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Carbon emissions from warming soils could trigger disastrous feedback loop | Environment | The Guardian
Potential feedback loops, or tipping points, have long been suspected to exist by scientists, and there is some evidence for them in the geological record. What appears to happen is that once warming reaches a certain point, these natural biological factors kick in and can lead to a runaway, and potentially unstoppable, increase in warming. >> Alaska, Siberian Tundra, North South Poles, Brazil Amazon Forest showed in new research, on balance, the Amazonas is a carbon emitter.
Klimakatastrophe  tipping  point  Climatecatastrophe  climate  change  climatechange  globalwarming  global  warming  Amazonas  Alaska  Tundra  Siberia 
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Our environmental deficit is now beyond nature’s ability to regenerate | Environment | The Guardian
We are heading fast in the wrong direction despite the world gearing up to approve new sustainable development goals and a new climate accord [...] The world enters ecological ‘overshoot’ this year on 13 August, six days earlier than last year. All the world’s production and consumption for the rest of the year, this suggests, then runs up an environmental deficit beyond nature’s ability to regenerate itself and safely absorb our economic waste. It’s a highly conservative estimate, based on the best data available. // no amount of profits/money can't buy us a 2nd earth in 30 years. // Stop burning fossil fuels now: there is no CO2 'technofix', scientists warn - - Researchers have demonstrated that even if a geoengineering solution to CO2 emissions could be found, it wouldn’t be enough to save the oceans
global  warming  ecological  disaster  Environmental  Movement  mass  extinction  climate  change  climate  crisis  climate  system  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  drought  flooding  flash  floods  food  prices  food  security  sustainability  sustainable  exploitation  shared  economic  interest  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Generationengerechtigkeit  generational  contract  generations  babyboomers  zombie  consumer  Wegwerfgesellschaft  food  waste  common  sense  economic  history  carbonemission  carbonfootprint  CO2  Ocean  acidification  warming  human  tragedy  humanitarian  crisis  humanity  Tipping  Point  economic  damage 
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The Shazam Effect - The Atlantic
"“Because the most-popular songs now stay on the charts for months, the relative value of a hit has exploded. The top 1 percent of bands and solo artists now earn 77 percent of all revenue from recorded music, media researchers report. And even though the amount of digital music sold has surged, the 10 best-selling tracks command 82 percent more of the market than they did a decade ago. The advent of do-it-yourself artists in the digital age may have grown music’s long tail, but its fat head keeps getting fatter.”" &! &! &! &!
Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry  Hollywood  Indie  Music  Big  Data  Spotify  analytics  prediction  filter  bubble  filters  filter  algorithm  content  curation  individuality  curation  curator  Tipping  Point  celebrity  culture  sociology  psychology  Fame  pageviews  business  model  influencer  influence  long-tail  longtail  ProAm  YouTube  Platform  Social  Media 
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO) - YouTube
'The Spark of simmering tensions for decades.' || Jesse Jackson and Bernard Kerik on Ferguson - Newsnight ( ) + Cornel West on Missouri: "Obama reeks of political calculation not moral conviction" - Newsnight + NEWSNIGHT: Why is race such a problem in Ferguson? "St. Louis is a powder keg" & NO REPRESENTATION PROOF, marginalized population. No Short Cut possible as solution. + Rassismus-Debatte nach Ferguson: "Ich kämpfe bis zum Ende" || & "Nun müssten die politischen Entscheidungsträger aktiv werden, um das Rassismusproblem Amerikas ernsthaft anzugehen." + + Ferguson Justice System Is Discriminatory: Report || "moths" = defamation +++
Michael  Brown  racial  discrimination  racial  profiling  ethnic  minority  black  minority  discrimination  USA  society  Gini  coefficient  inequality  social  mobility  income  mobility  Police  Militarization  income  inequality  civic  society  civil  society  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  diversity  democracy  trust  trustagent  confidence  Democratic  Process  Politics  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Police  Brutality  accountability  oversight  governance  military–industrial  complex  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  de-escalation  ethical  machine  personal  values  history  1992  Los  Angeles  Riots  Justice  System  excessive  force  presidency  barackobama  class  warfare  social  safety  net  Patriarchy  white  male  privilege  Supremacy  white  supremacism  culture  hypocrisy  morality  moral  beliefs  morals  Policy  Makers  distrust  Food  Stamps  child  poverty  poverty  poverty  Leadership  education  Public  Policy  integrity  Trayvon  Martin  marginalized  marginalised  social  exclusion  Religion  Kajieme  Powell  prejudice  stereotype  bias  judgement  labels  label  boxes  tippingpoint  Tipping  Point  racism  empathy  compassion  sociology  socioeconomics  underemployed  under-representation  corruption  bribery  opp 
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BBC Two - Mind the Gap: London v the Rest
Polarising UK. (1) (Port is a 50 year bet that London and surroundings will thrive further. Keeping Supply chains as tight as possible.) Most great careers are in the City. 58% of jobs need/have graduate qualification. City/London networking economics. Economies of Agglomeration. Proximity fuels productivity. + Connection to the world of business. Once you've attracted good neighbours, it attracts more people and more businesses to be there too. Self-fulfilling, once you reach critical mass, Tipping Point. Cotton Mills in the 19th century were build where the cotton planted. Corporations want to locate parts of their business were the resources are - the talent pool. And for data centres, where cheap energy is. // UK is now a two speed economy. London followed by the other big cities, followed by the rest of UK, rural UK. // There is no formula of success that other cities less prosperous could copy from London. It evolves. Bottom up growth.
urbanisation  urban  planning  London  Aberdeen  Glasgow  Edinburgh  Manchester  London  Gateway  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  commuting  Birmingham  Productivity  Networking  Economies  of  Agglomeration  Economics  Collaborative  collaboration  Competition  competitiveness  competitive  competitive  advantage  creative  job  creation  value  creation  NYC  Silicon  Valley  innovation  critical  mass  Tipping  Point  Pool  natural  resources  economic  history  ecosystem  creativity  face  to  face  interaction  creative  destruction  Battersea  Power  Station  Foreign  vehicle  Betongold  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur 
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