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Salmon farming in crisis: 'We are seeing a chemical arms race in the seas' | Environment | The Guardian
As a result of the lice infestations, the global price of salmon has soared, and world production fallen. Earlier this year freedom of information [FoI] requests of the Scottish government showed that 45 lochs had been badly polluted by the antibiotics and pesticides used to control lice – and that more and more toxic chemicals were being used.
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Episode 30: Felix Salmon by Product Hunt
Everyone should be doing something lefty. The internet was abt that. Now its everyone wants 2 be big. Optimised. Cool things come out of waste, wasting times, free time, ... eureka effect. Lefty things are not optimised. // "We build a fucking great bridge." Nobody did back then seismic modeling. They just build a fucking great bridge that actually can carry twice the lanes/traffic, you can just put a 2nd deck on it with another 6 lanes. << build 4 prosperity. not optimised. THUS lesson, build ur business that way, 4 prosperity, pay money if u want 2 used it. Dont optimise 4 anything specifically. // Oldest Companies are still family owned. Not pressures by Wall Street 4 growth & profit. "No one is happy being profitable." "You wind up taking risks, eventually falling on your face." #growth-fetish // Venture Capital wants an exit. U put urself in that corner & have fiduciary responsibility. // If u own category/vertical u can sort of set price! & 46 oh hi there world, own platform!!!
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