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Jeremy Clarkson: Top Gear problems got 'bigger and bigger' BBC News - YouTube
conservative BBC // egos and personal agendas, some ppl inside bbc didnt like jeremy and top gear success of 22 seasons. >> The Grand Tour - Andy Wilman - Very Interesting Interview -
British  Broadcasting  Company  BBC  controversy  Hollywood  PR  clickbait  linkbait  Top  Gear  Amazon  The  Grand  Tour 
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FED Impact on Tech: Bloomberg West (Full Show 9/18) - YouTube
16:40 - how to consume amazon offerings!? via their platform, silo. closed. drm. // distribution model - for prime - lock-in - convenience - less friction. // "Kids don't care much about quality." // taking share of media consumption. // compelling offering - music, series, streaming, e-commerce, gaming, ... // it's not about entry point to access, lowering the price point of entry for the consumption device and the subscription of amazon prime in aggregate - and lock the consumer in. the aggressive price is an attack strategy (opening up/diversifying the price point) of the distribution model to grow the prime business. //
Amazon  Amazon  Prime  distribution  model  subscription  model  business  model  marginal  cost  Kindle  Tablet  phablet  iPad  Platform  DRM  Hardware  Entertainment  utility  Amazon  Dash  Button  e-commerce  pure  play  Escapeism  Gaming  Netflix  Apple  Music  Spotify  HBO  original  programming  Top  Gear  House  of  Cards  Television  TV  cable  provider  iPad  Pro  differentiate  differentiation  business  strategy  Cash  Cow  Jeff  Bezos  AWS  market  share  Walmart  monopsony  duopoly 
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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May sign for Amazon Prime - BBC News
The Amazon deal is part of a major manoeuvre by the company to compete with traditional broadcasters and streaming rivals like Netflix. It has also signed up Woody Allen to make his first ever television series, while Amazon's comedy Transparent received 11 Emmy nominations earlier this year. Meanwhile, Top Gear will continue on BBC Two, with Chris Evans among the new hosts. Lisa Clark, who worked with Evans on The Big Breakfast, has just been announced as the show's new producer. "Lisa is as good as it gets when it comes to making big, important television shows," Evans said. // - In a joke at the expense of the BBC, Clarkson said: “I feel like I’ve climbed out of a biplane and into a spaceship.” [...] [ Producer not worried not able to take Top Gear name with them, Top Gear was Top Gear because of it's presenters / figure heads / characters / the dynamic between the three. ENTERTAINMENT! ]
Amazon  BBC  British  Broadcasting  Company  Netflix  HBO  Amazon  Prime  Top  Gear 
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Why Hitler Lost the War: German Strategic Mistakes in WWII - YouTube
min 30 engineered brain drain by Hitler. "We [US] had more intelligent German Scientist than the Germans had." // min 32 Nobelprize winners by Nationality (Pre WW2) Germany - USA (16 - 5) / Post-war 1950 till 2000 Germany - USA (7 - 67)
WW2  WWII  brain-drain  brain  drain  war  for  talent  antisemitism  Antisemitismus  Xenophobia  homophobic  Homophobia  society  culture  Germany  USA  Nazi  racism  post-racial  America  Europe  history  war-for-talent  ID  Top 
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Startup UCLA: Fireside Chat with Jeff Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz - YouTube
13min value prop of a16z || min19 tenacious, going big, VC is hit driven business || min24 even those that are successes, there have been failures internally, a shit show, near death experiences || min29:50 SV ecosystem; capital, deep talent pool (network, experience, motoring, hand holding, guiding, supporting), support services (legal, banking), own gravity due to scale (attracts best). All 4 points support companies to scale and break through walls. + Brutal Talent Wars within SV for engineering talent. Scene needs some few hits (Berlin, London) and things could roll and grow by themselves. // min 39 - Consumer is hit driven business, more failures. While enterprise has higher hit rate and lower averages. // min 45 in current market, cant afford to go slow because of copy cats & opportunists & market slush with capital for proven ideas || min53 !!! >>> 'need to be an effective seller, not a sales person per se' to get capital, to get best employees, customers,
a16z  Venture  Capital  scaling  value  creation  Proposition  added  value  intangible  value  differentiate  differentiation  Ben  Horowitz  Marc  Andreessen  ecosystem  Silicon  Valley  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  London  Start-up  Scene  Berlin  Scene  Manchester  Amsterdam  lesson  advice 
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Be the sponge, not the rock |
@Jason says talented emps w/ little background in a given domain are often more effective than those w/ decades of experience; seasoned pros become biased, stuck in their own ways & in those of the industry; Jason likens their brains to rocks; people without experience who aim to learn & grow are more responsive to current conditions; Jason likens their brains to sponges; in a startup's early days, someone willing to work 15 hrs/day is more valuable than someone w/ 15 yrs of experience
hiring  HR  human  resources  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  war  for  talent  Top  people  management  team  management  acqui-hire  acquihire 
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Channelling Talent - YouTube
Channelling Talent: In this fantastic short video from our ARC team, musicians reveal the role of social networks in recognising and rewarding talent in the music industry. // via || it is a process, progress, practise, patience, commitment, tenacity, passion ... and opportunities. >> social and income mobility >> gini coefficient. || 6:25 - storytelling >> journalism. more than just a review of an debut EP. a story behind the EP and artist.
