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(5655) E.J. Dionne, "Why the Right Went Wrong" - YouTube
no place for moderates (eg David Cameron UK) // too many broken promises. // reactionary movements have no long-term steam.
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The Rise Of Europe's Religious Right
For the most part, though, issues dear to social conservatives were a side issue in elections driven heavily by economic frustration. [...] The suddenness with which social conservatives became a force in Brussels has many progressives speculating that they are the creations of American social conservatives seeking to “export the culture wars.” [...] Today, American ties seem much more about a shared vision to build a global conservative movement rather than leaning on stronger and wealthier U.S. partners for support. // || Pro Progressive - the hard things are hard bc they are worth doing it. It's easy to turn ones back. But its hard to hold your face into the storm that is brewing. Holding onto status quo is not worth the struggle, it is a futile short-term view - as the status quo is not sustainable.
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Pew-Studie: Republikaner in USA lehnen Wissenschaft ab - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Und die steht wissenschaftlich fundierter Bildung teils offen feindlich gegenüber: Rick Santorum, einer der gescheiterten Kandidaten bei der letzten Präsidentenwahl, hatte sich beispielsweise in seinem Wahlkampf explizit gegen wissenschaftliche Bildung ausgesprochen. 62 Prozent aller Universitätsstudenten, behauptete er damals gegenüber dem Sender CBS, verlören im Studium "ihre Hingabe an den Glauben", wissenschaftliche Lehre sei "Indoktrination gegen die Religion". Santorum selbst hatte seine sieben Kinder nicht zur Schule gehen lassen und zu Hause unterrichtet.
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Why Might Vegetarians Have Less HPV? - YouTube
some Cervical Cancers are Caused by an SDT >> called HPV. + green tea fights off genital warts. + vegans have substantially lower risk of dying of cancer
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