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Cellphone-Cancer Link Found in Government Study - WSJ
Cellphone-Cancer Link Found in Government Study
Multiyear, peer-reviewed study found ‘low incidences’ of two types of tumors in male rats exposed to type of radio frequencies commonly emitted by cellphones
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"Auf ärztliches Anraten" - Roxette sagen geplante Welt-Tournee ab
Bei der 57-Jährigen war 2002 ein Hirntumor diagnostiziert worden, sie galt aber als geheilt. Ob die Absage mit Nachwirkungen der damaligen Erkrankung zusammenhänge, konnte eine Sprecherin auf Anfrage nicht sagen. //&! - she underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor. It was malignant and she endured months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She had difficulties reading, writing and counting for a period of time, and is now blind in her right eye. [...] On 18 April 2016 Roxette announced that their 30th anniversary summer tour was cancelled as advised by Fredriksson's doctors. [...] [from FB page] " However, singer Marie Fredriksson has been advised by her doctors to refrain from touring and as a consequence all the summer shows are cancelled. [...] 'Sadly, now my touring days are over'"
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Dear FURIOUS PETE, here’s what the CANCER INDUSTRY doesn’t want YOU to know - YouTube
isnt the hippocratic oath - do no harm!? // 500bn sales - big pharma. //
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Blood clots contribute to deaths of 4,000 cancer patients a year, MPs warn | Society | The Guardian
[ side-effects, complications. doesn't even include, if you survive for long enough that chemo increases risk for other cancers. ] All-party parliamentary thrombosis group, led by Andrew Gwynne MP, says hospitals should protect cancer sufferers whose treatment raises risk of clots [...] [ also diet contributes to the state of blood (to the downside); free oil, oil, animal fat, animal protein ]
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Dean Ornish, MD - A new study shows what I've long suspected:...
A new study shows what I've long suspected: long-term use of cell phones TRIPLES the risk of brain tumors. And using cordless phones also significantly increases the risk. And the risks are even higher in kids with their developing brains: // from FB Comments - "it does seem sensible to use hands free communication and texting, more than putting the phone against someone's head."
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An Unstoppable Killer: New Research Suggests Cancer Can't Be Eradicated : NPR
The sensationalist assertions made in this article (particularly in the headline) don't follow from the results that the article describes. Part of the blame for this sensationalism seems to fall at the feet of the original scientist himself (Bosch). He makes an unfounded leap from the biological result that cancer seems to be an intrinsic property of genetic processes in cells (and the statements "You have to interfere with fundamental pathways", "It's a web of interactions" and "It's very difficult to do") to the assertion "will probably never be completely eradicated". Difficult is not the same as impossible. ||>> how we eat, how active we are, and our living environment (pollution and stress) is itself a multiplying factor whether or not we die of old age or of cancer or bc of complications of toxic medical cancer treatment. Period. Putting genetics out for the picture here. // via
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BBC News - Mobile phone effect on fertility - 'research needed' + [...] + The study comes weeks after the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organisation, stated that radiation from handsets was "possibly carcinogenic", although it stopped short of declaring there was a clear link. [...] || #usersurvery #epedemiologystudy >> "But they did see a tentative link among a small group of people who said they’d used their phone the most. Hence the headlines." || What about the compound effect - diet, lifestyle, epigenetic factors, environmental factors + above normal radiation early on from mobile phones. << Worst Case Scenario. ++
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Die Folgen von Fukushima - YouTube
Food is Atom Muell.
Food is waste. Sea and Land both radiated, contaminated. Health risk.
This is the greatest man made humanitarian catastrophe after WW2.
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