talent  ID  war  for  talent  Top  Music  Industry  education  policy  Social  Media  360-music-contract  self-employment  self-publishing  publishing  2.0  gender  gap  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender  inequality  gender  politics  gender  policing  storytelling  communication  language  journalismus  Journalism  mainstream  niche  mainstream 
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Aaron Levie of Box - TWiST #224 - YouTube
min 35:40 - Freemium in the business space is even cooler than in the consumer space. min 39 - Marc Andreessen "how much do you need to win in this space? how fast do you need to grow, to win." [cost of customer acquisition (freemium, and or Bounty Model from Paypal) and retention]. and define what is winning, what scenario? what measure? ... key accounts long-term commitment? ad spend from key accounts? customer happiness - retention? resellers, dominating sales channels to a vertical of business type and SME/SMB's? min 53 - new playbook is now Get Big, then turn on revenue. disrupt the ecosystem/existing business model, winner takes all. min 54 - how you go from a small shop with profit to raising $+100m round telling than that they get multiples back in their investment, that comes when you live a time here in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley. ( + follow-up "having a playbook." + war for talent: 1 disenfranchised 2 ppl wnt 2 create value, 3 business model
freemium  business  model  Dropbox  Google  Docs  Google  Drive  Microsoft  Enterprise  Consumer  friction  frictionless  Evernote  Slack  Gmail  Marc  Andreessen  Venture  Capital  Flickr  Yammer  enterprise2.0  Enterprise  2.0  Bounty  Paypal  SAAS  Why  Software  Is  Eating  the  World  Software  Is  Eating  World  Silicon  Valley  Salesforce  value  creation  added  value  war  for  talent  Top  war-for-talent  Cloudstorage  paradgimshift  paradgim  paradigm  shift  Google  Jive  Software  Jive  Netflix  cloudcomputing  Zappos 
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Bob Iger Explains Why Disney Bought Maker Studios | Re/code
“We look at it, first and foremost, as a successful distribution platform,” Iger said. “One that can command more eyeballs, more consumption and more advertising revenue.” + Beyond that, Iger said, the Maker team has a depth of expertise in creating short-form video that Disney lacked internally. +++ Big Data ( each channel has an audience (interest, location, age) = better targeting of advertising campaigns. >> “We think there’s a huge marketing opportunity for this company,” Iger said.
Maker  Studios  YouTube  content  distribution  advertisement  advertising  content  network  Sales  Funnel  PR  communication  waltdisney  Disney  acqui-hire  acquisition  customer  acquisition  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  war-for-talent  skill-biased  technological  change  skills  short-form  content  content  creator  micro  content  audience  Big  Data  attention  span  marketing  Millennials  generationy  digital  natives  analytics 
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Just as teen boredom couldn’t predict Facebook’s demise, teen excitement can’t predict Snapchat’s success | PandoDaily
would be interesting if Snapchat can shake off its image and capture the adult audience ... growing its userbase. + ... >> acqui-hire trend :: insert Dropbox, Google, FB, etc etc all that have a warchest of funding to gobble up small product and technology teams with little or with no traction. BC being based in SF is expensive ( ) ... but up to what cost? Questionmark. Technology, product, design talent doesn't live only in SF, CA. and surroundings. You forego potential. Would be interesting to see - as SF area and surroundings get more and more expensive and the Start-Up land gets more and more distributed across the globe, whether or not the next big hitters (not just single hitters) can come out of non-Silicon Valley location (ie berlin, london). Q: Is the infrastructure good enough to facilitate that? ( )
youthification  Facebook  Snapchat  acqui-hire  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  Silicon  Valley 
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Twitter Acquires Android Lockscreen App Cover, Moves Deeper Into Mobile Services | TechCrunch
[ THE HOME SCREEN on your PHONE is now the SCREEN YOU have to be on. PERIOD. Twitter is trying to get there with this deal and tech&talent acquisition. >> // // glancing on it many times a day just to ... ] “If that changes down the road, we’ll provide another update here,” the founders Todd Jackson, Gordon Luk and Edward Ho note in a blog post announcing the deal. You can read Josh’s review of how Cover works here. Cover is being somewhat cryptic in discussing what it will be working on at Twitter. “Twitter, like Cover, believes in the incredible potential of Android,” they write. “They share our vision that smartphones can be a lot smarter — more useful and more contextual — and together we’re going to make that happen. We’ll be building upon a lot of what makes Cover great, and we’re thrilled to create something even better at Twitter.”
