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Libya crisis: UK officials anxious as blame is laid at doors of Gulf allies | World news | The Guardian
Blame for the renewed Libyan crisis has been laid at the doors of some of Britain’s closest allies in the Gulf, highlighting again how the UK’s commercial interests so often trump its political priorities in the Middle East.
Libya  UAE  Saudia  Arabia  Middle-East  foreign  affairs  UK  NATO  France 
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Gay British man avoids extradition to Dubai | Law | The Guardian
Court finds the United Arab Emirates failed to give sufficient assurances that Michael Halliday’s human rights would be respected. A gay man has avoided extradition to Dubai – where homosexuality is outlawed – after a London court ruled there was a risk he would be tortured and was unlikely to receive a fair trial on theft charges. In a strongly worded ruling, a judge at Westminster magistrates court said the United Arab Emirates had not given the court sufficient assurances that Michael Halliday’s human rights would be respected. In district judge Jeremy Coleman’s ruling, which sets a significant precedent, he said: “The trial, treatment and conditions of those accused or convicted of criminal offences in the UAE is still the subject of complaint and is often alleged to fall well below the required standards … Taking into account Mr Halliday’s own circumstances, I cannot be satisfied that he would not be at significant risk.
UAE  human  rights  LGBT  Religion  Islamic  Law  Sharia  Law  Qatar  Bahrain  Saudi  Arabia  Dubai  Islamophobia  homosexuality  homophobic  Homophobia  transphobia  Transphobic  Justice  System  travel  advice 
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The "Great Accumulation" Is Over: The Biggest Risk Facing The World's Central Banks Has Arrived | Zero Hedge
PBoC’s rapid liquidation of USTs over the past two weeks has added fuel to the fire and effectively boxed the Fed in. On Tuesday, Deutsche Bank is out extending their "quantitative tightening" (QT) analysis with a look at whats ahead now that the so-called "Great Accumulation" is over.  "Following two decades of unremitting growth, we expect global central bank reserves to at best stabilize but more likely to continue to decline in coming years," [...] Less reserve accumulation should put secular upward pressure on both global fixed income yields & USD. [If the shadow actor in Belgium doesnt buy it up @rate everyone else is selling (divesting) ] [...] The current secular shift in reserve manager behaviour represents the equivalent to Quantitative Tightening, or QT. This force is likely to be a persistent headwind towards developed market central banks’ exit from unconventional policy in coming years, representing an additional source of uncertainty in the global economy. ...
bond  bubble  treasuries  Treasury  Market  liquidity  trap  liquidity  squeeze  China  FX  reserves  centralbanks  reserves  USD  Dollar  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  petrodollar  2015  Yuan  RMB  devaluation  global  trade  global  economy  global  imbalances  global  growth  faultlines  OPEC  Oil  price  Asia  emerging  PBOC  Russia  shale  gas  fracking  tarsand  Canada  USA  Taper  Fed  credit  bubble  reflate  reflation  GFC  recovery  monetary  system  financial  monetary  theory  monetary  policy  monetary  stimulus  unconventional  monetary  policy  Saudi  Arabia  UAE  Iran  commodity  prices  Quantitative  Tightening  QT  2016  New  Normal  uncertainty  BOE  IMF  SDR  reserve  currency 
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Why It Really All Comes Down To The Death Of The Petrodollar | Zero Hedge
What might not be as clear (on the surface anyway) is how recent events in developing economy FX markets following the devaluation of the yuan stem from a seismic shift we began discussing late last year - namely, the death of the petrodollar system which has served to underwrite decades of dollar dominance and was, until recently, a fixture of the post-war global economic order. In short, the world seems to have underestimated how structurally important collapsing crude prices are to global finance. For years, producers funnelled their dollar proceeds into USD assets providing a perpetual source of liquidity, boosting the financial strength of the reserve currency, leading to even higher asset prices and even more USD-denominated purchases, and so forth, in a virtuous loop. [...] For the first time in decades, exported petrodollar capital turned negative. [...] the world is now beginning to feel the impact of the petrodollar's quiet demise. // &! Follow-on!
