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James O'Brien vs Tory attacks on workers' rights - YouTube
sending in management consultants into prisons to judge if fewer officers are possible. //&! Why austerity is to blame for the Birmingham prison riot
The funding cutbacks to the criminal justice system require an urgent re-think. - //&! so much easier to vote Brexit than blame yourself voting for neoliberalism/globalisation/profit maximisation.
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John Whittingdale, the dominatrix, and the papers - BBC Newsnight
more trouble for the Tories, adding to the pile. //&! Should Culture Secretary John Whittingdale go? - BBC Newsnight - //&! Labour calls to curb John Whittingdale's powers after escort relationship - //&! How have we found ourselves in this strange situation where privacy campaigners who have pushed for tighter rules are up in arms because the private life of a single cabinet minister was not reported? - //&! The press are right to tread more warily when deciding whether to publish stories about the private life of public figures -
nasty  party  journalism  journalismus  celebrity  culture  John  Whittingdale  BBC  culture  society  phone  hacking  British  Broadcasting  Company  British  Broadcasting  Corporation  austerity  libraries  Public  Services  Social  Services  George  Osborne  TV  Licensing  Fee  Generationengerechtigkeit  babyboomers  injunction  Royal  Family  Daily  Mail  Tabloid  gossip  gossip  culture  Glossy  Magazine  Leveson  Inquiry  sex  worker  sexuality  BDSM  Newspaper  Industry  pageviews  self-regulation  Ofcom  regulation  regulators  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Conservative  Tories  Whitehall  Toff  Privileged  Establishment 
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The Privatising Industry in Europe
Do you wonder why the 'Troika' persists in its privatisation agenda despite the evidence of its failures and the growing economic and social costs?
The report “The Privatising Industry in Europe”, written by Sol Trumbo Vila and Matthijs Peters for the Transnational Institute, TNI, suggests two possible motives and shows who the ‪#‎BigWinners‬ of those privatisations are. - - The rationale put forward by advocates of privatisation does not stand up to the evidence. Privatisation has failed to provide promised revenue as only profitable firms are being sold and consistently at undervalued prices. Meanwhile the latest research by the IMF and by European universities show that there is no evidence that the privatised firms are more efficient than state-owned firms. [...] Privatisation in Europe has encouraged a growth in corruption,
Privatisation  austerity  Troika  neoliberal  neoliberalism  trickle-down  economics  oligarchy  plutocracy  1%  Super  Rich  shareholder  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  Wall  Street  Main  Street  budget  deficit  Richard  Koo  exploitation  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  Yanis  Varoufakis  IMF  World  Bank  economic  history  dogma  ideology  Royal  Mail  white-collar  crime  white-collar  fraud  corruption  bribery  nepotism  Schwarze  Kassen  Schwarzkasse  Chicago  School  free  market  self-regulation 
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BBC Two - Posh People: Inside Tatler &! at end of E1 ( ) RE: celebrity culture, gossip culture, tabloids and thus Tatler Magazine. Q: Why is it relevant in this day and age? A: Well, what is the point of relevance really? I mean, does anything has to be relevant? [...] Irrelevant things are what makes life fun. It would be ghastly if everything in life would be relevant. I mean that would be awful, wouldn't it? &!
Toff  Establishment  Privileged  Aristocracy  UK  Royal  Family  class  warfare  working  class  middle  class  social  mobility  society  culture  socioeconomic  status  status  symbol  social  status  status  anxiety  superficial  upper  class 
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