second-Market’s most serious competitor is San Bruno, California-based SharesPost. Other rivals include Gate Technologies LLC in New York and Xpert Financial Inc. of San Mateo, California. Investment banks also buy and sell private- company shares for their clients, sometimes via SecondMarket. Venture-capital firms that want to buy or sell shares often use SecondMarket or its competitors, or trade informally among themselves and with employees or former employees of private venture-backed companies.

The Securities Act of 1933 restricts purchases of private- company stock to what it defines as “accredited” investors. In the case of individuals, that means people with a net worth of at least $1 million or $200,000 in annual income. In Coffee’s view, inflation has made the standards less meaningful.
“It allows the middle class to enter into a dangerous world of limited information and fluctuating liquidity,” he says.
investment  strategy  venturecapital  startup  VC  net-worth  income  speculation  economics  markets  liquidity 
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Greycroft Partners LLC
- HuffPost investment
and paidcontent
portfolio / sold
privateequity  venturecapital  vc  tuki 
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Come to TechCrunch Edinburgh, 12 May 2010
Confirmed investor guests include: TTP Ventures, TRICapital, The Entrepreneurial Exchange, Silicon Valley Bank, SigmaCapital, Seraphim Capital, Seedcamp, Scottish Equity Partners, PrioryHouse Ventures, Pivot Capital Partners, Pentech Ventures, Par Equity, LINC Scotland, Kelvin Capital, IQ Capital Partners, Hotspur Capital, Frontier IP Group, Elvingston Science Centre, Balderton Capital, Archangel Informal Investments, Angels Den, Amadeus Capital Partner, 4iP and numerous individual Angel Investors.
vc  venturecapital  uk  tuki 
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Greece gets a third angel investment fund courtesy of Virtual Trip Group
vhg Athens-based Virtual Trip Group has announced plans to start an angel investment fund through its subsidiary Virtual Trip Holdings SA. It will be focused on ‘innovative startups’ from Greece and abroad, and will be the third angel investment fund in the country following OpenFund and Driin Ventures.

What we know so far is that they’ll target investments of between €50.000 to €200.000 for an equity stake of around 35-45%. And while it can certainly be argued that this may not represent the best available deal out there, if we take into account the financial difficulties Greece is facing, it’s an offer that many startups could find both useful and necessary in order to stay out of the deadpool.
angelinvestors  angelinvestor  uk  europe  seedfunding  venturecapital  vc  tuki 
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Moai Capital Group
Moai Capital Group is providing seed funding (usually €50-250k) to companies operating in real time media, SaaS, cloud computing, mobile advertising and similar sectors. Pre-revenue stage companies are OK, as long as they have a business model that works and potentially can get to big figures in terms of user base. Mentorship and strategic support are part of the investment, as well as marketing and biz dev advice. The company is accepting new applications on its site.
venturecapital  vc  earlystage  seedfunding  europe  uk  tuki 
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EVCA :: Entrepreneur Search ::
Find Private Equity or VC or Seed in Europe
tuki  vc  venturecapital  europe  list  EVCA  NVCA 
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PricewaterhouseCoopers: Global: Insights & Solutions: MoneyTree™ Survey Report
Historical Trend Data of VC investment flow.
Data via NVCA (National Venture Capital Association).
venturecapital  vc  research  data  database  free  indicators  performance  moneytree  trends  history  NVCA 
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Allegis Capital
they do early seed,

Bob Ackerman is the founder and managing director of Allegis Capital (, a seed and early-stage venture firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Ackerman has worked with more than 50 corporate investment partners over the past 20 years as both a venture capitalist and a startup executive. Read his past peHUB posts here
vc  venturecapital  usa  seedfunding  angelinvestor 
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The importance of investor signaling in venture pricing – chris dixon's blog
Yes, this varies by stage. At angel stage, it's ok to mention names if they are truly committed, since angels almost always work together and don't push each other out. At VC stage, you should never mention names, because you are inviting them to collude or do other things to strengthen the signaling effect which works against you.

The best general interest signal is swagger plus setting a fixed time when you are going to be done raising money ("we are wrapping things up in 3 weeks"). VC's are information junkies and quite rationally will always want more information, so as an entrepreneur you need to force things to end. This of course is risky if you get there and don't have any offers. But it's a risky business...
venturecapital  raising  round  advice  vc  angelinvestor 
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Foursquare Is Worth $100 Million
Why are these investors -- Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Khosla Ventures -- so eager to throw cash at Foursquare on such inflated terms?

We asked around, and came up with a couple answers.

For starters, get it out of your head that the reason these VCs want Foursquare so bad is that they think Foursquare is going to be bigger than Twitter some day. Also dismiss the idea that Foursquare's huge valuation has anything to do with these VCs believing Foursquare is going to crack the local advertising nut.

A much bigger factor is startup scarcity.
foursquare  venturecapital  yahoo  vc  2010  economy  ecosystem  finance  twitter  consumer 
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The Founders Club
Click here to pitch to some of our favorite Silicon Valley VCs – May 13, 2010 in San Francisco organized by

As always, if you are seeking VC or angel funding, send us your deals. We will review confidentially and with your permission introduce you to VCs or angels that we think may be a fit with your opportunity. We do not seek any fees and are happy to help high quality deal flow find good sources of capital.

Submit deals here.
venturecapital  vc  angel-list  angelinvestors  angelinvestor  usa  europe  worldwide 
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Elaia Partners - Entrepreneurs

Whether you have just started an innovative business based on a Digital Economy-related technology or you are currently managing a high growth company in our field of expertise, and are looking for new financing, please do not hesitate to contact us .

Why partner with Elaia ?

* We are Digital Economy specialists. We fully understand your business and your development constraints.
* We are proactive and determined to give you a prompt answer as we know that your time is precious.
* We can help you to expand internationally.
* We take a long term view and will always be available to support you. We will do our utmost to share with you our expertise as well as our network
* First and foremost we invest in people and our success relies entirely on yours!
europe  vc  privateequity  venturecapital 
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Through Intel, Venture Firms Send Message To Washington - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ
Intel emphasizes job creation, a worthy endeavor at a time when unemployment continues to rise. Keith Larson, vice president at Intel Capital, notes that such an investing commitment is important to getting job growth on track and improving the economy. He says that venture funds could pull back and not invest at all during the current economic climate, and that this alliance shows a commitment to improving the economy.
intel  venturecapital  VC  recession  usa  unemployment  job-creation 
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