petrodollar  OPEC  centralbanks  reserves  USD  Dollar  2015  Oil  price  FX  reserves  China  Asia  emerging  market  global  trade  global  economy  global  imbalances  Yuan  RMB  devaluation  PBOC  Russia  shale  gas  fracking  tarsand  Canada  USA  Taper  Fed  credit  bubble  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  reflate  reflation  GFC  recovery  monetary  system  financial  market  monetary  theory  monetary  policy  monetary  stimulus  unconventional  monetary  policy  Saudi  Arabia  UAE  Iran  commodity  prices  liquidity  trap  liquidity  squeeze  treasuries  Treasury  bond  bubble  faultlines  IMF  SDR  reserve  currency 
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Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all » The Spectator
You might think of Swedes as upright social democrats, who have never let worries of appearing tedious stand in the way of their righteousness. But that has never been wholly true, and is certainly not true when there is money at stake. [...] No less a figure than His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf himself hauled Wallström in at the weekend to tell her that he wanted a compromise. Saudi Arabia has successfully turned criticism of its brutal version of Islam into an attack on all Muslims, regardless of whether they are Wahhabis or not, and Wallström and her colleagues are clearly unnerved by accusations of Islamophobia. The signs are that she will fold under the pressure, particularly when the rest of liberal Europe shows no interest in supporting her. [...] Finally, and most revealingly in my opinion, the non-affair shows us that the rights of women always come last. [...] an embarrassed and hugely revealing silence. // via
human  rights  feminism  feminist  FGM  Sharia  Law  gender  apartheid  Middle  East  Arab  League  Saudi  Arabia  UAE  Bahrain  Africa  Islam  Taliban  Muslim  gender  inequality  womens  rights  Gini  coefficient  Europe  Career  Politicians  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs 
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Dubai: Norwegerin nach Vergewaltigung im Gefängnis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Marte Deborah Dalelv hat in Dubai ihre Vergewaltigung angezeigt. Doch weder Polizisten noch Richter wollten der 24-jährigen Norwegerin glauben. Jetzt wurde sie zu einem Jahr und vier Monaten Haft verurteilt. + >> ""I should have been imprisoned since Tuesday," she said. "But I have been told they are not searching for me." + >> The same affair with the Triathlete. + Pardon +4 days of Social Media Up-Set +
UAE  human  rights  immigrants  society  domestic  affairs  Religion  humanrights  Dubai  tourism  Islamic  Law  culture  LGBT 
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Auswärtiges Amt ändert Reisehinweise für Russland - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Außenminister Guido Westerwelle sei über die Entwicklung "sehr besorgt", hieß es in der Mitteilung des Auswärtigen Amtes. "Die bewusste Stigmatisierung und Strafandrohung gegenüber gleichgeschlechtlichen Beziehungen darf in einer modernen und dem Anspruch nach demokratischen Gesellschaft keinen Platz haben", so Westerwelle. In diesem Zusammenhang änderte das Auswärtige Amt auf Veranlassung des Ministers den Text seiner Reisehinweise für Russland. Die Rechtslage und mögliche Strafen werden nun explizit erwähnt. Konkret schreibt das Amt (Auszug): "Durch das Gesetz drohen auch Ausländern bei Weitergabe von Informationen, öffentlicher Demonstration und Unterstützung von Homosexualität Geldstrafen in Höhe von bis zu 100.000 Rubel (rund 2300 Euro), bis zu 15 Tage Haft und die Ausweisung aus der Russischen Föderation."
United  Arab  Emirates  human  rights  homophobic  Putin  Politics  society  domestic  affairs  Religion  Dubai  Homophobia  foreignaffairs  LGBTQ  UAE  Abu  Dhabi  Russia  culture  LGBT 
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Global Village: Schiffbruch in Dubai - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama
Die Bank weigert sich: "Wir haben eine wichtige Verantwortung, die Interessen unserer Kunden und Anteilseigner zu schützen - eine Verantwortung, die wir sehr ernst nehmen." Warner habe das Land verlassen, ohne sie darüber zu informieren. Außerdem habe er sich "oft unkooperativ" gezeigt. Nicholas Warner hat das Pech, nun für alle mitbezahlen zu müssen, die Dubai während der Finanzkrise Hals über Kopf verlassen haben, verlassen mussten, ohne ihre Kredite abbezahlt zu haben.

Die britische Botschaft hat ihm Geld gegeben: "Ich sollte mir einen Chickenburger kaufen. Das war's." Warner macht das System Dubai für seine Lage mitverantwortlich: "Es soll die neue Welt sein hier. Aber es ist wie in England im 18. Jahrhundert. Wer Schulden hat, kommt in den Turm, statt sie abarbeiten zu können."
dubai  UAE  creditcrunch  recession  government  2008  2009  2010  debt 
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Privilege Pulls Qatar Toward Unhealthy Choices -
Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia all share similar struggles with obesity, diabetes and genetic disorders, each suffering the side effects of an oil-financed lifestyle and a desire to hold on to traditions.
qatar  dubai  Kuwait  Bahrain  UAE  SaudiArabia 
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BBC News - Abu Dhabi gives Dubai $10bn to help pay debts
He added: "We are here today to reassure investors, financial and trade creditors, employees, and our citizens that our government will act at all times in accordance with market principles and internationally accepted business practices."
dubai  UAE  debt  bailout  2009 
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