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The Startup Advice You Don’t Hear Inside The Echo Chamber | TechCrunch
“The way to get startup ideas is…to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself.” [...] As Paul Graham points out, solving a problem that you yourself have ensures that the problem exists. It guarantees empathy for your user. This advice is useful for optimizing a startup’s chances of success, but in the context of a tight-knit entrepreneurial community like Silicon Valley, solving your own problems can turn into an echo chamber. Tight-knit communities can serve as an incubator for product ideas. [...] “When you solve your own problem, you create a tool that you‘re passionate about. And passion is key.” [...] You need to be personally invested in some way. [...] you need to care about it. // &! "And, therein lies the problem with focus. Excitement tends to fade, where passion often remains."
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Andreessen: High burn rates risk more than just running out of cash | PandoDaily
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Hub Bay Area
At night, The Hub transforms into an event platform for member driven
collaborations, lectures, screenings, innovation labs, and some of the most compelling and imaginative minds from around the world.
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