homepage  homescreen  Smartphone  mobilephone  Apple  iOS  Android  Google  Twitter  Facebook  Gary  Vaynerchuk  acqui-hire  acquisition  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  war-for-talent  Social  Media  Entertainment  Escapeism  Utility  utilities  Microsoft  Yahoo!  science  study  society  attention  span  attention 
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BBC Two - Mind the Gap: London v the Rest
Polarising UK. (1) (Port is a 50 year bet that London and surroundings will thrive further. Keeping Supply chains as tight as possible.) Most great careers are in the City. 58% of jobs need/have graduate qualification. City/London networking economics. Economies of Agglomeration. Proximity fuels productivity. + Connection to the world of business. Once you've attracted good neighbours, it attracts more people and more businesses to be there too. Self-fulfilling, once you reach critical mass, Tipping Point. Cotton Mills in the 19th century were build where the cotton planted. Corporations want to locate parts of their business were the resources are - the talent pool. And for data centres, where cheap energy is. // UK is now a two speed economy. London followed by the other big cities, followed by the rest of UK, rural UK. // There is no formula of success that other cities less prosperous could copy from London. It evolves. Bottom up growth.
urbanisation  urban  planning  London  Aberdeen  Glasgow  Edinburgh  Manchester  London  Gateway  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  commuting  Birmingham  Productivity  Networking  Economies  of  Agglomeration  Economics  Collaborative  collaboration  Competition  competitiveness  competitive  competitive  advantage  creative  job  creation  value  creation  NYC  Silicon  Valley  innovation  critical  mass  Tipping  Point  Pool  natural  resources  economic  history  ecosystem  creativity  face  to  face  interaction  creative  destruction  Battersea  Power  Station  Foreign  vehicle  Betongold  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur 
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The Corrosive Downside of Acquihires
So why not announce big, hairy audacious goals on recruiting the best mobile talent with sign-on bonuses and retention plans? And reward your existing top 10% of employees handsomely. I’ll bet the ROI would be higher than acquihires. .//. .... Friendfeed or Dodgeball - example
acquisitions  aquisition  acqui-hire  M&A  Silicon  Valley  Facebook  Friendfeed  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  people  management  ROI  bonuses  bonus  Google  Dodgeball  Venture  Capital  venturecapital  Failure  market  capitalism  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  Start-Up 
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The Value of “Top Talent” | The Baseline Scenario
“[The fund] lost 43% in 2008, among the worst losses by a hedge-fund that year.” “Both investors and employees defected during the crisis, with top talent leaving to start hedge funds of their own.” “But with a 30% return in 2012 and a 14% gain this year, TCI has crossed its high-water mark.” Makes you think.
hedgefonds  bonuses  investment  banking  hedgefund  war-for-talent  retailinvestment  hedgefunds  WallStreet  Top  Talent  bonus  salary  occupywallstreet  Talent  investment  management 
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Why having a pot belly 'is a bigger heart risk than obesity' | Mail Online
Fat packed around the organs in the abdomen is more dangerous than fat on the hips because it’s ‘metabolically active’, releasing more of the inflammatory, toxic chemicals that raise heart disease risk.

[...] the distribution of the fat is very important even in people with a normal weight.

[Study showed] The highest risk of death was in people with normal BMI and large waistlines. [Pot Belly, Muffin Top, Big Midriff]
health  science  health  obesity  obesity  epidemic  BMI  muffin  top  pot  belly 
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