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Can call centre therapy solve the NHS mental health crisis? | Society | The Guardian
Fast-track treatment aims to ease growing problem in the UK, but critics say it is the clinical equivalent to online dating [...] [ mental health - a mental health crisis ] This is no fringe issue in the health of the nation. The NHS believes people with mental health problems die 15 to 20 years earlier than the average, but the system is struggling to cope. Lord Layard, a government adviser on mental health, identified mental health problems as “the biggest causes of misery in Britain today”, with an estimated 6 million people affected. [ needs massive investment, no call centres ] [...] Meanwhile 40% of mental health trusts saw spending cuts over the past two years and fewer than one in eight people who suffered a mental health crisis said they received appropriate care in 2015, according to the Care Quality Commission. The regulator concluded this was “unsafe and inherently unfair”. [ referring complex cases to call centre is neglect and malpractice ]
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How schizophrenia changed the whole course of my life - BBC News
[ Cinderella Service ] The medications helped almost straight away but what I really wanted to do was talk to somebody in therapy sessions. At the time there was a lack of funding for this type of treatment, something which continues to be a problem for people with mental illnesses today. With the medication, I began to make little steps towards recovery. I started talking a bit, and being able to wash and take basic care of myself. Anybody who says that a mental illness isn't disabling is wrong, it affected my whole body. Unfortunately, the medication took a toll on my physical health and by the end of the following year I had gained around ten stone (63.5kg) in weight due to the side effects. [...] It has taken me 20 years to get this far in recovery, and I do still have setbacks. [...] If we can challenge the stigma, get proper investment in mental health services, [...] then people will not be left as long as I was before they are able to make their own steps toward recovery.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  DBT  CBT  talk  therapy  group  therapy  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  medical  profession  Schizophrenia  stigma 
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Your mental health stories: 'I felt palmed off' - BBC Newsbeat
[ underfunded Cinderella Service ] However, a charity has found mental health services in England are turning away one in five children who are referred to them for treatment. The NSPCC says a lot of the time they did not meet the required "high clinical threshold". This wasn't a surprise to many of you. Nor our journalists who worked on our podcast series, The Story of Izzy Dix. Here is why. [...] They felt depressed and alone, they wanted counselling but instead were prescribed medication. Their stories not only give you an idea of the mental health problems many young people are dealing with on a daily basis, but also the scale of the problem facing the NHS. //&! - Figures from 35 mental health trusts across England show that a total of 186,453 cases were referred by GPs and other professionals for help, but 39,652 children did not receive it. The most common reason was that the child did not meet the clinical threshold for receiving help from CAMHS.
mental  health  CAMHS  mental  illness  NHS  GP  anti-depressants  anti-depressant  Antidepressant  Depression  SSRI  Therapy  CBT  DBT  Talk  Therapy  staff  shortage  locum  staff  complex  needs 
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Both Talk Therapy And Medication May Be Less Effective For Depression : Shots - Health News : NPR
For both talk therapy and antidepressants, researchers found that the apparent effectiveness was inflated by publication bias -- meaning that studies about treatments that work are more likely to be published than those about treatments that don't. // // make case to get re-funded / personal health budget for gym use and road bike! its about patient compliance (side effects).
medical  profession  anti-depressants  Antidepressant  Depression  SSRI  anti-depressant  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  DBT  talk  therapy  sedentary  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  side  effects  efficacy  ethical  morality  bias  medical  research  conflict  of  interest 
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How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo: Steve Ballmer and Corporate America’s Most Spectacular Decline | Vanity Fair
Lost decade under Ballmer, the sales guy. Sales guy is not the right guy 2 make a dent into the universe. //&! JULY 2012 Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant - //&! NOVEMBER 2014 The Empire Reboots - //&! //&! Bill & Ballmer not on speaking terms - //&! Steve Ballmer talks LA Clippers, Satya Nadella & Microsoft. Just dont ask him abt Gates - //&! // &! Start-up advice/lesson is that you have to have a true north to be long-term relevant, big enough to be seemingly inexhaustible! Yahoo! NO. AOL. NO. Twitter. Still Debating it internally, reflective of nobody being the true leader with true leadership capabilities, everyone cooking & suggesting spices. Facebook. YES. LinkedIn. YES (economic graph). Amazon. YES. Zappos. YES. RocketInternet. NO. Google. YES. Foursquare. YES. Tumblr. NO. Reddit. YES. HBO. YES.
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Facebook Built a ‘Personal Assistant’ Inside Messenger | Re/code
Facebook has a new, A.I.-powered Siri-like assistant tool in Messenger. It's called "M," and it's the company's latest effort in a battle with Google, Uber and others to be the artificial intelligence leader in Silicon Valley. // FB got AI lab in France, got money to invest, to diversify from other Messaging platforms - &! --- can productise it! your personal assistant, for shopping - convenience - no clicking, not tapping, - M takes care of buying that item you saw in your stream. --- also keeps people inside Facebook! instead of leading them out to the shopping site/product site/... --- also expanding the category/vertical of the messenger you use. --- // // &! // &!
Google  Now  Siri  Apple  Spotlight  Google  Search  Google  Now  on  Tap  Android  iOS  Facebook  Messenger  augmented  intelligence  artificial  intelligence  personal  assistant  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  AI  automation  Big  Data  Google  Inc.  Apple  Facebook  Platform  Silo  Cortana  Microsoft  Line  Kakao  Talk  Viber  Google+  WhatsApp  SMS  WeChat  Newsfeed  Facebook  Instant  Articles  on-demand  convenience  differentiate  differentiation  vertical  category  friction  frictionless  Kik 
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Path Sells Its Social Networking App To Daum Kakao | TechCrunch
After a period of early adoption in tech-heavy markets like San Francisco, the app struggled to find widespread usage among consumers in the U.S. That said, Path became very popular in some Asian markets — most notably Indonesia, where most of its current active users are today. Selling to a messaging company with strong ties to Asian markets makes total sense, but it also calls into question what the remaining folks at Path will do next. Morin had previously signaled that the company would pursue a multi-app studio strategy, where it would build what it saw as interesting social apps and hope that one finds product market fit. That strategy led to the GIF creation app Kong, which is the company’s first attempt into new apps that don’t use the Path name. // &! &!
Kakao  Talk  Daum  Path  Dave  Morin 
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WhatsApp testing voice calls on Android
WhatsApp launches voice calling test for limited Android users; full rollout & iOS avail date undiscl; WhatsApp last mo surpassed 700M MAUs. // << TREND >> Means that Carriers will abandon charges for calls and put eventual cost (avg across users) as flat-rate item it into data plan cost. Thus customers pay only for data plan or flat-rate data plan. Carriers will eventually offer such plans, maybe even target them early at teems/parents with teens (family plans).
WhatsApp  Skype  Wireless  Carrier  Facebook  Appification  single-use  app  Trend  trends  user  behaviour  user  experience  user  hack  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  mobile  phone  Viber  Kakao  Talk  Tango  Line  VOIP 
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Talk Doesnt Pay, So Psychiatry Turns to Drug Therapy -
Then, his goal was to help his patients become happy and fulfilled; now, it is just to keep them functional.
psychiatry  therapy  talk  medicine  corporate  interest  healthcare  2011  budget  insurance  health  money  fraud  corruption  psychology 
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