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Why I’m Bullish on the News - POLITICO Magazine
Go maximum mass or maximum specific. [...] News organizations are also going to have to mix and match revenue models. I see eight obvious ones: advertising, subscriptions, premium content, events, cross-media promotion, crowdfunding, micropayments and philanthropy. [...] Today, this same science culture, this civilization of engineers and math, is again on the rise. And to many, it feels like it’s running away with the future. [...] The point is that, for people who aren’t deep into math and science and technology, it is going to get far harder to understand the world going forward. || + + +
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James Turk Interview With Eric Sprott On, You Guessed It, Gold | ZeroHedge
They talk about the disparities between the physical market and the paper silver markets. Eric talks about supply and demand and how the upward pressures on silver price from demand growing much faster than supply are not being accurately reflected. A 900 million ounce silver supply simply cannot cope with a 380 million ounce increase in demand and maintain current prices. Eric also explains that investment sales of silver are 50 to 1 in volume compared to gold and that this means a decreasing gold/silver ratio.
Gold  Silver 
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USD Short Covering, EUR Capitulation Ending, Silver Spec Longs At Two Year Lows | zero hedge
EXAMPLE how traders blow things up. In a bull market, everyone is a genius. 

And probably more important, now that speculative fervor is all the talk, the silver net long positioning by non-commercials, contrary to conventional wisdom, is not only at an all time high, nor was it recently, but instead in the last week plunged to a level last seen back in April 2009. Net silver exposure has dropped by almost 60% since its recent peak in February (40,937 contracts), and at this point it seems all speculators have left the party. The new base is now being rebuilt based on much firmer hands.
Silver  bubble  speculation  2011 
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A Brief Reminder On NYSE Margin Debt | zero hedge
Today seems like an opportune time to remind readers that as of March, margin debt, and specifically net leverage, were at near all time highs. Surely, selling off from a market that has more leverage now than almost ever, will lead to a perfectly orderly unwind
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Guest Post: Bottleneck Or Supply Deficit? | zero hedge

4. The market cap of the entire gold industry is about the size of Microsoft, is less than Exxon Mobil, and is 10 times smaller than the banking industry. The whole of the silver industry is smaller than Starbucks.

Gold and Silver and precious metals are advertised as wealth saviour in the eye of ZIRP / inflation / deflation risk.
Thus, we can conclude that we are not out of the woods - when we include confidence in policy making.
gold  silver  speculation  2011  fear  ZIRP  monetary  policy  confidence 
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JPM, HSBC Sued For Silver Market Manipulation, Reaping Billions In Illegal Profits | zero hedge
Yesterday's announcement by CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton that he was fully aware of fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control silver prices may have been the straw that broke the gold and silver price manipulating camel's back on precious metal manipulation. Today, Brian Beatty and Peter Laskaris (Southern District Court of New York, cases 10-08146, and 10-01857) sued the two firms at the very top of the precious metal manipulation pyramid: JPMorgan and HSBC. The lawsuit, which seeks class action status, alleges that "between in or about March 2008 and continuing through the present, Defendants have combined, conspired and agreed to restrain trade in, fix, and manipulate prices of silver futures and options contracts traded in this District on the COMEX division of the NYMEX.
silver  manipulation  jpmorgan  HSBC  fraud  stockmarket  2010  commodities 
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The Safest Bet During Uncertain Markets | zero hedge
Three reasons.

ONE: Commercial investment firms do not earn fees from their clients buying gold and silver. Thus, the reason they perpetually discourage it. Precious metals are the enemy of all fraudulent fiat money including the SDRs of the IMF and the financial derivative products of Wall Street. Consider this story in which HSBC ordered their clients to remove their gold from their vaults, all at their own expense.

TWO: Commercial investment firms do not educate their financial consultants regarding precious metals. Most of their consultants probably could not even properly explain something as basic as the difference between ounces of metals classified as resources and those classified as reserves and the significance of the different categories among these classifications. Having no
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