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How To Get 1 Million Subscribers - YouTube
meritocracy, democratic, egalitarian. anyone who has interest, can find it. u will have an audience, even it is just 1. either they like it, share it & come back. or they leave u alone. // Beme, remove the aspect of creation. the friction. the cognitive cost. the overhead. a process to follow. a tutorial or how to listicle to read. to Google or to ask. >> Product developers & investors should think about the cognitive cost of their products. The cognitive cost very often can be much higher than the financial cost. Products with a low cognitive cost are those where the technology fades away and dont require a consumers ongoing attention. // "Don't make me think." << book, UI UX mantra. // Photo-filter-app vs photo-editing-app vs video-editing-ai-augmented-intelligence-app that have popped up. podcasting. EDM // what has lots of overhead & sometimes really disappointing user experience? Skype, Windows, FriendFeed, Twitter?(niche compared 2 FB). Q&A
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The World In ‘Scope | TechCrunch
Movies, financial markets and fashion trends all fall into frenzies, dips and lulls. Consumer apps are much the same. [--- still winners will emerge and stay for the long-term] [...] And now we have quite a few promising ones: Meerkat, YouNow, UpClose and today, Periscope. // Considering what has been done before with livestreaming video (Qik, ustream, chatroulette ... and now Meerkat and Periscope) one has to say that you have to be lucky with your timing and product; finding the sweet spot. lucky also in timing. there was no twitter's now-ishness with Qik, not the quality, not the livestreaming, not the interaction, not the phone camera quality and not front-facing cameras, ... it all makes the saying that ideas are worthless, reallys hit home. So many risk. Technology doesn't alone make a great product as isn't the first mover advantage - a real advantage! Still it's early with Meerkat and Periscope, and we will see if it can be a +300m monthly active user product and business!!!
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Drowning In The Livestreams | TechCrunch
everyone is shouting .... The problem is the incentives are aligned all wrong. Livestreaming apps want content and engagement, so they’re built to make starting a stream as quick and frictionless as possible. Livestreaming apps are not designed to make you take a deep breath and consider whether anyone gives a shit about what you’re going to broadcast. // vs. measurement of quality metrics like Medium measures reading time. // vs ephemeral nature of Snapchat - guaranteed attention. - // and FOMO,
attention  span  attention  Signal  vs.  Noise  content  curation  filter  bubble  Newsfeed  recommendation  Internet  user  generated  content  pollution  Twitter  Tumblr  Periscope  Meerkat  Facebook  Linkbait  linkbaiting  Clickbait  YouTube  user  experience  frictionless  Instagram  status  anxiety  Celebrity  of  You  Vine  engagement  KPI  Snapchat  FOMO  Notification  mobile  homescreen  mobile  first  mobile  phone  user  behaviour  ustream  Qik 
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Gary Vaynerchuk with Meerkat Founder Ben Rubin at SXSW 2015 - YouTube
iteration on sketchy MVP with existing user base. and building on existing Platform (Twitter). Now they have to execute ... especially after Twitter acquired Periscope and thus chopped them a leg off (TOS).
Meerkat  iteration  ustream  Google  Hangout  TOS  Twitter  Platform  Qik  Keek  Seesmic  Vine 
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