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Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes
Poultry industry to oversee chicken-farming standards as ministers move to create industry-led deregulation. Conservative ministers are planning to repeal an array of official guidance on animal welfare standards, starting with a move to put the code on chicken-farming into the hands of the poultry industry.

Liz Truss, the environment secretary, is overseeing moves to scrap the statutory codes on farm animal welfare and move to an “industry-led” guidance as part of her department’s deregulatory agenda. [ so industry funds its own regulatory body, lol! ] [...] Other sectors that could get control of their own guidance include the cattle, sheep and pig farming industries. //&! Poultry deregulation plans risk bringing back dark days of food scares. History shows problems start when food companies police themselves: think salmonella, BSE, foot and mouth, swine flu - - Privatisation move! Austerity. Self-regulation.
carbon  tax  COP21  meat  tax  Lobbying  lobby  lobbyist  livestock  farming  livestock  industry  Industrial  Industrial  Production  agriculture  agriculture  industry  agriculture  policy  UK  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  trickle-down  economics  free  market  deregulation  regulation  regulators  Privatisation  austerity  ecological  disaster  ecological  damage  ecological  footprint  carbonfootprint  methane  greenhouse  gases  global  warming  climate  change  food  born  pathogen  food  borne  illness  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  era  shareholder  capitalism  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  Campylobacter  animal  welfare  animal  cruelty  humane  slaughter  Poultry  Dairy  Milk  Overfishing  Fish  public  health  public  health  policy  public  safety  sick  population  health  crisis  BSE  swineflu  swine  flu  Zoonotic  Diseases  zoonosis  Salmonella  Salmonella  Poisoning 
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To Stave Off Extinction, Protect Half-Earth by SciFri | Sci Fri | Free Listening on SoundCloud
In his new book, Half-Earth, Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson argues that we must set aside half the planet for nature. // National Parks - places off limits for humans.
mass  extinction  Anthropocene  climate  change  global  warming  deforestation  soil  erosion  industrial  agriculture  monocrop  mono  agriculture  humanity  climate  crisis  book  Meat  Industry  sustainability  sustainable  resource  depletion  finite  resources  Desertification  carbon  tax  COP21  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  National  Park  Overfishing 
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Obama climate initiative: Supreme Court calls halt - BBC News
this is akin to taking plaster to fix a crumbling high rise: limiting the emissions and putting cost on emissions for one industry, seen as heavies polluter in public eye ... while livestock industry is biggest +50% of them all. // what is needed is a carbon tax that also includes environmental and ecological cost (ie deforestation, water pollution from pig waste - livestock farming) and if we are already there, what about antibiotic-resistance? A Marschall Plan for the future of earth and its occupants. A future for us. // If and import doesn't have a carbon tax, tariffs have to be enacted on imports based on their damage to environment, ecology and carbon emissions. ... // economic damage & public health problems and health inequality in the future is deferred taxation for the next generation // Obama isn't bold enough. Not Utopian enough.
livestock  farming  coal  power  gas  shale  gas  fracking  carbon  tax  COP21  self-regulation  antibiotic  resistance  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  era  public  transportation  gasoline  Petroleum  Industry  fossil  fuel  zombie  consumer  consumerism  materialism  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Generationengerechtigkeit  climate  crisis  climate  change  climate  science  climate  system  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  economic  damage  coastal  erosion  public  health  policy  public  health  air  pollution  public  safety  water  pollution  pollution  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  ocean  warming  acidification  Overfishing  Meat  Industry  food  global  warming  exploitation  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  oversight  revolving  door  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  accountability  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  presidency  barackobama  economic  history  history 
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Fischfangquoten: Weniger Makrelen für deutsche Fischer - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mehr Hering für deutsche Fischer - und weniger Makrelen: Die EU-Staaten haben sich auf die Fischfangquoten für die Nordsee im Jahr 2016 geeinigt. Umweltschützer zeigen sich unzufrieden. [...] Grundlage für die Quoten sind Vorschläge der EU-Kommission, die sich wiederum auf die Empfehlungen von Wissenschaftlern stützt. Die Umweltorganisation Oceana zeigte sich mit dem Ergebnis allerdings unzufrieden. "Die Lücke zwischen Politik und Wissenschaft bleibt bestehen", teilte sie mit. Damit sei die nachhaltige Nutzung der Fischbestände bedroht. [ wenn selbst Oceana kritik uebt, und in Cowspiracy schlecht weg kommt, dann klafft da eine weite luecke. Wer sind ueberhaupt die Wissenschaftler? bezahlt von der lobby? ]
Fish  Industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Overfishing  mass  extinction  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster 
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SEASPIRACY: What You Should Know About Fish, The Ocean, and More! - YouTube
fish pellets (heavy metals) are fed to on land livestock. ... do you know what is fed to your beef? fish pellets?! GMO crop!? what you piece of meat has been treated with (antibiotics, medication, supplements, etc)?! no. no disclosure. no transparency. no accountability. //&!
mass  extinction  Overfishing  Fish  Industry  Ocean  acidification  warming  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  economic  damage  tourism  coral  reef  pollution  heavy  metal  pollution  water  pollution  climate  change  global  warming  coastal  erosion  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  climate  system  climate  science  climate  crisis  flash  floods  flooding  Carnism  sustainability  sustainable  omnivore  Food  Chain  carbonemission  carbonfootprint  emissions  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  corporate  scandal  Livestock  farming  ethical  killing  Poultry  Industry  Meat  Industry  GMO  crop  GMO  deforestation  soil  erosion  Great  Pacific  Garbage  Patch  plastic  nation  plastic  bag  Mercury  toxin  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Positioning  cholesterol  dietary  cholesterol  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  policy  health  crisis  sick  population 
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Is it OK to eat farmed salmon now? | Environment | The Guardian
"ethical killing." we deny people suicide, assisted dying. but kill and eat other beings not so unsimilar to use. and search for ethical means now, defining what is ethical. double standard. one for animal called human because we are so evolutionary advanced. and another for animals not similar to us. // //After years of bad press, salmon farms are signing up to new certification standards in a bid to prove their environmental and social credentials
Positioning  Fish  Industry  carnism  double  standard  ethics  ethical  machine  ethical  beliefs  moral  beliefs  omnivore  Whole-Food  Plant-Based  Diet  Whole  Plant  Foods  Vegan  animal  rights  animal  cruelty  PR  spin  doctor  marketing  public  awareness  public  perception  white  lies  public  opinion  water  pollution  Overfishing  heavy  metal  pollution  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  emissions  public  debate  public  image  public  discourse 
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5 Reasons to STOP eating FISH [warning graphic] - YouTube //&! NOBODY ELSE CAN BE AS MUCH CARING TO LOOK AFTER U AS U SHOULD LOOK AFTER URSELF. intrinsic motivation. enlightenment. self-education. informed decision. ethical machine. consciousness. instead comfortably unaware. inconvenient truth. out of sight, out of mind. consumer habit = consumer has it in their hands. // small dose of antibiotics, long-term exposure by spin doctors (reframing) is too small 2 make u sick. // Fukushima fallout = radioactive seafood. // see also - ALS (& other neurodegenerative diseases) onset/occurrence among population correlates with seafood consumption among population. // The Planet, the environment/ecology is a Public Good. //&! - MILK INDUSTRY! - &! &! &! // corporate media reliant on ad$, cant report truthfully&weekly (aka destroy) on culprits of sick population. the food industry!
Fish  Industry  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  FDA  USDA  toxic  toxin  heavy  metal  pollution  pollution  water  pollution  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  carnism  omnivore  Whole  Plant  Foods  Vegan  Alzheimer  dementia  seafood  ALS  food  revolving  door  vested  interest  interest  groups  public  health  policy  public  health  health  care  budget  health  care  spending  health  crisis  sick  population  health  policy  health  science  medical  profession  medical  research  medical  advances  corruption  bribery  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Aquaculture  Industry  PCB  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  animal  cruelty  animal  rights  animal  protein  public  awareness  public  interest  public  debate  public  discourse  public  image  public  opinion  public  perception  Good  zombie  consumer  Milk  Industry  Dairy  Industry  Egg  Industry  pharmaceutical  pharma  big  pharma  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  IGF-1  corporate  media  manufactured  consent  Polarisation  populism  propaganda  News  Corp.  News  Corporation  Bloomberg  newscorp  24-hour  cycle  journalismus  investigative  journalism  journalism  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  shared  economic  interest  exploitation  Fukushima  Overfishing 
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Extreme Algenblüte in China: Grüne Woche - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fertilizer + Overfishing + Warmer Ocean Temerature >> you overturn on wheel, two wheels, three wheels within natures ecology and its complexity. you have quiet a surprise about the sized of the reaction. action - reaction.
ecological  complexity  Overfishing  pollution  ecology  fertilizer  unintended  consequences  water  pollution  China  global  warming 
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Study finds unsafe mercury levels in 84 percent of all fish - CBS News
A new study from the Biodiversity Research Institute in Maine found that 84 percent of fish have unsafe levels of mercury. That poses a health risk for humans, exceeding the guidelines for eating certain kinds of fish more than once a month.

