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NHS mental health care in crisis: 'There is no hope for people like me' | Society | The Guardian
More than 600 readers answered the Guardian's request for stories – and what they depict is a profoundly broken system - Battles for diagnosis, lengthy waits for treatment, an over-reliance on drugs, and, frequently, an abject lack of compassion: this is the picture that people with mental health problems, their families and professionals paint of NHS mental health care. After the revelation that two-thirds of people with depression in the UK receive no treatment on the NHS,
NHS  mental  health  well  being  Austerity  rationing  Grampian  LGBT  Transgender  CBT  DBT  BPD  PTSD  CPTSD 
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My mental illness insists on joining me on holiday - BBC News
When you are unable to leave your room. House. Unable to make new friends. Unable to enjoy yourself. Watch a movie. Read a book. Nearly catatonic. Aren't you disabled? Aren't you half dead? Why not end it all?
mental  health  BPD  Depression  well  being  PTSD  CPTSD  chronic  Disabled  public  perception  prejudice  DWP  NHS  ESA 
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Tories plan to ignore legal rulings and restrict disability benefits - YouTube
[ just PR speech, and actions are different ] Theresa May's PR offensive a month back; PR on mental health and well-being! and a country that works for everyone (welfare state). & NOW THIS! + THEY TRIED TO SNEAK IT OUT THE BACKDOOR AND THE DISPARAGING COMMENT FROM ADVISOR (George Freeman) ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH. // Theresa May again being driven by outside forces and public vs Thatcher driving politics. May driven by public opinion on mental health and House of Lords (stopgap to savage austerity), and May also driven by hard-Brexit Bus (driven by those who campaigned for it and those who voted for it). // ie if she drives she could have announced more acute mental health beds funding but instead she said we need to do more, but no more money! // &!
ESA  DWP  PIP  Disabled  Iain  Duncan  Smith  George  Osborne  mental  health  David  Cameron  Theresa  May  NHS  well  being  well-being  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  Stigma  prejudice  bigotry  hate  speech  crime  LGBT  Transgender  tax  credit  child  taxcredit  working  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  CPTSD  PTSD  BPD  Anxiety  PanicAttack  rationing  CCG  GP  A&E  House  of  Lords  Career  Politicians 
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Hate-Speech in der Schule - "Demütigung ist wie körperliche Gewalt"
"Demütigung ist wie körperliche Gewalt" /// Erst im Netz, dann auf dem Schulhof: Beleidigungen, Drohungen und auch tätliche Angriffe nehmen zu, der Ton ist rauer und aggressiver, beklagen Lehrer wie Schüler. Es gibt einen Zusammenhang zwischen Hassreden und Gewalt - er beginnt im Gehirn. [...] Auf die Auswirkungen von Ausgrenzung und Demütigung auf unser Gehirn weist der Neurobiologe Joachim Bauer von der Uniklinik Freiburg und Autor des Buches "Schmerzgrenze" hin: Das Gehirn stufe verbale Gewalt wie körperlichen Schmerz ein. Wem die Anerkennung entzogen, wer systematisch niedergemacht und entwertet werde, werde irgendwann krank. Das Sprachzentrum und Netzwerke, wo Handlungen geplant werden, hingen eng zusammen - wo viel Hass-Sprache ist, dort erhöhe sich das Risiko, dass irgendwann auch zugeschlagen wird. //&! Extremismus
"Hass ist gesellschaftsfähig geworden" -
hate  speech  crime  LGBT  Transgender  Brexit  anti-semitism  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  transphobia  Transphobic  Homophobia  homophobic  bullying  mental  health  well  being  public  CPTSD  PTSD  BPD  NHS  Grampian  education  policy  Extremism  far-right  right-wing  neo-Nazi  Saxony  Germany  USA  UK 
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The Science of Depression
TED-Ed - What is depression? - Helen M. Farrell - &! Depressive and Bipolar Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #30 - //&! Trauma & Addiction: Crash Course Psychology #31 -
mental  health  Depression  well  being  Trauma  PTSD  CPTSD  Borderline  addiction  substance  abuse  self-medication  BPD  Borderline  Personality  Disorder  coping  mechanism 
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Ablauf der Traumatherapie - Konfrontation, Inhalte der Therapie, ... - YouTube
7:30 - entwicklungstraumata difference ... there is no difference as in before this X happened (normal, one time traume) world was wonderful, normal, was different person. // man ist verunsichert, weil man sich nicht an alles erinnern kann. weil soviel weg ist. garnischts von der kindheit und jugend und was da ist, tut nur weh. man fuehlt sich wie ein 'Fake.' // &! - 6:00 - emotional removed. abgespalten. [...] need the trust in your doc w therapy. feeling safe.
