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Why Readers Don’t Get the True Story — The Information
The costs of off-the-record reporting are increasingly greater than the benefits, as the culture of talking without attribution gives companies too much control. // lots of companies use this practice / PR ... for what? have good relationships, tend the relationships with reporters/journalists? Give them a sense of being in THEIR circle? From outsiders view it looks like 'patting on the head like a child?' // Sarah Lacy once talks about it that there must be more stuff than Techopus. But the cheerleaders within the bubble of success, fame, notoriety and money ... WILL not look, dig, investigate ... because they are hired as cheerleaders (pageviews business model)
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Pando: Judge gives final approval to $415m settlement in Techtopus wage-fixing suit
Today's final approval sees the total settlement formally increased to $415m, with most plaintiffs receiving around $5,770, according to That's an increase of around $700 each on the original settlement
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How Silicon Valley’s counterculture went corporate and ruined everything | PandoDaily
Politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, hippies, and corporations all working together to make the world a better place? In 2015, that arrangement seems unthinkable. So where did the dream of tech-powered togetherness go wrong? [...] [...] // As of last November, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco was $3,350 [£2200]. [...] So contrary to Gosney’s and Archer’s dream of a techno-utopia that benefits every slice of San Francisco’s population, the tech boom — along with various city statutes that limit residential housing — have made it harder than ever for artists and other members of the counterculture to live in the city. These are the very people, mind you, who helped spark the region’s technological revolution. And that’s saying nothing of the struggles felt by teachers, social workers and other non-tech workers struggling to stay afloat as housing prices skyrocket. [...] [C]ity officials and outdated statutes are as much to blame as tech companies
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Lawsuit claims Steve Jobs, senior Apple directors hurt company with anti-poaching row
Apple officials hit w/ shareholder lawsuit over illegal poaching deals; plaintiff R. Andre Klein alleges senior directors and officers, including Steve Jobs & Tim Cook, harmed Apple's value & growth; Apple's legal battles relating to an anti-poaching agreement in Silicon Valley incurred undue costs & other ramifications, the plaintiff alleges
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Killing the Messenger at Mozilla, by Tim Chevalier | Model View Culture
The tech industry has a hero problem, and during my time there, Mozilla was no exception. Famously, Eich developed the JavaScript language in ten days, in order to meet a Netscape release deadline. This is a textbook example of how tech valorizes individual "heroes", always male, who can put in intense effort on a problem over a short period of time but not work with others on a solution in the long term. I have no doubt that Eich's work on JavaScript was solid, but I also see no reason to think that he was the only person who could have done the same thing. In fact, there are probably people who could have done better, but were not accorded the privileges in life needed for doing so. As far as I'm aware, Eich himself has maintained a humble attitude about his achievements, but the same can't be said of his fans. [...] Tacit acceptance of silencing and of abuse of power runs throughout our culture, but that doesn't make it okay in the specific instance of tech culture. [... >>]
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