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Path to Fat-Induced Obesity is Sprinkled With Salt - Sodium Boosts Food & Energy Intake & Reduces Fat's Satiety Effect - SuppVersity: Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone
you need at every GP office 1-2 health coaches to slowly retrain being how to eat, what, and to cook, ... making best choices. not better. better is part of 'everything in moderation.' //&! References:
Bolhuis, Dieuwerke P. et al. "Salt Promotes Passive Overconsumption of Dietary Fat in Humans." The Journal of Nutrition (2016): Ahead of print.
Hoch, Tobias, et al. "Fat/carbohydrate ratio but not energy density determines snack food intake and activates brain reward areas." Scientific reports 5 (2015).
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BBC One - Panorama, The Truth about Pills and Pregnancy + Decades after the Thalidomide scandal shocked the world, Panorama reveals how another medicine has damaged far more children. Drugs cannot be tested on pregnant women for ethical reasons, so doctors do not know if most prescription drugs are safe for the unborn child, and the system set up to monitor side-effects appears to be flawed. As evidence emerges that some common antidepressants are linked to heart defects in babies, the programme asks how much we really know about the safety of medicines women take while pregnant. >> >> - up to 20000 may be harmed by Epilim in UK. 1000 by Thalidomide in UK. >> >> some medicine 'seem' not safe for childbearing women. ie antidepressants.
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