PTSD  CPTSD  BPD  Borderline  mental  health  mental  illness  well  being  Trauma  DBT  CBT 
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Vlog vom 18.02.16 aus der Klinik (siehe Infobox) - YouTube
complex ptsd (complex prolonged childhood trauma, entwicklungs traumata) vs ptsd (according to dsm)
PTSD  Borderline  BPD  mental  health  mental  illness  trauma 
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PTSD mentor: Civilians do not understand veterans - BBC News
Change Step was launched by charity Cais after it encountered a disproportionate number of veterans passing through the system.
NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  PTSD  austerity 
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The PTSD brains of children and soldiers - BBC News
Scientists have discovered that the brain structures of traumatised soldiers and children change in the same way. The research reveals that coping mechanisms to deal with extreme stress and abuse actually cause physical changes to the brain. Prof Eamon McCrory from University College London explains. // high alert on threat vigilance and threat detection! // need consistent positive experiences and emotional support! (more than talk therapy can give) - DBT, CBT, ... & trauma therapy. & being in a secure and safe, trusting environment. //&! - The children struggling with PTSD [...] Research suggests youngsters can show similar changes in their brain activity as those of soldiers in war zones. But with therapy and good care they can recover. [...] "Constant feeling of fear." //&! - Chronic stress effects on brain //&! - Babies affected too. //&! You can get better if you get the right help -
childhood  childhood  development  parenting  parenthood  CPTSD  PTSD  BPD  mental  health  mental  illness  neurobiology  neurology  neuroscience  child  abuse  physical  abuse  domestic  violence  anxiety  Panic  attacks  neglect  maltreatment  DBT  CBT  NHS  austerity  vulnerable  NHS  Grampian  chronic  stress  child  poverty 
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British Legion calls for more research into Gulf War illnesses - BBC News
[ environmental, toxic, exposure ] More help is needed for veterans with Gulf War Syndrome, the Royal British Legion has said as it marks 25 years since the beginning of that conflict. Over 33,000 former soldiers are thought to suffer from illnesses related to their service such as chronic headaches, fatigue and memory problems. The charity said too little was known about the condition and the government should fund more research into it. The Ministry of Defence said it was always open to new research proposals.
PTSD  Gulf  War  Syndrome 
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Can we have PTSD even if we cant remember all the details of our abuse? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ - YouTube
trauma. // ask for therapist w trauma ptsd bpd experience - to do CBT. no just talk therapy.
PTSD  BPD  Borderline  mental  health  mental  illness  CBT  DBT  NHS 
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Charlie Rose | - Brain Series: PTSD
Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 12: Post-Traumatic Stress // end :: overlap (co-morbidity) >> anxiety, panic, bpd, substance abuse, depression, ...
PTSD  mental  health  mental  illness  trauma  Psychiatry  anxiety  Panic  attacks  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  neurology  CBT  DBT  psychology  neurobiology  neuroscience  brain 
june 2015 by asterisk2a - Mediathek: scobel-Sendung: Vergewaltigung
&! - Vergewaltigung ist keine Straftat wie andere: Im Unterschied zu anderen Formen der Gewalt stellt sexualisierte Gewalt einen Angriff auf die Identität dar. Sie ist ein Akt der Entmenschlichung - und bietet gleichzeitig als Belohnung für den Täter: ein maximales Machtgefühl. Die Folgen für die Betroffenen sind vielfältig: körperliche Verletzungen und massive Traumatisierungen der Psyche, die oft ein Leben lang andauern.
rape  sexual  assault  Justice  System  Law  &  Justice  consent  affirmative  consent  dehumanisation  feminism  feminist  gender-based  harassment  male  privilege  society  Zivilgesellschaft  violence  abuse  of  power  ethical  beliefs  moral  beliefs  Patriarchy  threat  of  violence  death  threat  coercion  public  perception  public  awareness  public  discourse  victim  slut  shaming  PTSD  PTBS  mental  health  victim  blaming  identity  gender  inequality  hierarchy 
february 2015 by asterisk2a - Mediathek: Das Unbewusste - Teil 1
several layers of conciousness. raw conciousness comes from upper brain stem. thus making the case for animal rights. +!+!+!+ science has proven that (generally/majority) men perform best under stress. - hunter - / - on the other side women perform best when not under stress. - gatherer/carer. +!+!+!+!+ Part 2 - - min 18 talks about where the ego (confidence) comes from and how it is formed.
subconscious  conciousness  Psychiatry  psychology  PTSD  anxiety  Yoram  Yovell  neuroscience  neurology  neurobiology  Trauma  evolution  people  management  team  management  ego  confidence 
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