"Many of the tuna fish we eat, for example, swim in the South China Sea, and that's mercury pollution that comes into cans and into our pantries every day,"

The proposed U.N. treaty calls for: filtering mercury emissions out of burning coal; cutting mercury use in gold mining; reducing its use in manufacturing of electronic switches and batteries.
pollution  overfishing  ecosystem  environment  mercury  food  industry  heavy  metal  pollution 
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AFP: Overfishing pushes tuna stocks to the brink: experts
The Atlantic bluefin species, which can live to 40 years old and grow to more than four metres (13 feet) long, is in the gravest danger of disappearing with stocks estimated in some areas to have halved over four decades.

It is so highly prized by sushi-loving Japanese that a 269-kilogram (592-pound) fish went for a record 56.49 million yen ($737,000 at the time) in January auctions.


The global tuna industry is an economic juggernaut, with fishing in the Pacific Ocean alone -- accounting for 65 percent of the global commercial catch -- worth around $5.5 billion a year.

Toshio Katsukawa, a fisheries expert from Mie University in Japan, said only urgent international cooperation could safeguard the future of the Pacific bluefin tuna.

"Immediate action is necessary" because the risk of commercial extinction is immediate, Katsukawa said.
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Overfishing has hurt the Gulf's economy, report says - Houston Chronicle
The study by Ecotrust, a Portland, Ore.-based conservation group, found that Gulf states, including Texas, lost $13 million annually between 2005 and 2009 because of fewer recreational fishing trips targeting severely depleted red snapper.

The amount represents money that was not spent on boat rentals, charter fees, tackle and bait and other direct expenses.

The group estimated the losses increased to $33 million a year when spending on restaurants, hotels and other related businesses is included.

The Gulf region also lost millions each year because of overfishing of gag, gray triggerfish and greater amberjack, the study found.

The Pew Environment Group, which paid for the study, said the findings make the economic case for extending federal law that requires science-based annual catch limits to rebuild fisheries stocks.
globalwarming  climatechange  wealth  management  wealth  economics  pollution  environment  gulfofmexico  overfishing 
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